Why is Apple Mouse Not Working Properly?

Apple mouse not working

Have you ever faced the “Apple mouse not working” issue? If so, you are at the right place!

Apple mouse commonly known as “Mac Mouse,” is a Bluetooth wireless laser designed especially for Apple devices. It has multi-touch capabilities with simple gesture options such as swiping the web pages and scrolling through the document. Though it has unique features, people frequently find their Apple mouse doesn’t function properly. There are many reasons for the Apple mouse not working. 

Here we will briefly discuss the reasons and solutions for the Apple mouse not working. Let’s get started!

Reasons for Apple Mouse Not Working No Light:

When the Bluetooth connection is lost or the battery dies, your Apple laptop mouse not working problem may occur. It might also appear when the optical sensor is dirty, or the cursor moves in a jerky manner. At the time, you may change settings for why your cursor moves too slow or too fast. When your system has corrupted files, it causes all sorts of jerky movements.

Solutions For Apple Mouse Not Working:

Before looking at the deep fix, there are a few basic things to check your magic mouse so that it works effectively. These checks will include power and connectivity issues. 

Check Power And Battery On Your Apple Mouse:

Check Power And Battery for Apple mouse not working

Checking the power and battery on your mouse is the main cause of the Apple mouse not working issue. Here are the steps to check:

  • Turn over your mouse, and check the on / off switch buttons
  • If you notice the “Green” color, it means your mouse is on ( not “Red” color means off)
  • If you haven’t noticed the green color, switch on your mouse and check it for working.  
  • When your mouse’s battery is low, Mac will warn you if it runs out overnight

You can replace older Magic mouse batteries with AA batteries. If the battery is drained in Magic mouse 2, charge it with a lightning port because the Apple mouse comes with an in-built battery. After a few minutes, turn on the mouse to check if it is working properly. If not, try to double-check your Magic mouse with Mac.

Checking The Pairing Issues:

pairing isssues if the mouse not working

If you are not using an Apple mouse on Macbook, you will need to insert another mouse or use the one already paired. You can use the already paired device by performing the below-mentioned steps:

  • Move to “Apple menu”
  • Choose “System Preferences”
  • Select “Bluetooth” 
  • First, try enabling and disabling the “Bluetooth”
  • Now, tap “Turn Bluetooth off”
  • Wait for a few minutes, then click “Turn Bluetooth on” 

If the above steps don’t help you, try reconnecting your mouse by the steps given below:

  • On the right side of your Magic mouse, tap the “x” icon or right-click on it
  • Choose “Remove” to unpair it, then select “Remove” to confirm
  • Now turn off your magic mouse and then turn it on

When everything works properly, you will notice your magic mouse appears in Bluetooth preferences. By using a trackpad or another mouse, tap “Connect” to pair your magic mouse again. 

Check Other Devices:

Connectivity issues may occur when your Apple mouse is connected to different devices. You can check and ensure that your mouse is not connected to other devices. 

If you still issue with the Apple mouse not working, then try to reboot your Mac. Occasionally, rebooting can fix your Apple mouse connectivity problems. Here are steps for how to restart your Mac. 

  • Click the “Apple” menu
  • Select “Restart”
  • It automatically turns off and on your device that giving a fresh look

Right-Click Not Working On Magic Mouse:

Right-Click Not Working On Magic Mouse

Right-clicking (secondary click) on a magic mouse is a common issue when your Apple laptop mouse is not working. Luckily, this could be solved error by following the simple fix: 

  • Open “System Preferences” on your Mac
  • Choose “Mouse”
  • Under “Point & Click”, ensure the checkbox for secondary click is turned on
  • Tap the dropdown menu and make sure “Click on Right side” is chosen, for traditional right-click behavior

If these steps don’t help you, try reconnecting and disconnecting your mouse as we said earlier in this blog. When right-clicking doesn’t work, you can try the simple method on Mac by using the “Ctrl + Click” action.

Left-Click Not Working On Magic Mouse:

Left-Click Not Working On Magic Mouse

If the left-click (primary click) on the Apple mouse not working, makes it difficult for users to access the computer. When you face this issue, the first thing you have to do is a simple check. If your left-click acts as the right-click, you unexpectedly have chosen left-click as your secondary click on your mouse settings. The mouse settings can be changed by the below steps:

  • Move to “System Preferences”
  • Select “Mouse” from the list
  • Under “Point & Click,” ensure “secondary click” is set on “Click on the right side”

Reset Bluetooth:

You can fix Bluetooth problems by resetting the macOS Bluetooth module. Resetting Bluetooth in the older version of your Mac is simple by following the given steps:

  • Press the “Shift + Option” button simultaneously
  • From the menu bar, select the “Bluetooth” icon
  • Choose “Reset the Bluetooth module”

Some people may miss the above option in the macOS update. In such a case, open the terminal app by the following steps:

  • Hold the “Command + Space bar on your Mac keyboard and simultaneously press the “F4” key
  • Type “Terminal” in the search list
  • When you notice “Terminal,” select to launch the app
  • After that, enter “sudo pkill bluetoothd” 
  • Now the screen shows you to “Enter the password”
  • Type the password, you will see the connected devices
  • Disconnect and reconnect the connected devices
  • Now, we hope that your magic mouse connects well

Magic Mouse Scrolling Issues:

Magic Mouse Scrolling Issues

Users can’t scroll up or down when browsing a web page or document. If you having the same problem, make sure that you use the correct multi-touch gestures. After that, you will check the scrolling speed preferences.

  • Go to “Preferences”
  • Choose “Mouse”
  • Now, check the “Scroll directions” checkbox
  • Default MacOS will use “Scroll Direction: Natural .”This option allows scrolling to perform as you do on the iPad or iPhone. 
  • You can check and uncheck the “Scroll directions” option until the scrolling works the way you prefer

Update macOS:

If you still struggling with the Apple magic mouse 2 not working no light, it’s time to update your OS. Of course! Updating your OS may fix a few connectivity issues on your device. Read & follow the below-given tips to solve the Apple mouse not working issues:

  • Move to the “Apple” menu
  • Choose “System Preferences”
  • Select “Software updates”
  • If there are any updates available on your device, download and install it

Final Thoughts:

We conclude that the above-mentioned reasons and solutions to fix “my Apple mouse is not working.” If you have tried every solution and still find your Magic mouse isn’t working properly, it’s better to change the mouse. You should also know that the Magic mouse will slow down after 100,000 clicks through Apple designs. But, if you have used the mouse for a short period, it is best to contact the Apple service team.