TCL Roku TV Remote Not Working: How to Fix in Minutes

tcl roku tv remote not working

A TCL Roku TV is economical, and people can buy it from nearby electronic stores or online. But many get distressed only when they see the TCL Roku TV remote not working. Otherwise, the smart Remote can actively access all the TV features.

Mainly, the reason for TCL Roku TV remote not working is because of distractions in the path, dead batteries, an unpaired remote, etc. The resolving methods include resetting the TV, repairing the remote, clearing the HDMI interference, and many others. These steps might help diagnose the problem of the TCL Roku TV remote not working. Let’s see the ways to fix remote issues in this article.

Why is my TCL Roku TV Remote Not Working?

Why is my TCL Roku TV Remote Not Working?

Remote control is a handy electronic device to control your TV from a distance. It would be the worst scenario for anyone if the Roku TV remote not working all of a sudden. The reasons that many users figured out later are listed below.

Obstacles in Remote Path

Obstacles in tcl roku tv Remote Path

Any object that blocks the path between the TV and the remote control may result in the TCL Roku TV remote not working. However, it happens more often while operating the remote from a distance.

The IR signal from the Remote’s IR sensor hit the receiver point on the TV to operate correctly. If there are blockages in the path, it obstructs the signal carrying info like changing channels, adjusting the volume, or any operations. Make sure that there is no interference in the Remote’s signal path. Also, hold your remote IR sensor straight to the TV receiver, which fixes the TCL Roku TV remote.

IR Sensor Dysfunction

tcl roku tv remote IR Sensor Dysfunction

In contrast to old TCL Roku TV models, the new Roku TV remote has a wi-fi feature to control TV operations. However, the Roku TV remote with IR sensors, and to rectify the issue with the TCL remote not working, follow the previous method.

Is your remote IR sensor broken? Then, it is most likely to cause the TCL TV remote not working. When you accidentally drop the remote or spill something over, it disturbs the IR sensor in the Remote. Replacing with the new remote or IR sensor is necessary while you undergo this condition.

Filth settled in Remote

Filth settled in tcl roku Remote

Specks of dust or dirt may even have massive effects on the TCL Roku TV remote not working. The dust settles on the surface of the IR sensor and starts bothering the transmitting signal. At first, the dust slows down the responses when you overlook the fault. Once it covers the IR sensor completely, you’ll be stuck with the question, “why is my TCL Roku TV remote not working?”. Simply wiping the Remote’s IR sensor using a clean cloth dipped in warm water or alcohol wipes would clear this issue. 

Poor Batteries

Poor Batteries

Drained or dead batteries won’t work further on your TV remote due to insufficient charge. While using a remote with poor batteries, the condition will worsen until you change the old batteries.

Now, take the dead batteries and fix them to any other device for testing battery power. If it doesn’t work, try replacing the old batteries to check the condition of the TCL Roku TV remote not working. 

Remote unpair

Remote unpair

Give priority to pairing the TV with the remote immediately after unboxing the TCL Roku TV. Ignore if the TV is paired already with the remote from the manufacturer’s place.

Sometimes, the remote gets unpaired from the TV, resulting in the TCL Roku TV remote not working. This unpairing often happens due to technical errors, power scarcity, disconnected, and auto updates.

HDMI Obstruction

HDMI Obstruction

It is evident from the manufacturer’s side that HDMI streaming devices could prevent the TV remote from operating. So, avoid placing HDMI streaming devices in the surroundings of the TCL Roku TV. The last possible reason in the row is HDMI interference. This issue arises when Roku streaming sticks are connected to the Tv’s HDMI port.

Sure-fire Techniques for TCL Roku TV Remote Not working

Sure-fire Techniques for TCL Roku TV Remote Not working

A TCL Roku TV remote performs multiple tasks on various devices, like a TV soundbar. It reduces the stress of searching for all other remote controls by providing all-in-one functionality.

After analyzing the above possible causes for the TV remote not working, try the upcoming methods which work ideally on the TV remote not working TCL. The fixing techniques might be complicated initially, but the process is worth trying.

This article reveals the tricks and methods which will indeed work in the TV remote not working. If you’re facing a problem with the Roku TV remote, get along with the article to sort it out.

