Is your Sony TV Remote Not Working – Here’s the Fix? 

sony tv remote not working

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Are you struggling with the Sony TV remote not working issue at your home? This guide will explain the leading causes of TV remote not working and the best solutions for you! 

Sony is the most popular brand for electrical appliances like cameras, televisions, headphones, home theaters, etc. Everyone knows Sony has been producing high-quality products with various special features, including TVs. 

Sony TV has great reviews when compared to the other brands. It has excellent color accuracy, fantastic motion handling, upscaling lower-resolution content, and an in-built Google Chromecast. However, some electronic devices have come with common issues. Now, we will see the “Why is Sony remote not working with TV?”

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Why is My Sony TV Remote Not Working?

The primary solution for TV remote not working is due to the old batteries. In such cases, remove the old batteries from the remote and replace them with new ones. If this solution doesn’t help to solve the Sony smart TV remote not working, your TV remote is dealing with some technical problems. The second reason is that any obstacle between the TV and the remote will block your TV signal. It’s also the main disadvantage of the Sony TV remote not working. Meanwhile, misplacing the batteries on your Sony remote is also why the remote is not working. 

Disconnecting the TV & remote is highly possible due to the power failure. Hence, try to pair the remote with the TV again and check if it’s working or not. 


Replace Batteries

Replace Batteries when tv remote not working

You know that the TV remote does not always create the problem, but batteries do. When the Sony remote not working with TV, you should focus on the batteries. Absolutely! You must remove the old batteries and replace them with a new ones. Otherwise, you can replace the existing batteries based on the polarity. Sometimes, it works well if you switch the batteries one by one. 

If a Sony TV remote is not working, here is what can be done:

  • Remove the batteries and press the “Power button” for 10 seconds on the remote control. This removes the residual power on it.
  • Place the batteries on the remote control and keep it undisturbed for at least a minute
  • Ensure that you place the batteries correctly according to the polarity (+ and -) 
  • Now use the remote control and check its working condition

Sony TV Remote Not Working: Remove Hindrance

Sony TV Remote Not Working: Remove Hindrance

Usually, the Television remote comes with two parts: Transmitters and Receivers. With the help of transmitters, you can send instructions to the TV. These instructions work with the infrared signals and transmit the information to the remote. Finally, the remote accepts the signal and works based on the user’s command. 

If your Sony TV remote not working, the primary cause is blocking the remote control software. If you find any object or picture frame on your tv stand, it is also why the Sony TV remote is not working. So, avoid keeping things on the table or nearby your TV & remote. 

One more trick to solve the Sony TV remote not working is to reduce the distance between the TV & your remote. If the distance is too long, bring your couch near the TV because thick carpets and heavy glass materials also block the infrared signals. You must try this method to solve the tv remote not working.

Reset Remote Control

Reset Remote Control when sony tv remote not working

If the above step doesn’t help you to fix the Sony smart TV remote not working, try resetting the remote control. Maybe this solution will help you to rectify the problem. Do you know how to reset your Sony smart TV remote? 

Here are the steps to follow in Sony TV settings: 

  • First, move to the TV’s “Settings” screen 
  • Choose “Remote & Accessories” → “Remote control”
  • Select “remote control or voice remote control.”
  • Tap “Touchpad remote control settings.” 
  • Then, click “Software updates.”

In this way, you can revive your remote to work it again. Now, you can use the Sony TV remote without any disturbances. 

Update Sony Smart TV

Update Sony Smart TV

One of the easiest fixes to prevent the Sony smart TV remote not working is updating your TV software. This tip automatically settles any issues and lays out the new features on a regular basis. This, in turn, improves performance, usability and reduces your issues. So it is advised to update the Sony smart TV software regularly. Here are the ways to update the Sony smart TV remote control:

  • Choose the “Settings” option
  • Navigate to “Support and Settings”
  • Click “System software” update
  • Tap “Software update” to refresh the TV

Examine The Remote’s Button

Examine The Remote's Button

Sony’s remote control might need a hard press when its buttons are unresponsive. Sometimes, the jammed remote buttons may lead to the Sony TV remote not working. In such cases, you must double or long press buttons to unstuck the TV button. 

You should follow the infrared signals to solve smart TV remote not working:

  • Make use of your smartphone camera
  • Switch on the camera and bring the remote in front of the camera
  • Position the remote’s infrared light towards the mobile’s camera
  • Click any buttons on the remote
  • Take a look at the mobile screen

If you notice the infrared light on the camera, the remote control sends the signal to the TV. In addition, you can also check the remote’s buttons that you feel are not working. This method works if you have a problem with the specific buttons. 

Sony TV Remote Not Working: Power Cycle Sony TV

Sony TV Remote Not Working: Power Cycle Sony TV

Power cycling is the best method to try if your Sony TV remote is not working. This step doesn’t change the TV’sTV’s custom settings; instead, it fixes a technical issue on the TV and solves the remote not working. You may try this method by following the steps below: 

  • Press the “Power button” to turn off your TV
  • Remove the power cord from the outlet socket
  • Now, wait for minutes and reconnect it again
  • After that, turn on your TV, and let’s check if the issue is solved or not

Factory Reset TV

Factory Reset TV

If the tips mentioned above do not solve the issue, you may try the factory reset on your TV. This method will delete all the data and settings from the Sony TV. Now, you can’t navigate the menu on your TV remote, and you will need to use the physical button on the TV.

  • Press the “Home button” on the TV’s screen
  • Go to “Settings”
  • Choose “Device preferences” and click “Reset.”
  • Now, tap the “Factory data reset” option
  • Select “Erase everything” from the list
  • Click “Yes” to complete the factory resetting process

Use Voice Command Feature

Use Voice Command Feature

Typically, Sony TV remote control comes with the voice command feature on their device. If you notice this communicating option doesn’t work, you must deactivate the other Bluetooth devices. Also, ensure to enable Bluetooth settings on the TV by the following ways:

  • Move to “Settings”
  • Choose “Remote and Accessories”
  • From the list, select “Bluetooth settings”
  • Then, activate “Bluetooth”

Now, turn on the remote controls voice command feature by the steps given below. But before activating it, make sure the internet connection is established on TV.

  • Press “Home button” → “Settings”
  • Choose “Voice remote control”
  • From the list, click “Activate MIC button” option


Since Sony TV remote control is a user-friendly device with a lot of features such as Netflix, Google play & more. However, the remote fails to function properly due to above-mentioned reasons. This issue occurs when you haven’t updated your TV software properly. 

In this article, 8 solutions are helping to sort out the cause of the Sony TV remote not working. Follow all the instructions one by one, and implement them on your TV & remote. Now, you will get the upbeat vibe of your Sony TV remote. If not, you must contact the brand dealer or move to the new battery from the brand shop.