A Complete Guide For Samsung Smart Tv Remote Not Working

samsung tv remote not working

Samsung is a popular brand worldwide which manufactures Smartphones, TV, washing machines, refrigerators, and more electronic appliances for all kinds of purposes. Though Samsung came into existence in 1998, it keeps on delivering amazing electronic equipment to attract more audiences. Unlike a basic television, Samsung smart TV offers internet connectivity to stream your required online channels. It allows the users to install and run more applications on their TV models frequently. Samsung smart TV needs a remote control to operate and install the apps. Nevertheless, the biggest problem with this brand is the “Samsung smart tv remote not working.”

So, the researchers found that most users are searching to get a solution for a common problem: “Samsung smart TV remote not working.” This article explains the reasons and gives the deep fix for “Why is my Samsung smart TV remote not working?” 

5 Causes For Samsung Smart TV Remote Not Working:

If your Samsung smart TV remote control not working, first you should check the remote batteries. Some old batteries will not have charge due to the continuous usage, so the battery needs a replacement. Also, checking the distance between the TV & remote can easily transmit the signals without any interruption. 

There are many reasons for my Samsung smart TV remote is not working. Let’s have a detailed eye on them!

Add New Batteries

Add New Batteries when samsung smart tv remote not working

Usually, the remote control device needs the fully charged battery to work without any fault. If your remote has low batteries, it makes the Samsung smart TV remote control not working. Hence, change the existing batteries with new ones which help to use the remote by changing options on the Samsung smart TV.

Check Space Between TV & Remote

Check Space Between TV & Remote

Placing the remote controls at a very short distance enables its operation effectively. The range can vary for the different remote controls based on the Samsung TV models. According to smart TV designers, the reliable distance between the TV and the remote is about 60 feet.

Faulty Remote

Faulty Remote

Sometimes, remote malfunctions may occur due to physical damages, such as buttons not working, in-built board faults, etc. If your remote is damaged, it shouldn’t respond to the user command. In this case, you try to fix the problem or get a new one from the same brand. 

Invalid Remote

Invalid Remote

Using a remote helps you switch the channels and change the TV settings according to your preference. If your remote doesn’t do any of its functions, you are holding the wrong ones.

  1. Interference Of Other Gadgets

The other household appliances may interfere with the IR signals of the remote and cause the smart TV remote not working. Moreover, it is impossible to discard the home appliances. Instead, you can shift the appliances to the place without affecting the infrared waves.

Are you looking for a solution to “Why is my Samsung smart TV remote not working?”

Solution 1. Samsung Smart TV Remote Not Working? – Reset TV

Solution 1. Samsung Smart TV Remote Not Working? - Reset TV

Resetting the television solves Samsung smart TV remote not working. To do this step, use the manual buttons at the back of your TV screen. 

Alternatively, detach the power cord from the television. Remember that you have to disconnect the TV’s cable gently to avoid other problems.

After unplugging:

  1. Hold on for at least 15 minutes before connecting the power cord
  2. Plug the power cord back into the outlet socket and turn on the Samsung smart TV using a remote control
  3. If it fails, try switching on the TV with the manual buttons

Solution 2. Check The Remote’s Battery

 Check The Remote's Battery

Your remote control will not work if it has low or no batteries on it. In this case, replace the remote’s batteries to enable their function. You can also examine the remote’s battery charge by having the voltage indicator. If it indicates a low battery, change it with a new one.

Interchange the existing AA batteries with a new one at the battery panel, situated at the remote’s back. Also, ensure that the battery’s positive end should be pointed upwards along with the upper position of the remote.

Solution 3. Samsung Smart Tv Remote Not Working? Reset Remote Control

If the remote has a few technical issues, it results in Samsung TV remote control not working. You can reset the remote control by removing the batteries on the remote. This is the easy and simple tip to solve your TV remote not working. Here are the steps to remove the remote control’s battery:

  • Take the remote and turn it backward
  • You will notice the battery’s panel
  • Open the cover and remove the old batteries
  • Unplug the television from the power socket and let it down the remote for about a minute
  • After that, turn on the television with the new batteries in your remote.

Solution 4. Unpair And Repair The Remote Control

Samsung Smart Tv Remote Not Working?  Unpair And Repair The Remote Control

The power outage is the most common reason for Samsung smart TV remote control not working. The power shortage happens after weather conditions like rain or thunderstorms and unpairs the remote & TV. Without the electrical connection, you can’t use the remote for the TV operation.  

