Do You Want To Fix Vizio TV Remote Not Working?

Vizio TV remote not working

A Vizio remote is a small, and discreet electronic device for controlling your TV, but it might also cause issues resulting in Vizio TV remote not working. Poor batteries, less responsive IR sensors, buttons stuck etc., are the common issues of Vizio smart tv remote not working. Unlike ordinary TV remotes, Vizio smart TV remote has more features like Vizio Voice, Google Assistant, Apple Homekit, OTT Platforms, and a lot more. You can download various apps on your Vizio TV and use the remote control to use those applications. Sometimes, removing any obscures on the remote’s IR sensor or mashing all remote buttons could fix the Vizio TV remote not working. This article will help fix the issue. Let’s get into this.

Vizio Remote Not Working: Possible Reasons

Firstly, when you find the Vizio Smart TV remote not working, check for the remote batteries. If the batteries are in working condition, verify if the remote’s IR sensor has the dust settled on the TV receiver & remote sensor can lead to the Vizio TV remote not working. Make sure to avoid having any other remote control device near your Vizio TV because it causes unnecessary interference to the TV remote function. Sometimes, a faulty wall socket might also be a reason for the electrical fluctuations in your Vizio TV. 

Try This Simple Method To Fix Vizio Remote Not Working

Try This Simple Method To Fix Vizio Remote Not Working

Firstly, to find the remote’s IR sensor functionality you will only need your smartphone camera. Let’s quickly jump into the following steps 

  • Open any camera app on your Smartphone (Ensure that your smartphone does not use an IR filter)
  • Get your Vizio TV remote’s IR sensor facing your phone camera
  • Click & hold the power button of your remote control
  • Look at the camera app screen and check whether it is emitting violet (IR) rays from the remote head
  • Try operating every remote button one after another and diagnose the defective ones

When you find all remote buttons are not working, it is a rare condition and you have to consider replacing your TV remote. On the other hand, if a few buttons are not working on the Vizio TV remote, it might be due to filth settling on the remote. If the remote buttons are functioning, but the Vizio TV remote not working yet, then move on to the practical solutions in this article.

Vizio TV Remote Not Working: Best Fixes Ever

#1: Do Power Cycle: Vizio TV Remote Not Working

Do Power Cycle: Remote

The power residing on the remote’s circuit may be the reason for Vizio TV remote not working. There is no specific button on your Vizio TV remote for power cycling, so follow the steps below to power cycle safely on your remote control. Before that, you should know how the power cycle works on the Vizio TV remote. While power cycling the remote, it resets all the short-term settings on your device & also settles power residues. Here we go!

  • Take the batteries out of the TV remote
  • Press & hold the Standby Button (Usually in red colour) on your remote for 5 seconds(to drain out the residual power)
  • Then, tap once on each button on your remote(it also loosens up the remote buttons)
  • Pay extra time to force-push the buttons that stuck on the remote

After completing these steps, replace the batteries back to the remote & check whether the Vizio TV remote not working is fixed.

#2: Do Power Cycle: TV

Do Power Cycle: TV

On the contrary, try power cycle on your TV to mend the Vizio TV remote not working. If the problem is with the TV, this method will work out for the Vizio Smart TV remote not working. Stick with the following steps to pursue the power cycle on your Vizio TV

  • Turn Off the TV by plugging it out from the wall socket
  • Find & locate the TV’s Power Button (generally placed on the back or side of the TV)
  • Click the Power Button for up to 30 seconds to drain the power residing on the TV
  • Wait for a minute to plug in the TV to the wall outlet & turn on the TV

Later, use the remote control to operate the TV to see if the remote is working fine on your TV. If you’re still struggling to operate a TV using a remote, it is the right time to reset the Vizio remote not working. Here is how to reset your TV remote

#3: Reset Vizio TV Remote

Reset Vizio TV Remote

In particular, this method is only applicable to universal remotes. Unlike LED/LCD TV remotes, Universal Vizio remote has a specific reset button to perform this method. Resetting your TV remote may eliminate all the errors on your remote control. After the reset, it is essential to reconnect all the gadgets connected to your Vizio universal remote. Because resetting the device erases all the saved settings on your remote.

