8 Ultimate Solutions To Fix Wireless Charger Not Working iPhone

iphone wireless charging not working

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A wireless charging cable is the most accessible and convenient for users to charge their iPhones without a connecting cable. All the latest iPhone models benefit by using wireless charging cables. The users can charge the battery-powered mobile by placing it on the wireless charger. However, some users reported that their wireless charger not working iPhone. 

Here, the article explains the causes and solutions for solving the wireless charger for iPhone not working. Read on to know why your wireless charger not working iPhone.

Why Is My Wireless Charger Not Working iPhone?

When your wireless charger is not working, the following four aspects could be the reasons:

  • Not using the certified chargers
  • Impaired adapter or cable
  • Charging port is grimmy
  • Poor charging 

In addition to the above reasons, sometimes liquid damage, heavy case, and software bugs may also result in the Apple wireless charger not working. 

Now, let’s move on to the 8 tips for wireless chargers not working iPhone!

Tip #1. Restart iPhone

 Restart iPhone when wireless charger not working on iphone

When the wireless charger not working iPhone, restart the device. It would be the first and foremost step that people prefer whenever they notice minor issues on the iPhone. So, it is best to restart the device to fix most of the system’s malfunctions. Follow the below steps to reboot the iPhone:

  • Press the “Power” button until the screen shows “Slide to Power Off.”
  • After that, slide the power icon on the screen so that iPhone turns off completely
  • Hold on for a few seconds, and then long press the device’s power icon until you notice the Apple logo on the screen
  • Now you can charge your device using the wireless charger

Tip #2. Clean the Charging Pad

wireless charger not working on iphone just clean the charging pad

Sometimes, charging sensitivity is reduced by dust or dirt on the surface of the wireless charging pad. To overcome the wireless charger not working iPhone, wipe the surface of the charging pad with a soft cloth. This tip might bring back the charging sensitivity and enhance your charging speed on the iPhone with wireless charger.

Also, if the charging pad’s surface is wet, it causes the iPhone wireless charger not working. So, keep the wireless charging pad surface clean, dust-free and water to control the Apple wireless charger not working.

Tip #3. Place The iPhone In The Correct Position

Place The iPhone In The Correct Position

Placing the iPhone incorrectly on the charging pad might result in the wireless charger not working iPhone. No matter the type of chargers you use for charging the iPhone, it is always recommended to keep your iPhone at the center of the charging pad to enable the wireless charging connection.

Tip #4. Wireless Charger Not Working iPhone: Factory Reset

 Wireless Charger Not Working iPhone: Factory Reset

If you notice the wireless charger not working iPhone, try the factory resetting step. This trick deletes all your stored data, including contacts, emails, passwords, etc. So, it is essential to back up the saved information before operating this step. Here is how to factory reset on your iPhone:

  • Open the “Settings” app
  • Tap “General”
  • From the bottom of the screen, select the “Reset” option
  • Choose “Erase all content and settings.” 
  • Now, the screen shows up to take the back up or erase the content right away
  • You will notice the “Erase iPhone” option
  • Click it and hold back for the process to complete

After the completion, your phone will be restored to default factory settings. You can set up the iPhone as a new device or restore it from a backup file. 

Tip #5. Update iOS

Update iOS

An outdated iOS version may hinder the system’s performance and result in Apple wireless charger not working. Apple regularly releases iOS updates with security patches, bug fixes, and other system-related solutions. Before updating the iPhone, ensure you have enough space to download the latest iOS version. Following are the steps to update the iOS on iPhone:

  • Tap the “Settings” app on the iPhone’s home screen
  • Click “Software update.”
  • If there is any updates, download and install it

Tip #6. Wireless Charger Not Working iPhone: Remove Case

 Wireless Charger Not Working iPhone: Remove Case

Additionally, the wireless charger not working iPhone is due to a hard mobile case. A wireless charging cable uses an electromagnetic sensor to transmit the current between the charging pad and sensors on iPhones. So, protecting the iPhone with a thick case inhibits your device’s charging. 

Moreover, using magnetic cases on the iPhone and charging pad may slow down the smooth charging. First, remove the phone case that disrupts the connection between your iPhone and the wireless charging pad. Then place the iPhone with a wireless charging pad and see the results. You can also get a compatible/ thin case for the iPhone to commence the wireless charging. 

Tip #7. Check The Charging Pad

 Check The Charging Pad

Sometimes, the flaws in the wireless charger could cause the iPhone wireless charger not working. You can test the charging pad by placing another smartphone/device which supports wireless charging. You may have a compatibility issue if it works on the test device. A wireless charging pad malfunctions when the testing device doesn’t charge. You can replace the iPhone with a compatible charging pad in such cases

Tip #8. DFU Restores Your iPhone

 DFU Restores Your iPhone

If you have tried the above tricks and still your iPhone doesn’t charge with wireless charger, perform DFU (Device Firmware Update) restore. This tip helps to fix the software issue of the iPhone and may rectify the charging issue of a wireless charger. Moreover, use DFU to overcome the wireless charger not working iPhone. Steps to execute DFU restore on iPhone are as follows:

  • First, turn on the iPhone and connect it to the computer or a laptop using a lightning cable
  • Press the “Volume Up” button 
  • Next, press the “Volume Down” button in a gap
  • Then, clench the side key till the iPhone’s screen turns black.
  • Hold the side and the volume down buttons simultaneously on the iPhone.
  • Later (after 5 seconds), relax the “Side button” and continue to hold the “Volume down button” till the iPhone shows on iTunes or Finder.
  • Once the screen turns black, you have successfully moved into DFU mode.

Note: The screen should be black when your iPhone is in DFU. If you observe the Apple logo or any messages, try executing the above steps again.

You can exit the DFU mode by performing a force restart on the iPhone. Ways to exit the DFU mode are as follows:

  • Press and release the “Volume up button.” 
  • Then, long press and let out the “Volume down button.”
  • Now, press and hold the “Side button” until the Apple logo appears on the screen


This article gives the best solutions for the iPhone wireless charger not working. A phone that can be charged wireless will be in a good performing condition and have better battery life. So before replacing the charging pad, try the earlier tricks to solve the wireless charger not working iPhone. We hope this article helps you!