How to Turn Off Background Noise on Airpods? Easy Steps 

background noise on airpods

Noise cancellation is the best feature of the Airpods Pro, making it unique from other AirPods models. This feature gives a solution for how to turn off background noise on AirPods. The noise cancellation restrict the outside noise from the atmosphere and allow you to enjoy the music without disturbance. 

Background noise cancellation suddenly turns on while you are putting AirPods in the ears, and you can follow some other ways to operate it. Airpods allows you to turn off & on the feature by themselves and control your AirPods from the iPhone settings. By using other Apple gadgets like the Apple Watch, MacBook, and Apple TV, you can access AirPods with it. Also, you should have the best ear tips, which effectively helps airpods cancel out background noise and prevents AirPods from slipping.

It is not correct to say “turning off the noise cancellation” instead of saying, turning on the transparency mode. Enabling this mode helps the blocking outside noise and airpods background noise cancellation.

Airpods Pro fits your ear with the help of rubber buds on the tips. So, AirPods engage with the best user experience when you put them in ears that provide no space for outside noise to enter. To prevent this, enable the transparency mode in your Airpods Pro.

Types of Airpods Background Noise Cancellation

Types of Airpods Noise

By sticking with the name of the noise cancellation, you could understand what the feature is doing on Airpods. If you’re hearing the music on Airpods, the unwanted noise from outside ruins the whole mood. In considering both the user experience and safety of your ears, Apple launches Airpods Pro with noise cancellation technology. Noise cancellation comes under three types, such as active, passive, and adaptive noise cancellations

  • Active: This will cut-off noise by producing sound waves with the same frequency as noise. The sound wave collides with the noise and assists AirPods background noise cancellation.

  • Passive: Reducing noise is an excellent effect of passive noise cancellation. Ear tips are perfect foam, which seals the space between ear and AirPods. If there is no gap, that can cut off outside noises.

  • Adaptive: Unlike passive type, adaptive is similar to active noise cancellation. Only the difference is, adaptive noise cancellation uses advanced technology than active cancellation. This kind of noise cancellation adapts the outside noise and nullifies it by sending anti-waves. Adaptive noise cancellation is recognized as effective among all types.

Do AirPods Cancel Out Background Noise by using Apple Watch?

 Apple Watch

The report says 1 out of 10 iPhone users has an Apple watch. Everyone can connect the Apple watch with your iPhone and Airpods. 

Through the Apple watch, turning on/off the Airpods noise cancellation feature is an effective way to perform. Here are the steps to switch between the noise cancellation or transparency mode

  • First, connect your Airpods Pro with the iPhone
  • Make sure the iPhone is connected to the Apple Watch
  • Tap “Music” and hearing the music via Apple watch
  • Click the Airplay icon on the Apple watch to open noise control
  • It pop-ups the three options: noise cancellation, transparency mode, or off
  • Enable noise cancellation, and it will do AirPods to block out background noise

How to cancel background noise on airpods from MacBook? 

How to cancel background noise on  MacBook? 

Mac users worldwide pay their contribution to enrich the Apple ecosystem. The number of Apple series users is growing day by day in an upward manner. So, Apple initiates its MacBook to access the Airpods, from the mac turn on/off the noise cancellation. Follow the steps below to control the Airpods noise cancellation feature on the MacBook:

  • Take Airpods out of the case and put them in your ears
  • Ensure that the Airpods are connected to the Mac
  • Open the menu in your Mac
  • Click the volume button at the top of the Mac display
  • Select your AirPods Pro from the connected audio devices
  • Turn on the noise cancellation feature

There is also another method for Airpods background noise cancellation feature, stick with the actions below

  • From the Apple menu, go to system preferences
  • Open Bluetooth option
  • Click your Airpods options
  • Tap on noise cancellation 

Use Apple TV 

Use Apple TV 

Are you wondering how to reduce background noise on AirPods by Apple TV? Yes, you can. Control Airpods on your Apple TV by sticking with the steps given below 

  • First, pair your Airpods Pro with Apple TV and then connect it to the TV
  • On the Apple TV remote, press and hold the control center button until the control center opens.
  • Click your Airpods on connected devices
  • In the preferences, tap on noise cancellation toggle button 

Use Siri to turn off AirPods background noise cancellation

Use Siri to turn off AirPods background noise cancellation

Siri can easily control operations like switching between noise cancellation or transparency mode through voice access and it is able to turn off both features. 