  • Tap & hold the SETUP/SET button(you can see this button at the top left side of the Universal remote)
  • Hold the button until the remote’s LED blinks twice(usually, the LED is on the top) & release the SETUP Button
  • Then, use the remote key configurations to reset your universal Vizio TV remote not working
  • Type (9,8,1) or (9,7,7) on the remote’s keypad to reset your remote
  • Now, the LED blinks twice on your TV remote, which means the reset is successful on your device (also resolves software issues)
  • Next, click on the button with “TV” text on the top to pair it with the Vizio TV

Check if the issue is resolved; if not, continue reading this article for the best fixes for your TV remote issue. Sometimes any objects on the path may block the remote’s IR signal to the receiver and result in the Vizio remote not working.

#4: Clear Obscures On The TV Sensor

Clear Obscures On The TV Sensor

Any obscures covering the TV IR Sensor could cause the Vizio Smart TV remote not working. Generally, you can see the IR sensor on the bottom left corner of the Vizio TV. For instance, a plastic foil wrapped on a newly bought Vizio TV can prevent the TV from receiving remote signals. 

  • Find the Vizio TV’s IR Sensor
  • Clean the surface of the sensor to remove dust/dirt(using a cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol)
  • Move the obstacles that are blocking the TV Sensor
  • Ensure that your remote head is pointing towards the Vizio TV sensor & within 10 feet distance
  • Click the “Power” button on your remote control to check if the remote is working or not

#5: Liquid Spillage

Liquid Spillage

It is one of the most common causes for Vizio TV remote not working. You must follow some instructions to avoid liquid spillage onto your device. Generally, your favourite drinks contain sweeteners and when you accidentally  spill the liquid on your remote it causes the Vizio TV remote not working. This condition is because the sweet content sticks under the remote’s button pad, which prevents them from working. 

You can settle your Vizio TV remote not working in many ways. Firstly, dismantle the remote control to clean the residues on the circuit board & button pad. Getting expert help while dismantling the Vizio TV remote is always advisable. If your Vizio TV remote has not messed up with liquid damage, move on to the following steps. 

5.1 Methods To Clean The Remote

Dismantle The TV Remote

Dismantle The TV Remote

Open the remote case to clean your remote inch by inch. The remote has a circuit board, battery compartment, button pad, and plastic panels. Use a pry tool to open the remote if there are no screws in your Vizio TV remote.

  • Remove the Vizio TV remote batteries
  • Press & hold the Power Button on your remote to discharge the power residues
  • Find the gap between the two horizontal halves of the remote
  • Gently insert the screw-driver(minus) into the side gap on your remote & turn it slightly
  • Apply even force on all sides of the remote to open it
  • You can hear a “tick” sound once your device opens

The remaining steps are given in the next topic, and this method is separated into two topics for clear understanding.

Clean The Parts Of the Remote

Clean The Parts Of the Vizio TV Remote Not Working

After opening the remote panels, separate the remote parts and clean each part individually. Firstly, check for liquid residues on your remote’s circuit board and button pad.

You can see dirt on your remote interiors, such as hair, coffee stains, or even unknown dirt. Moreover, checking your remote button pad is crucial in fixing the Vizio TV remote not working.

  • Take a cotton cloth, and make sure it’s lint-free
  • Dip it into a Rubbing Alcohol (Iso-Propyl Alcohol)
  • Wipe out all the parts of the remote
  • Check and clean any residues left on the device
  • Let it dry thoroughly before reassembling the remote


Use only isopropyl alcohol to avoid damage to the electrical circuit because it dries out too fast.

