Why Does My Phone Keeps Losing Network Connection?

Phone Keeps Losing Network Connection

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Cellular network data or network connection is one of the main requirements when you think about the smartphone. Without a network, no one can access the online platform apps like WhatsApp, Mail, Google Maps etc. Therefore, keeping a network connection on your phone or laptop will help you in all ways. Since your phone keeps losing internet connection frequently, here are the solutions to overcome it. 

Why Does My Phone Keeps Losing internet Connection? 

If your phone loses network connection, you should reset the network settings by default. Here are the steps to change the settings. 

  • Go to settings 
  • Choose Backup and Reset
  • Now, select reset network settings

The mobile network connection problem is typically resolved by simply restarting your device. When you restart your phone it gives a fresh look and it deletes files which occupy the memory space. You can also restart it by taking and replacing the SIM card from the SIM card tray.

Now, let us see the reason why the phone keeps losing network connection!

8 Ways To Fix The Network Problem Solution On Phone:

If your network connection is not working properly, it’s quite simple to solve the issue by doing the below ways. 

1.Enable & Disable The Airplane Mode:

Phone Keeps Losing Network Connection :Enable & Disable The Airplane Mode

One of the easiest ways to solve the problem is “turn on & off the airplane mode.” It’s the simplest & easiest way to recover the network connection. Just try this method and get an amazing experience!  

On Android:

  • From the top of your screen, swipe down to access the “Quick settings panel”
  • Turn on the airplane mode icon 
  • Wait for few seconds (so that your phone completely disconnects from the network connection)
  • Now turn off the airplane mode

On iPhone:

  • From the top-right corner, swipe down to access the control center
  • Tap the airplane mode icon
  • Wait for a few seconds and then turn off the airplane mode

2.Restarting Your Phone:

Phone Keeps Losing Network Connection :Restarting Your Phone

The speed and performance will increase when you restart your phone and it will give new experience after the network connection issues. It is the most convenient method that you can try if you are struggling with network connection issues. Have a try on this method to get back the faster network connection.

On Android:

  • Hold the power button or volume & power button (depending on the device model) until the screen menu shows the restart option
  • Tap the restart option 

On iPhone:

  • Hold the wake/screen button and you can press any of the volume buttons
  • Now, swipe right to turn off the device
  • Wait for a few seconds, then hold the wake/screen button to turn on back

3.Reset the Network settings:

Phone Keeps Losing Network Connection :Reset the Network settings

When you reset network settings, you should delete the already saved network settings which includes wifi and bluetooth. As a result, it enhances the network speed and you may get a better feeling. 

Here is the tips about how to reset your device:

  • Select “General or General management” from the settings icon
  • Scroll down and choose the “Reset” option at the bottom of the screen
  • On the reset screen, choose “Reset network settings” on your smartphone
  • Now, you will find the option to select the network settings, including your wifi, mobile data and bluetooth.
  • Click on “Reset” settings

4.Checking the Mobile Data Limit:

If your smartphone’s mobile data isn’t working, you can check the data usage because the service providers will limit their data based on pricing. The majority of providers limited their data & service plan to the allocated network. So, you have to monitor it continuously to check the daily usage.

You can check the mobile data on your phone’s settings to see if you’ve used all your mobile data allotment for the day, week, or month. Tap on “Data use” from there, you can see how much data you’ve used up in a given time. If you have used all of your data, wait patiently until the data is renewed for the next day.  

5.Reinserting Your SIM Card:

Phone Keeps Losing Network Connection :Reinserting Your SIM Card

Another method to fix the network connection problem is by reinserting your SIM card. Sometimes, rebooting or resetting a device will solve your phone’s problems. If you haven’t found a way to solve your problem, you might try reinserting the SIM card by the mentioned ways:

  • Turn off your smartphone before removing your SIM card
  • After that, remove the SIM card by pulling out the SIM card tray (You may use a needle, pin or SIM card ejector to take out the SIM)
  • Once you remove it, wait for a few seconds
  • Now, reinsert your SIM card
  • Turn on your smartphones, and wait until it connects to networks

6.Update Your Phone’s Software:

Your phone keeps losing network connection on android & iPhone due to the software issue on the device. You can check and update your devices by the following methods:

On Android:

  • Open “Settings” app
  • Choose “System”
  • Click “System update” or “Software update”
  • Tap “Check for update”
  • If the system update is available, download and install it

On iPhone:

If your phone keeps losing the network connection on iPhone, you will try the following method to sort ou the issues.

  • Launch “Settings” app
  • Select “General”
  • Tap “Software update”
  • If you notice any software update, you can download and install it

7.Disable Auto-Switch Network:

The unique feature on most of the android phones is the auto-switch network option. This feature grants your device to switch between your mobile data and the wifi network based on their network speed. 

Auto-switching might be the reason your phone keeps losing the connection. You can disable the option by the below-mentioned steps:

  • Long-press the “wifi” on the quick settings 
  • From there, select “wifi preferences”
  • Disable the “auto-switch to mobile data” feature
  • Or turn on “Ask before switching” so wifi will not disconnect without your permission

8.Restart Your Wifi Router:

Restarting the router can help your android or iPhone to solve the basic problem of your phone keeps losing network connection.

  • Unplug your router from the power source
  • Leave it for a minute
  • Plug your router into the power source
  • Wait until your router establishes the network connection

Solutions For Phone Keeps Losing Network Connection:

Losing mobile network connection is the most frustrating issue while working, watching movies or playing games online. However, figuring out the cause for network connection might take time. Once you find it, try the above-mentioned tips to get a better network connection. None of the tips were not working out, jump to the latest model phone for an amazing experience!