#Fix1: Replace New Batteries

Replace New Batteries

Before getting into this technique, remove the batteries from the Remote control. Try fixing it to any electronic device to check its functionality. If it is not working, conclude that the remote batteries are the baddies in the story of the TCL Roku TV remote not working.

Depending on the remote preferences, AA or AAA batteries are required to operate your Roku TV remote. Check the sticker on the battery panel to recognize the batteries to use. Open the battery compartment to remove or fix the batteries. 

#Fix2: Troubleshoot wi-fi 

Troubleshoot wi-fi 

A TCL Roku TV works fine in offline mode, whereas it requires an internet connection while accessing online features on the TV. Roku TV remote accesses media players & streaming devices through the internet. When the remote control disconnects from the network, it goes offline until the remote is connected again to the internet.

Therefore, diagnosing the network system demands changing IP addresses. Or else, restart the wi-fi router to fix glitches. If you are technically potential, try restarting the wi-fi router independently. If you don’t want to initiate, get assistance from network operators.

#Fix3: Reset the Remote control 

 Reset the Remote control 

Laggy performance actions also cause a TV remote not working. It is a concern when the remote takes more than 3 seconds to respond to your command. If left unnoticed, there are chances for a permanent TCL Roku TV remote not working.

Reset the remote to eliminate all the errors or lags involved in the unresponsive actions. If you have IR or enhanced Rohu remotes, it is easy for you to troubleshoot the issue.

#Fix4: For IR Remote 

For IR Remote 

If you found the previous steps are unsuccessful in repairing the TCL Roku TV remote not working, it’s the right time to pursue complex reset options. After trying all the above methods without desirable results, we suggest you do the hard reset. You can boot your Roku remote allied with the stick boot process.

Hard reset the TCL Roku TV remote using the step-by-step actions given below

  • Remove batteries from the remote
  • Plug out the adapter from the Roku stick
  • Wait for 10 seconds
  • Plug in the Roku stick adapter
  • The home screen appears automatically on Roku TV
  • Fix the remote batteries again 

Yes, your Roku TV remote gets reset; check for the remote working on the Roku TV.

For IR Pointer remote

  • Go to TV settings
  • Open system
  • Click on system restart
  • Then, restart

For enhanced remote

  • Remove batteries from the remote
  • Press and hold the power button up to 15 sec
  • Put batteries back into the remote

#Fix5: Restart The Roku TV

Restart The Roku TV

You can try hard resetting the TCL Roku TV remote not working to resolve the issue. Restart your Roku TV and figure out the causes for the Roku TV remote not working TCL. 

Here are the steps to restart your Roku TV

  • Pull out the TV plug
  • Press and hold the power button for 15 seconds on the TV
  • Plug in the Roku TV again
  • Test a remote by turning on the TV

Many Roku TV users find this method is more helpful in rectifying TCL Roku TV remote not working.

#Fix6: Pair again the Remote

 Pair again the Remote

Pair your remote with the TCL Roku TV by doing the actions below

  • Plug out the Roku box
  • Wait for 10 sec
  • Plug in the Roku box and switch on
  • In TCL Roku TV, the home page appears
  • Click the pair button for 5 seconds, which is either on the front or back side of the Roku remote.

When the remote blinks, you can conclude that the remote is now ready to be paired with the TV. Check if the TCL TV remote not working and is rectified.

#Fix7: Use Extender Cable

Use Extender Cable

TCL Roku TVs possess HDMI ports on the back side through which you can connect a Roku stick for HDMI streaming. Manufacturer’s alert: while you’re using sticks for media streaming, always use HDMI cable extenders along with the stick. Using an HDMI streaming stick separately can cause HDMI interference when operating a TV by Remote. Having HDMI extenders for the Roku stick lowers the risk of unusual errors by keeping the stick far from the TV. You can receive free HDMI cable extenders by enquiring from the official site of TCL. All you need to do is, fill out the form on the TCL Roku’s official site.


We are at the end of the article and focused on answering the question, “why is my TCL Roku TV remote not working?”. From this write-up, you can get precise ideas on fixing the TV remote not working. Roku TV remotes are often irrecoverable on TV because of quality issues. Is your TCL Roku TV remote not working? Don’t worry; buy a new remote for your Roku TV.