  • “Hey Siri,” turn on/off the noise cancellation


  • Say, “Hey Siri,” turn on/off transparency mode

Our motto is to enable Airpods background noise cancellation. So, only turn on noise cancellation or disable transparency mode, both are the same.

Do Airpods Block Out Background Noise Manually?

 Airpods Block Out Background Noise

Yes, you can physically turn on/off the Airpods background noise cancellation feature on the Airpods Pro. Take AirPods out of the case and put them in your ears. After that, you may follow the steps below.

  • Touch and pull down your finger over the groove in the stem of Airpods Pro. Now, you can feel the music without any buzz, which shows that noise cancellation is active in your Airpods.
  • Repeat the same, by pulling down in the groove can enable the transparency mode in your Airpods.

In default settings, any modes are switched by long pressing the groove. But, there is another option in the row where you can turn off noise cancellation and transparency mode(at the same time). Set this third option as default for your Airpods, you should do the actions as given below

  • Open iPhone settings 
  • Click Bluetooth
  • From the list, tap “i”(encircled) next to your Airpods Pro.

Next, press your Airpods Pro to see the preferences for left & right Airpods. Only press any of the AirPods alone to view its options specifically. For example, if you click the left airpod, it shows three options. Out of them, you can select different preferences for both AirPods as you wish.  

It is better to assign the “Off” function only to your Airpods left bud. Doing this could save battery power in the left bud by performing a single function rather than handling many. On the other hand, allow the right bud to switch the other two modes.

How to turn off background noise on Airpods through the control centre

How to turn off background noise on Airpods through the control centre

Switch to noise cancellation/transparency mode by pursuing these steps on the control center

  • Open the control centre in your iPhone
  • In case you’re having touch ID iPhone, swipe up to open
  • For iPhone with face ID, swipe down from the top right screen
  • Once the control center opens, touch and hold the volume slider
  • It views the options such as transparency, off, or noise cancellation.
  • Depending on your preferences, select one.

Use iPhone Settings for Airpods Background Noise Cancellation

Use iPhone Settings for Airpods Background Noise Cancellation

Through iPhone settings, you can modify the noise cancellation feature. You can also take control of all features of Airpods Pro from iPhone settings. Adjust the Airpods features by following the actions given down

  • Open iPhone settings
  • Tap on Bluetooth
  • Click the encircled “i” after your Airpods name.
  • Over the noise control options that prompt, pick one of the three preferences: transparency, noise cancellation, or off.

Do AirPods cancel out background noise while using the best ear tips?

best ear tips

While unboxing the Airpods Pro, you must notice three sizes of earbuds included with the pack. Try the ear tip fit test to check if anyone perfectly fits your ear. Use the steps which guide you to the fit test

  • Go to the Airpods menu from iPhone settings, as the previous topic says.
  • Below you can find “Test the Ear Tips.”
  • Put AirPods in your ears before testing(Try with all-size earbuds)
  • Then, start the actual test by a tap on the play icon(similar to the YouTube logo)
  • After that, a track runs for 4 seconds.
  • If you’re using the right one, there shows the message of “Good Seal” at the end of the track
  • Or else, it delivers the suggestions given in the yellow text under each Airpods image.


Unless Airpods 2nd and 3rd generation, you’re lucky to have Airpods Pro. As compared to early models, Airpods Pro has several outstanding features. The most attractive features is noise cancellation, and you could easily turn it on/off by using iPhone, Apple Watch, MacBook, etc. We provide you with valuable information through this article that is more beneficial for you. 

Moreover, airpods block out background noise to gain a high user experience. So, an emerging technology called noise cancellation feature is essential for all upcoming Airpods models.