Why Are My Airpods Not Charging? – [6 Tested Tips]

Why my airpods not charging

Airpods are one of the most popular accessories among the audience. Do you love using AirPods? Of course, Everyone wants to use a small white object, and it was designed by Apple. 

What’s the reason for people love the Airpods? Because Airpods are lightweight, easy to carry, stylish, reliable, and can connect with Siri. Also, it can pair with other electronic devices such as Smart TVs, Smartphones, and all kinds of Bluetooth devices. 

However, few people struggle with the most common cause: “why are my AirPods not charging, and why is my AirPods case not charging? In this blog, we guide how to fix AirPods case not charging with 6 tested tips. 

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#1: Airpods Not Charging – Clean Your Airpods 

Airpods Not Charging - Clean Your Airpods 

Using AirPods in public & dusted areas is the most common problem. It allows the debris and dirt to enter the inside of the charging holes and AirPods case. If it happens, your charging port doesn’t allow the power. 

In this case, you should clean your AirPods using light-sharpen materials like a cotton bud, microfiber cloth, or a tiny soft-bristle brush. We never recommend using a hard brush, toothpicks, etc., because AirPods are delicate. Avoid using liquid while cleaning AirPods and cases. The main reason is that the charging ports are presented at the bottom of the case. So, there is a high chance the liquids enter the charging port & can get spoilt quickly. 

Follow the checklist to solve why my AirPods not charging: 

  • Don’t use your AirPods in watery areas
  • Avoid sharpening materials or abrasive objects when cleaning the AirPods
  • Use cotton buds and soft cloth gently inside the pods
  • You should avoid wet clothes. 

#2: Airpods Not Charging – Cable and Power Adapter

Airpods Not Charging - Charging Cable and Power Adapter

If your apple AirPods not charging, try to check your cable and power adapter. Damaging cable is one of the primary causes for AirPods not changing evenly. If you find any damage, you should replace the cable in your Apple store or buy a new one. 

While finding the damage, you must check if the USB-A pins & lightning-connector cable will be bent, damaged, or scratched. Meanwhile, use another power adapter and cable and see whether the AirPods power is boosting up or not. 

When using a wireless charger, make sure it is set up at the correct position without any fault. If the status light is on for some time, automatically turn it off while the charging process continues. Check the wireless charger placement and whether the power doesn’t turn on.

#3: Airpods Not Charging – Investigate Power Source

Airpods Not Charging - Investigate Power Source

It is the most crucial step for why AirPods is not charging fastly. Check the power source where you’re plugging your charger because power is not coming up on the particular port. You may feel this is the problem but remember that the simplest thing may create a huge problem. 

After checking the power source, you should come out from the place and try to connect with other power ports. If your AirPods are charging without disturbance, the power outlet is the problem. We recommend using different outlet ports to prevent unnecessary faults and tensions. Now, you can contact the electrician and sort out the issue quickly. 

#4: Airpods Not Charging – Disconnect Airpods & Pair Again 

Airpods Not Charging - Disconnect Airpods & Pair Again

It’s possible that your AirPods firmware is damaged, which would explain why AirPods not working properly. This typically occurs when a device’s internal process is suddenly stopped. You can fix this by returning the firmware to its factory settings.

Here are the steps that you can do:

  • Go to the Apple device -> Settings -> Tap on the “Bluetooth.”
  • Click the ( i ) icon next to your AirPods -> Forget this device -> Confirm
  • Place your AirPods securely in the AirPods case and clod the lid.
  • Wait for a few minutes or seconds and open the case again
  • Press the Setup button on the back of the charging case until the LED light flashes inside the case (☀ ) 
  • Again close the lid of the AirPods case to reset the process 
  • Now, you can pair your AirPods with your device and check whether it is working or not. 

You have restored your AirPods’ factory settings, and everything should function normally (including the charging process). Moreover, it should resolve any conflicts that may exist in the firmware. As a result, the device’s function should run smoothly without any glitches.

#5: Software Issue While Charging

Software Issue While Charging

Everything will be okay on your AirPods & devices, which means the fault is not yours; it’s your software. This problem may occur when you haven’t connected the AirPods to an iPhone or other devices, but it sometimes connects automatically. Generally, solving the AirPods is not a charging problem that needs updated software. 

Follow the steps for solving the AirPods not fully charging issues:

  • Set the AirPods back in the charging case & close the lid
  • Connect to the power source 
  • AirPods’ charging case must close the device (iPhone, iPad) to facilitate the installation of software updates.

Still, your AirPods are not charging, you may need to do a reset.

Go to the setup button, which is located on the AirPods case back. 

Next, press and hold for 15 seconds. 

If the case is reset successfully, you will get a symbol of a light transition from amber to white.

Now, check if any changes happen while charging

#6: Charge Airpods Case Only 

Airpods Not Charging - Charge Airpods Case Only

Are you still worried about AirPods not charging? Using this method helps to rectify the problem quickly. You have always charged your AirPods case with the inside the AirPods. This time, let out the AirPods and connect the charger only with the case. Some reports say that AirPods may create disruptions while AirPods charging case. Consequently, your AirPods case will not take in power, occasionally causing the error. 

So, if you can’t be able to charge your Apple AirPods charging case, you should take out it and try again. Sometimes, this issue may get solved soon. If it does not, you should contact Apple tech support and get the solution from them. 

Ultimate Solutions For Solving Airpods Case Not Charging

If you have been using the AirPods & AirPods case for a long time, it’s time to change it because the problem starts with battery issues. If you have a warranty for this product, you may claim by replacing the new AirPods. Otherwise, contact the Apple service center and get help from them to sort out these issues. I hope this guide will help you with AirPods not charging problem.