TV remote automatically pairs after a system reboot on the Samsung television without prompting the message. Follow the below-given steps to perform manual remote reconnection with the TV:

  • First, turn on the Samsung TV
  • Take the remote and place it facing the television
  • For 5 -10 seconds, press the remote’s return and play or pause button to check the remote connection with the TV

The above-mentioned steps enable the television and remote connections in just a few seconds. Once the connection begins, test the remote by pressing any buttons. 

Solution 5. Reset The Network Settings

Samsung smart TV requires an internet connection for performing to the fullest. These web access can cause Samsung smart TV remote not working. When this issue arises, you can only reset the network connection. This step doesn’t change the connection; instead, it refreshes your network. Here are the ways to follow:

  • First, turn off the Samsung television
  • Then, move towards the place where the network router is kept
  • With the help of a toothpick, press the “Reset” button on the modem
  • Hold the button for 30 seconds and release it
  • If necessary, you can reconnect your Television to internet

Note: It is recommended to use the wooden toothpick with gentle care to avoid breaking and prevent short circuits.While using pins on other materials like steel, it causes short circuits.

Solution 6. Clean TV’s IR Sensors

Clean TV's IR Sensors

If the dust or dirt surrounds the IR sensors on your Samsung TV, it fails to respond to the remote signals. Infrared rays transmit signals between the remote and the TV. So, it is necessary to clean the TV’s sensors by following the steps below:

  • Clean the TV’s IR sensor gently that is available below the terminals.
  • Also, wipe the cable connecting sensor and the board to remove the dust particles
  • Follow the same steps mentioned above to remove the dust particles accumulated on the remote.
  • After cleaning the remote and TV’s IR sensor, use it to check the Samsung TV’s response

Solution 7. Buy A New Wifi Module

The Wifi router might be responsible for my Samsung TV smart remote not working because most of the modem has IR sensors in it. When the internet connection is unstable, the IR sensor fails to respond. It is necessary to factory reset the TV after the installation of the new wifi router. The below-given steps can do a factory reset:

  • Turn on the Samsung TV by pressing the “Power button” on its back 
  • Tap the “Menu” button and click on “Settings” option
  • Choose the “Support icon” and choose “Enter.”
  • Click “Self-diagnosis” and press “Ok”
  • The screen prompts you to enter the “Security PIN.” 0000 is the default PIN for most the Samsung users
  • After this, you will get a warning message. Now, choose “Yes,” and the television starts to factory reset.
  • Wait for a couple of minutes because the reset process requires some time

Note: Don’t press any buttons when the reset process is going. Also, before starting this step, make sure to take the files backup to either iCloud or Gmail.    

Reasons And Simple Fix For Samsung Smart TV Remote Volume Not Working

Reasons And Simple Fix For Samsung Smart TV Remote Volume Not Working

If your Samsung smart TV remote volume not working, then there may be two possible reasons:

  1. Remote has its own firmware to operate Samsung smart TV. If you haven’t updated the firmware for longer, it might result in the TV remote volume not working. Because the updates on firmware solve the bugs and other remote-related issues. So, install all the updates on your remote to fix Samsung smart TV remote volume not working. 

  1. Samsung smart TV remote volume not working arises when the TV is connected to the soundbar. Because the soundbar doesn’t connect to the remote automatically. In such cases, manually link the soundbar to the remote control.

If remote control’s software part causes TV remote volume not working, follow the below steps to update it:

  • Navigate to the “Settings” on the TV
  • Choose “Support” and move on the “Software update” option
  • Now, select “Update” and follow the instructions mentioned on the screen
  • To keep away from “Samsung remote volume not working,” enable the “Auto-update” option from the TV’s menu.

Another easiest technique to solve TV remote volume not working is activating the Universal remote function. Move to the “Settings” menu and turn on the universal remote option. This feature directly controls the Remote’s soundbar and changes the volume. 

Reasons And Tips For Samsung Smart TV Remote Not Working Red Light Blinking

Reasons And Tips For Samsung Smart TV Remote Not Working Red Light Blinking

When the signal doesn’t reach your TV, it causes Samsung smart TV remote not working red light blinking. For example: If you notice any object in front of the TV, try to remove it. Because those objects will block the signals from connecting the remote to the TV sensor. Try connecting the remote control and smart TV by the following ways:

  • Long press and hold the “Back and Up” button simultaneously
  • Keep holding the buttons for 10 -20 seconds until you hear a sound or see a message on the screen. 
  • Now, the TV and your remote are connected.


From this blog, you have understood the reasons and solutions for Samsung smart TV remote control not working. Before replacing the remote, check the battery, the condition of buttons & responsiveness, and more. You can also try the steps mentioned in my article to get rid of ‘Samsung smart TV remote not working.’