How To Check Wifi Signal Strength On iPhone? -[ 8 Easy Fix]

Wifi Signal Strength On iPhone

In the digital world, people spend most of their time on the internet for various purposes like chatting, video calling, gaming, and more. Without a proper Wifi Signal Strength On iPhone, your personal and business related work will get affected which leads you to frustration. The wifi usage is extremely helpful in work from jobs, online education during the world pandemic situation. 

People need a solid wifi signal strength to do their personal stuff. Getting a weak signal on iPhone might be frustrating and become a major problem. In this blog, we will explore why my wifi signal is weak and how to check the wifi signal strength on your iPhone. Also, the ways to fix the poor wifi reception on iPhone. 

Factors Influencing Wifi Signal Strength:

Wifi signal strength plays an important role in accessing internet websites and apps. Wifi signals will give you a reliable connection when it is stable. There are a few reasons which affect your wifi signal strength: 

  • Long distance is the major factor for affecting the Wifi signals from router to mobile. If your iPhone is near the router, you will feel the better signal strength.
  • Skyscraper buildings, more trees and electrical items block the signals resulting in weak wifi. 

Why Does Wifi Signal Strength Matter?

A stronger wifi signal indicates a good internet connection to the iPhone. Your signal strength on wifi matters because without a strong Wi-Fi connection you will suffer on slow speeds, internet disconnects frequently & dropouts. 

Note: If your iPhone signal strength is low, you can’t access any online portals, websites & even chatting apps. So, wifi signal strength is the most important factor. 

Wifi signal strength depends on various factors like how far you are from the router, the band connection range(2.4 GHz or 5 GHz), and even the materials surrounding you. When you are close to the router, you will get a strong signal strength. If you have a weak wifi signal, you may struggle with the slow internet & loading issues. 

How To Check Current Wifi Signal Strength On iPhone? 

The current wifi signal strength is always visible in the upper corner of the status bar on your iPhone. If you want to check the current wifi signal strength on iPhone, you can view the status bar on the iOS device.

You can view your wifi signal strength by looking at the wifi bar on your iPhone screen. If there are three bars, it denotes that you have good wifi signal strength. If it’s less than that, you will notice the weak wifi signal strength on iPhone. When your iPhone continuously loading, check the wifi network connection. 

How To Check Other Network’s Wifi Signal Strength On iPhone:

How To Check Other Network’s Wifi Signal Strength On iPhone

You can also view the signal strength of other networks from the settings app in the below-mentioned ways:

  • Launch the “Settings” app on your iPhone
  • Click “Wifi”
  • From the network list, select the name of the wifi network or wireless router to check the signal strength
  • View the small wifi signal indicator next to the wifi network name, which can be summarized as:

  1. Three / dark color bar indicates a strong wifi signal strength
  2. Two / medium color bars indicate a good wifi signal strength
  3. One / no bar indicates a weak wifi signal strength

How To Fix The Weak Wifi Signal Strength On iPhone:

Weak wifi signal strength on iPhone can be fixed in various ways. Now, let’s have a detailed discussion on the methods!

# Tip 1: Restarting Your Router And iPhone:

You can improve the wifi signal strength by restarting your router and iPhone. Hereby, your iPhone clears the unwanted caches and files. The below listed points will help you to restart your devices:

Restart Router:

  • Press the “Reset” button on the router or you can unplug your router from the switch port.
  • Wait for a few seconds
  • Again press the “Reset” button or connect the router’s cable to the switch port
  • Try to wait for a few seconds until the connection establishes
  • Connect your wifi and device to enjoy a seamless network connection

Restart iPhone:

Wifi Signal Strength On iPhone :Restart iPhone

  • Hold on to the power/wake button and press any of the volume buttons
  • Now, slide right to turn off the device
  • Wait for a few seconds, then press the power/wake button to turn on your device

#Tip 2: Make Sure No or Minimal Blockage Between Router and iPhone: 

Long distance between the router and iPhone affects the wifi signal strength. If you constantly face weak signals, consider moving closer to the router.

If you have any blockage between your router and iPhone, relocate the router near your iPhone and check your signal on iPhone. Rather than that, keeping the router in any corner of the house is convenient for everyone who gets the network connection adequately.

#Tip 3: Forget And Reconnect Wifi:

You can forget and reconnect your wifi connection on your device by the following steps:

  • Open “Settings” on your iPhone 
  • Choose “wifi”
  • Click the info (i) icon next to the connected device
  • Select “Forget this network” 
  • Choose “Forget”
  • Now you can join the network by clicking “wifi”
  • Select your “Network name” 
  • Enter the password to join

#Tip 4: Remove Phone Case:

Wifi Signal Strength On iPhone:Remove Phone Case

Wifi signal strength might be affected by having a heavy phone case. It causes network interference between the iPhone and the wifi antenna. So, choose a lightweight case to avoid the signal strength issues.

#Tip 5: Update Your iPhone:

Update Your iPhone To Make  Wifi Signal Strength On iPhone

Wifi signal strength issues can be fixed by updating software on your iPhone.

  • Open “Settings” icon
  • Select “General” option
  • Now, it will show you the update option

If you notice any updates, kindly download and install it to resolve your issues.

#Tip 6: Reset All Settings:

 Reset All Settings to Wifi Signal Strength On iPhone

Doing a reset will erase all the custom settings like wifi networks, Bluetooth devices, VPN configurations, home screen layout and more to the default state. 

  • Tap “Settings” and Choose “General”
  • Move to the end and click “Reset”
  • Select “Reset all settings”
  • Now enter the iPhone password and confirm

After the reset, open “settings” and select “wifi”. Now you can connect to the desired network by entering the password.

#Tip 7: Invest in a Better Router:

If you find any issues with the router’s speed, it’s better to switch your wifi connection to a high-end router. You can find the best router by doing some research on the web. 

You can also visit your nearby stores and seek their opinion on the best router for your convenience. 

#Tip 8: Turn On and Off The Airplane Mode:

Turn On and Off The Airplane Mode: Wifi Signal Strength On iPhone

You may perform the airplane mode trick to clear the wifi signal strength issues. It is another way to restart wifi connections on your iPhone. Here is the guide to be followed:

  • Open “Settings” icon on your screen
  • Choose “Airplane mode”
  • Turn on airplane mode
  • Wait for a few seconds
  • Now, turn off the “Airplane mode” 


In today’s world, people tend to spend most of their time on the internet like gaming, movies, working & more. Without a wifi network, people suffer a lot and start losing their temper. This blog will give you the overall coverage on how to check the wifi signal strength on iPhone and the easy tips to solve the connectivity issues on iPhone. If you find any issues follow the above-mentioned steps to overcome your problems.