In the meantime, you can perform another smart trick on the circuit board of your Vizio TV remote. Take the pencil and sketch on the circuit line directly, and it improves the electrical conductivity of your remote’s circuit board. It is due to the graphite in pencil, which is a good conductor of electricity. Now, you can continue reassembling the Vizio TV remote not working

  • Fix the Rubber Button Pad to the top half of the remote
  • Place the Circuit Board on the bottom part
  • Now, get two parts together to reassemble it
  • Push gradually on every side of the remote to fix it completely
  • Next, fix the batteries into the remote battery compartment

Once you’ve performed the above steps, point your remote toward the Vizio TV and press the “Standby” button to turn it on. If you get no results, try to troubleshoot the power supply that you’re using for your TV.  

#6: Try Alternative Power Supply

Try Alternative Power Supply

An uneven power source might also cause the Vizio smart TV remote not working. It is commonly known as “Dirty Power”; this includes low voltage, current fluctuations, and modifying frequencies. If you plug your TV into the dirty power supply, it might cause the Vizio TV remote not working. Follow the steps mentioned here to overcome this issue

  • Unplug your TV from the dirty wall socket
  • Use another wall outlet for your Vizio TV
  • Turn on the TV to see if the Vizio TV remote not working is fixed

#7: Beware of Electronic Interference

Beware of Electronic Interference

An electronic interference may occur when there are any devices between the TV & remote connection path. Some electronic devices that use IR rays for their function could interrupt the remote’s IR signal. Try to move those devices from the Vizio TV & remote connectivity path. 

  • Try to figure out any electronic devices which are pointing straight to your remote’s IR sensor
  • Take away or disable those devices 
  • Use masking (Painter tape) to cover the TV’s IR sensor. It may restrict other electronic interference and only allow the TV remote’s signal.

Try to change the volume or channel on your TV using a remote to check if it is working correctly. Meanwhile, you can use your smartphone to operate Vizio TV, check out the next method.

#8: Download The Remote Apps

Download The Remote Apps

Download & install remote apps on your smartphone and use it as an alternative for Vizio TV remote not working. Before downloading the remote app on your phone, try to pair your phone with the Vizio TV. Hence, you can access more features on your TV via smartphone. You can download the remote apps from Google Play Store.

#9: Look At The Batteries

Look At The Batteries

Batteries are the only resources for the remote to work, so any fault in the batteries could lead to the Vizio TV remote not working. If the battery ends are covered by rust or carbon content (usually in white color), it could prevent the battery connection with the device. Hence you can use new AA or AAA batteries for your Vizio TV remote; follow the steps below 

  • Remove the batteries from the Vizio TV remote’s battery compartment
  • Check if there are any residues on the groove & springs on the battery compartment
  • Now, look at the battery terminals for carbon or rust settling on it
  • If you find any filths, clean them by using the alcohol wipes
  • Let it dry until it gets thoroughly dried
  • Then, install new batteries into the remote and shut the battery compartment

After you’re done, point your remote head towards the TV receiver & press the “Standby” key to check if all is fine. As a last resort, you can replace the faulty remote to get rid of the Vizio remote not working issue.

#10: Replace New Remote

Replace New Remote - Vizio TV Remote Not Working

If your Vizio TV is still under warranty period, you can avail replacement for your Vizio TV remote not working. Go to to file a request for a remote replacement. If it fails, visit to buy a Vizio TV remote at a low price. You can also buy a universal TV remote online to replace your Vizio TV remote not working.


When your TV remote itself is not working, then you get distressed by the issue. First, you must know the real cause of the Vizio Smart TV remote not working. Hence, it will be easier for you to find the best fix for the remote control issue. In this article, you can find the possible reasons for the Vizio TV remote not working. In addition, it comprises effective fixes for those issues with the Vizio TV remote. If you find your remote unresponsive after the above fixes, it is the right time to change the Vizio TV remote. Sometimes, your remote may undergo a circuit deterioration, so the only option is to get a replacement or buy a new remote.