8 Ultimate Ways To Fix Slow Internet On Laptop

Slow Internet On Laptop

People prefer laptops nowadays, because they are easily portable and time productive. The performance of laptops is best because it runs higher quality software than the smartphones or tablets. Also, you have struggling with slow internet on laptop? No worries!

You can perform certain tasks like downloading files, online meetings and more by connecting the internet on a laptop. However, users face slow internet problems on their laptops worldwide. This might happen due to poor wifi coverage, placement of your laptop far away from the router, browsers with loaded caches ,cookies and more. 

Don’t Worry! This article gives you the various reasons and tips for laptop internet speed slow.

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How Will You Know Slow Internet on Laptop?

How Will You Know Slow Internet on Laptop

Your phone will let you know the slow internet when you notice a poor network connectivity.But on a laptop, you are unable to observe it until you perform a task like clicking a link ,watching a video on YouTube and more. 

If you have slow internet on laptop, it takes time to load a page that is clicked and buffering videos on YouTube. When everyone on your zoom call keeps freezing, you may also identify the laptop internet speed slow. 

Despite your laptop internet speed slow signs, run a speed test to check the internet speed. Connection stability is checked by the internet speed test and gives you a quantifiable indication. 

Here are the steps to run the internet speed test

  • Open “Browser” on your laptop and type “internet speed test”
  • You will notice a list of websites to run the test for the internet speed
  • Click any of the websites and tap “Run”
  • Wait for some time to complete the test
  • Upload, download speeds, and latency gives you the test results. It determines your fast or slow internet connection

Download Mbps: It gives you the number of megabits to download a file.

Upload Mbps: It indicates the number of megabits for uploading a file.

Latency: It is the result of your internet connection responding to a specific command in milliseconds.

According to internet speed, Mbps is more standard than Kbps or Gbps for downloading or uploading internet speed. 

With a good internet speed of more than 25 Mbps, the laptop allows you to download music, play online games, and enjoy surfing the internet without any disturbance. 

It’s time for you to understand the reasons for laptop internet speed slow!

Reasons For Slow Internet On Laptop

Reasons For Slow Internet On Laptop

When your laptop is far away from the router, you may experience laptop internet speed slow. This happens because objects like walls or furniture in your house block the internet’s bandwidth and result in laptop slow internet. So, place your router closer to your laptop to get high internet speed.

You can also perform the following troubleshooting methods to solve your laptop internet speed slow:

  • Uninstall the Wifi driver from the device manager
  • Unclick the “delete driver” box that is clicked
  • Hardware rescanning
  • Checking the wifi driver’s appearance

Let’s now move forward to learn the fixes for laptop internet speed slow!

Restart Device And Routers

Restart Device And Routers

If you have no issues with Internet Service Providers, try rebooting the laptop and router. It is advisable to restart the device that you are using. 

Connection or slow internet problems are usually solved by troubleshooting your devices. This method resets your internet connection and probably solves your connectivity problem. When your device is loaded with too many processes, it results  in a slow internet on laptop.

Background running apps often affect your laptop’s internet connection because those applications consume higher bandwidth on your devices. 

Install Wifi Boosters

Install Wifi Boosters

Wifi booster apps increase your wifi strength when it undergoes slow internet. These applications are available online and you can download it to boost your bandwidth. Boosters improve your network signals that cover the dead spot in your area. Dead spot is the region where you will not get enough signal strength.

You will simply download the available apps and change a few internet connection settings. This wifi booster app transforms your PC into a hotspot just like a router. It has a comprehensive user interface and menu that allows the user to work quickly. 

If you have selected the Hotspot Pro and MAX versions, sharing your 3G or 4G LTE connections is simple. As a result, it distributes the internet connection through wired ethernet. By using this method, your wifi signal is boosted and your laptop internet speed slow recovers.

Keep Your Laptop Near The Router

Keep Your Laptop Near The Router

If you place your laptop too far, you may experience internet slow issues because signal strength has to travel a distance to reach the device. In such cases, move your laptop close to the router. 

Keep in mind that whenever you keep the laptop and router in your house, ensure that there should be no barriers like walls or any other electronic devices. These barriers will notably reduce your wifi signals and result in laptop internet speed slow.

Clear The Browsing Data

Clear The Browsing Data

Cookies and other saved data on your browser causes slow internet. In such cases, applying the fixes for the router doesn’t solve your internet connection issues. So here are the steps to clear your browsing data:

  • Open “Chrome” on your device
  • At the top-right corner of your screen, tap “More”
  • Click “More tools” and select “Clear browsing data”
  • Choose “Time range” based on your needs
  • Select the type of file that has to be removed
  • Click “Clear data” on your device

Close The Background Running Apps Or Programs

Close The Background Running Apps Or Programs

Apps or programs running in the background consumes higher bandwidth and causes laptop internet speed slow. For example: A few applications like dropbox and other cloud services running in the background consume higher bandwidth. 

Here are the ways to disable the background running apps:

  • Launch the “Settings” app
  • Select “Privacy”
  • Then, click “Background apps”
  • Under background apps, ensure let apps run in the background is turned off

Check Your Devices Connected To Same Band

Check Your Devices Connected To Same Band

There are different ways to connect your wireless network to the router. Usually, the wifi devices have two types of bands 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. 

2.4 GHz is smaller but wider in range, whereas 5 GHz has faster speeds but a limited range to establish the network. 

You will experience an internet speed difference when your laptop is connected to 2.4 GHz and other devices are linked to 5 GHz. So it is better to link your laptop to the same band and observe the internet’s speed.

Use Wifi Extender

Use Wifi Extender if laptop slow internet

Fluctuating signals or blind spots will generate the slow internet on laptop. A blind spot is where the Internet Service Providers can’t analyze your data. 

Wifi uses radio frequency to deliver the internet to connected devices. So, it is recommended to use a Wifi extender as it expands your wireless signal. You can install those extenders to overcome laptop internet slow.

Reset Router Configuration To Factory Default

Reset Router - slow laptop internet connection

Resetting your router configuration might solve your laptop speed slow. Try resetting your router by the instructions given in the device’s manual. Router configuration reset varies from one device to another. Here is the common way to reset your router:

  • Plug in the router
  • Router’s reset button is seen on the back or at the bottom of the device
  • Press and hold the reset button for about 30 seconds by using a paperclip or similar objects
  • Now release those button
  • Then wait for the router to turn on again


From this article, you have learned the reasons and tips for laptop internet slow. Try the above-mentioned 8 tricks to solve slow internet on laptop issues. If none of the tips helped you, buy Wifi extenders or boosters to increase your wifi signal strength on the laptop