Internet Slow on iPhone

Do people have many doubts like why is my internet slow on my iPhone? Learn the reasons for the iPhone internet slow and then try to resolve the issues.

Many users are fascinated by using the iPhone mobile for its superior processors. Apple doesn’t rely on the processors of chip manufacturers for their hardware. Instead, it designs processors that conform to its vision of the latest iPhone. The iPhones are user-friendly because it has a sleek design, lightweight, and have extraordinary battery life when compared to androids. It has many additional features like an IOS control panel, an interactive IOS weather map, sharing the screen using Siri, and much more. The most interesting feature of the iPhone is that it has face-time when it is compared with android.

People use iPhones all over the world but few people experience slow internet on iPhones. In this article, you will know the reasons for it!

Storage Space Running Out:

iPhone comes with various storage spaces such as 16GB, 64GB, 128GB, etc. The storage of the iPhone is close to Mac or PC.

Internet Slow on iPhone -Storage Space Running Out on iPhone

After using the iPhone for a long time, the storage space is occupied with a lot of files such as music, documents, photos, etc., making the storage space full which in turn internet slow on iPhone. Here are the following ways to solve the issues:

  • Click the “Settings” icon. 
  • Choose “About”
  • It shows the number of available storage spaces.
  • If the storage space is more than 1GB, then storage space is not your concern.

Have less than 1 GB on your iPhone? 

The first thing you need to know is how much space you have. The performance of iPhones might lag if it is loaded with many folders, documents, photos, and more. The issues can be overcome by having a memory space that ranges from 500MB to 1GB.

If you still experience slow internet on your iPhone, click the “Settings” icons and then choose “General.” Then select “Usage” and click the “Manage Storage.” The apps, folders, photos, and documents appear in the order of descending to ascending based on files. Click and delete the file which occupies more space. 

Using this method will help to speed up your iPhone performance and improve iPhone internet slow. 

Clear The Browser Data:

iPhone’s browser data contains cookies, site data, web storage, and more. The browser data may bribe the files which in turn causes my internet slow on iPhone.

Following are the steps to clear the cache that you browse from the browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.

  1. Select the settings icon
  2. Go down and click safari
  3. Choose “Advanced” -> click the website data
  4. Look into the total space usage of the website.
  5. Select and delete all website data
  6. After clearing the cache and the browsing data, reset and run the safari to check the internet speed on iPhone.

iPhone Internet Slow- Update the Apps:

If you didn’t update the apps that you have installed, it may cause your iPhone internet slow. The app updates contain more new features and specifications to have to look up the app performance. The app updates mainly focus on clear bugs and giving an amazing experience for users. App(Programs) updates are done by opening the App store and clicking the update option. After updating the app, try to check the internet performance on the iPhone.

iPhone Internet Slow- Disable the Apps:

Apps issues may happen because of the slow internet connection on the iPhone. In such cases, try checking what is eating your internet speed. If you find any issues with the app, try to disable the connection to the internet or uninstall the app. When you find the internet slow on your iPhone, try to follow the below steps:

  1. Click the settings icon
  2. Then select the cellular data
  3. Disable the apps that use your cellular data.

Software Updates:

If you find the performance of the iPhone slow on wifi, you should update to the latest software. Here are the ways to update the software on the iPhone mobiles. 

Internet Slow on iPhone -Software Updates

  1. Click the “Settings” icon. 
  2. Then click the “General” option

If you notice any updates on the software, kindly update it by downloading and installing it. Hence, the issue of the internet slow on iPhone might be solved.

Restart the iPhone:

Internet Slow on iPhone - Restart the iPhone

Restarting your iPhone will settle down the slow process of the internet on your mobile.By restarting your iPhone, it gives a fresh look and the cache clear data to start. Here are the ways to restart your iPhone of slow internet: 

  1. Press and hold the “Power button”
  2. After a few seconds, the “Slide to Power off” shows
  3. Glide your fingers on the display
  4. The iPhone is completely powered off 
  5. Now hold the “Power button” again, and the apple logo appears
  6. Allow the “Power button” to go

Apps Running in the Background:

Apps are designed by developers of different skills based on their requirements. Some apps like Facebook, and Instagram allow you to notify but it does not consume much of the internet. While other apps that run in the background, consume more internet and cause the speed of the internet slow on iPhone. You must be cautious about selecting the apps to keep running in the background.

Noticing the list of current apps on your iPhone:

  1.  Select the “Settings” icon
  2.  Then click “General”
  3.  Then select “Background App refresh”

Background refresh is important because some apps need to be run in the background for their efficient process. 

Try to answer the questions like: “Does I need the app to remit or inform the messages to me?” If the answer is “NO,” then try to turn off the background app refresh.

Turn Off Data Saver:

A data saver is an option that helps you to consume less data when you have an internet limit. On the other hand, it makes your internet slow on iPhone. The issues mentioned above can be resolved by turning off the data saver. Following are the ways to turn off the data saver on your iPhone:

  1.  Select the “Settings” icon
  2.  Move to the wi-fi section
  3.  Click on the network which you like to access
  4.  Now deactivate the Low data mode on your iPhone

The above-mentioned steps can be followed so that the iPhone internet slow can be solved.

iPhone Internet Slow- Check Carrier Settings:

Carrier settings are the files that contain information about your iPhone and cellular network. It is required to be up to date for the performance of the network and connectivity. iPhones usually let you update the carrier settings. In such case, if you have missed that, you might follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Select the “Settings” icon
  2. Then click “General”
  3. Select “About on Your Phone”

If you notice any updates, try downloading and installing them to increase the internet speed on iPhone.

Turn off VPN:

Internet Slow on iPhone -Turn off VPN on Iphone

Virtual Private Network (VPN) eventually declines the speed of the internet on your iPhone. It is important to turn off your VPN when you experience slow internet on your iPhone.  The switching between the channels like private network (VPN) and actual connection doesn’t take place once you turn off the VPN. Here are the steps to turn off your VPN:

  1. Select the “Settings” icon
  2. Go to the VPN option
  3. Now turn off the VPN

iCloud Private relay is an option to use the private network as it might act as a VPN.

Internet Slow on iPhone-Network Settings Reset:

Internet Slow on iPhone - Network Settings Reset

While updating the iOS, network settings on your iPhone might be withdrawn by the bribe files. In turn, it causes the internet speed to slow on iPhone. The problem can be addressed by performing a network settings reset.

Be careful while doing the network settings reset because it erases all your saved networks on your iPhone. 

Following are the ways to reset the network settings:

  1.   Select the “Settings” icon
  2.   Click the “General” option
  3.   Go down and click “Reset”
  4.   Tap → Reset Network Setting
  5.   Type the device password
  6.   Click and confirm the network settings reset
  7.   After the completion of the reset, your iPhone will resume automatically and now you can check the internet speed.

Internet Slow on iPhone -Changing the Locations

Some people may experience the iPhone 12 internet slow. The reason for the slow LTE service is due to the weather, network congestion, solar activity, and more. However, mountains, hills, valleys, and buildings are the most common factors.

If you are in an isolated area that is surrounded by hills, mountains, and valleys you might experience slow internet on your iPhone as they affect the signals. 

If you are in a well-populated area, then you might experience the slow internet on iPhone as they are surrounded by tall buildings, high-roof bars, and lounges.

In such cases, try to move to different locations in the city and check the internet speed.


If you have to face the internet slow on iPhone, this article helps you to know the reasons. The above-mentioned reasons are the slow internet on iPhones and ways to fix it. If you are unable to find and fix the issue, it is recommended to switch over to the latest version of the iPhone’s model and run the test on the internet’s speed.