Why Is My Internet Slow On Mac

Are you worrying about slow internet on Mac? There are several ways to improve your mac performance, but it takes some time. 

People mostly prefer Mac because of its comfortability, stability, fast performance, and excellent security features. Apart from that, Macs have the most significant specifications like the unique software, extraordinary displays, best trackpads, and much more. It creates a friendly experience for users and gives them the confidence to work. The most special news is that the Mac compatibility with windows runs at native speed. It’s safe and simple for Mac files. 

However, few people suffer because the Mac internet speed is slow. Are you one? No worries! In this article, let’s see why my Mac internet is so slow?

1. Restarting the Mac

If you didn’t restart the Mac for a while, the Mac internet speed might slow down. To overcome the issue, restart the Mac; it clears the cache and the programs, giving the RAM a fresh look. As a result, the Mac doesn’t take much time to load the data and webpages of the browser.

2. Internet Slow On Mac – Background Running Apps

Internet Slow On Mac - Background Running Apps

Using your Mac with a variety of applications consumes a lot of data when they run at the same time. It takes time to update and synchronize, which makes the internet slow on Mac and the websites hang for a while. Avoiding such concerns, close all the apps and your personal social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and more. Then disable the auto-update and turn off the synchronization to iCloud as it consumes higher bandwidth. As a result, your Mac runs better with the internet without hanging. Try it now! 

3. The Program Begins Automatically

Several programs start automatically when your Mac is on, which you may not be aware of leading to the Mac slow internet. Or else they are required at one time and aren’t unable to start. 

To see what app is running, follow the steps which are mentioned below:

  1. Open the system preferences
  2. Then go to users & groups
  3. Assure that your username is selected on the panel which is situated on the left
  4. Try to choose the login items tab
  5. Now you can see the apps list. Choose what needs to be removed
  6. Click the minus symbol to remove the apps, which start automatically

    These steps can be followed, so that slow internet on Mac can be solved.

4. Hard disk is Almost Full on Mac

Hard disk is Almost Full on Mac

When the Mac internet is slow, it seems that the hard disk has reached its capacity nearby. The hard disk not only stores the information of operating systems and programs, but it also contains your personal and working information like word documents, google sheets, photos, videos, etc.,

Here are the tips to check your Hard disk: 

  1. Open the Apple menu from the Apple icon, which is on the left side of the screen.
  2. From this menu, click the option “About this Mac”
  3. Check the storage space and delete the irrelevant apps, documents, videos, photos, etc., 

Following the steps, you can resolve the slow internet on Mac.

5. Internet Slow On Mac- Update the OS

Internet Slow On Mac- Update the OS

One of the primary reasons to slow down the internet is the OS’s outdated version, leading to prolonged Mac performance. In that situation, you should update the OS. The update will give you the modernized features and thus improves the performance of the internet Mac.

6. Internet Connection Slow On Mac

The Mac internet speed slow which you undergo while working is not your system’s fault. When you experience a delayed page, it is due to the slow internet connection. The video upload and download speed can be checked by the speed test programs or software which are available on the app store. After installing the app, try to run and check the numbers. If the numbers are below, seek the help of your internet service provider(ISP) to identify how they will resolve the issue.

7. RAM Space Running Out

RAM Space Running Out

Random Access Memory is the most essential component for all electronic devices, especially Mac. It helps to contain long-term data stored on the hard drive even when the system turns off. If your Mac has low RAM, you might observe the programs are insensitive, and multitasking between the applications becomes more complex. As every computer performance is based on RAM since it is essential to keep your memory space. 

These are the steps to check the RAM on your Mac:

  1. Select the Apple menu  
  2. Choose about – Mac
  3. After that, check and clear the unnecessary documents to have enough space

8. Antivirus

Antivirus and firewall programs protect from unauthorized access to the Mac. It helps to check each website and app frequently. As a result, it affects the speed of the internet on Mac. To speed up the process, turn off or uninstall the antivirus programs and check whether the internet speeds up the browser applications. And if the step mentioned above doesn’t help, try to uninstall the web applications like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc., which improves the Mac running slow on the internet.

9. Checking The Malware On Mac

Some malware makes to slow down the internet on Mac voluntarily. It affects indirectly, as they steal the information and retards the processes. The malware might be found in email attachments, file-sharing apps, or websites. No matter how protected you are, hackers are still there to steal your information differently.


  1. Download the malware app that is specially designed for Mac. There are “n” number of malware security software available. Choose the best one which works correctly. 
  2. Once you download it, check those instructions mentioned about the software & installation.

10. Clean The Cluttered Desktops

The Mac desktop which is cluttered might slow down the process. With this, you may be handling many issues while working or watching cricket. Following are the steps to clear the space on the desktop.

  1.           On the desktop, click control
  2.           A pop-up window appears
  3.           Click the used stacks

Following the above-mentioned methods, it sorts out the apps and documents. On the other hand, try to remove the unwanted apps and folders. Or else transfer them to the appropriate mac folder. 

11. Mac Internet so slow : Removal of Browser Extension

Browsers are one of the main reasons for the slow internet on MacBook pro. If you find any browser extensions excessive, try to remove them in the following ways:

Removal Of Chrome Extensions:

  1.       Begin the chrome
  2.       On the top right corner, click the three-dot buttons.
  3.       Under that, click more tools, then click Extensions.

Here you will notice the extensions and add-ons that you have installed. If you didn’t recognize them, clear the extension or add on to speed up the internet on Mac.

Removal Of Safari Extensions:

  1. Open the Safari
  2. On the top menu, click Safari
  3. Then click the preferences
  4. Choose and remove the extensions that are not required

12. Mac Internet so slow: Router Failure

Internet Slow On Mac: Router Failure

Sometimes both the router and MacBook pro experience problems that are invisible to your eyes, resulting in slow internet on the MacBook pro. Here are the ways to fix the issues.

  1. Turn off the wifi from your computer, which is on the menu bar.
  2. Then turn off the router physically until the lights are off.
  3. Restart the MacBook by clicking the apple menu, which is on the top left.
  4. After the MacBook has started, turn on the router. It takes 2-5 mins for all the lights to progress to start from the beginning.
  5. Turn on Mac’s wifi and allow them to connect to the network.

The mysterious wireless problem on Mac might be resolved by following the above methods. 

13. Mac Internet so slow: Flash Player On Macbook

Many MacBook users install the Flash Player plugin from adobe because it is widely used by internet sources for media content. It might be recommended to delete or uninstall this plugin because it suffers Safari to work slow and it also puts your Mac at high risk of being hacked. 


The above-mentioned 13 ways help to know why is my mac internet so slow all of a sudden and the process to solve the issues. Follow the tips and improve your Mac’s internet at the best speed. If you don’t wish to follow the practices, clear the junks and inferences for better results. Or else you might use the PowerMyMac tool to boost the entire system or to remove the junk files.