Why Does My Phone Has No Signal Bars?

Phone Has No Signal Bars 

We are living in the digital era, but frequently handling the most common issue is that “Phone has no signal bars.” A lot of people are struggling with cell signal problems during and after the world pandemic. 

Dropped calls are one of the major problems for no signal bars. If it continuously happens, you won’t be able to attend the meeting, chat with friends, load problems while playing, and more. In this article, we will see why the phone has no signal bars and how to fix it quickly. 

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No Signal Bars 1: Remove SIM Card

Phone Has No Signal Bars :Remove SIM Card

A major problem for getting no signal bars is “Sim card error.” Remove your SIM card from your phone slot if you have a poor signal on your iPhone/android. Check the SIM to see whether any damage occurs in corners or has faded out. Once you verify it properly, you can reinsert the SIM card in the slot again. 

Is it necessary? 

Yes, it’s essential because sometimes the SIM card is not correctly settled in its slot. Hence, the antenna can’t connect with your phone carrier settings. 

Checking the SIM card when you feel no signal bars on the phone helps to resolve the problem easily. If this method works, there is no technical glitch on your phone. 

No Signal Bars 2: Check Water Damage

Check Water Damage :Phone Has No Signal Bars 

Everyone knows that water is the enemy of smartphones. Apart from water, all kinds of liquids can also create the major causes of mobile issues. 

Unfortunately, the water substance enters your phone, resulting in no signal bars or network connection. So, you go to the service center and check the issue and the problem. If it happens, you should take immediate action to dry or change the phone. 

Note: Water damage is the worst thing to be repaired. So, handle your phone carefully in wet areas like the kitchen, swimming pool, etc.

No Signal Bars 3: Software Bugs

Software Bugs :Phone Has No Signal Bars 

If your cell phone has no signal bars, there are multiple reasons for this causes. One of the main reasons is software bugs. People are using various software on their phones for personal and professional purposes. Software has many bugs that create problems like phone heating, hanging, and not getting phone signals. 

So, avoid using unwanted software and delete all of them. Also, updating OS always gives cool features and supreme functionality. Don’t forget to shut down your phone once a day. Try this method to keep your cell phone running smoothly. 

No Signal Bars 4: Change Your Mobile Case

Change Your Mobile Case : Phone Has No Signal Bars 

Using heavy mobile cases affects your phone antenna because the latest phones have a built-in antenna. Sometimes, the heavy phone case doesn’t allow the signal properly. Hereby, your phone is not getting the network. Try to use the lightweight case to help resolve your signal issues. It’s not a proper solution, just try this one and watch any chances on your phone signals. 

No Signal Bars 5: Weak Signal Tower in Your Area

Weak Signal Tower in Your Area : Phone Has No Signal Bars 

If you’re living in the middle of the city, you will get an excellent signal bar because the towers surround you. In case you’re living in rural areas, you never get the proper signals. At the time, you may reach the particular service provider and let us know what the issue you’re handling. 

They will help you to get excellent signal bars when adding the additional towers. Keep in mind that before contacting the service provider, you should check the specific service giving the signals on your iPhone or android. 

No Signal Bars 6: Notice Voice Roaming Settings 

When you buy a new phone for your use, you should activate a few settings. One more thing to check if your phone has no bars is to notice your roaming settings. If your mobile phone isn’t set to roaming, you will find a limited signal.

7: Reset Factory Settings

This will be your last choice if your phone has no signal bars. It is the most significant way to resolve the no cell service issue, but it’s hard to reset. Finally, having no option means you should backup your phone data before clicking the factory reset. 

You lose all data if you forget to backup and never ever backup the data. So, be careful while doing the factory reset option. After trying it, check your phone signal whether it’s getting or not. 

Here are the five steps to get the signal bars on your phone when it doesn’t have any. 

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#1: To Fix No Signal Bars – Use Airplane Mode

Use Airplane Mode : Phone Has No Signal Bars 

If your phone is getting trouble with no signal bars, try this method to sort out the issues. 

  • Swipe down the home screen 
  • You get the notification tray 
  • Find the “Airplane Mode” and tap it for a fraction of minutes
  • Click it again to disable the airplane mode

Activating and deactivating the airplane mode, which use to set the proper cell phone signals on your phone. This helps resolve the “my phone has no signal bars” problem without delay. 

#2: To Fix No Signal Bars – Showing Network Status Bar

Showing Network Status Bar : Phone Has No Signal Bars 

Activating the signal bars feature on your phone which helps to know what’s your network speed. You never turned off this network setting because it mayn’t show the signal bars icon on the device. In this situation, restore the network speed status to avoid the problem.

If you want to do this, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Go to the settings 
  • Click “Network or Internet 
  • Tap the “Status bar network speed display on”
  • Now, check the network status bar to see whether showing or not 

#3: To Fix No Signal Bars – Do Ping Test 

Do you want to check if the cellular radio is working on your device? Then do the ping test to verify the cellular radio if it’s enabled or disabled accidentally. 

  • Open the dialer app and type the “*#*#4636#*#*” to enter the service mode
  • Choose the phone information option and click on “Run Ping Test.”

Now, you can see the “Radio Data status” at the bottom of the screen. When it’s off, turn the cellular radio back to the disappeared signal bars.

#4: To Fix No Signal Bars – Nulled EMI 

One typical reason Android phones have no signal bars is that a third-party app has nullified its IMEI number. In that case, you will manually restore the IMEI number to avoid the no signal problem on your phone. 

  • Type the number on the dial pad “*#06#” on your phone and check if you get your phone’s IMEI number
  • In case the call returns a “Null” message instead, go and dial “*#*#197328640#*#*”. The device enters the command mode
  • A menu bar will appear on your screen. Here, you will turn off “Field Test Mode” to restore your Phone IMEI number.

Note: Once your phone gets stored the IMEI number, you’ll view the signal bars on the top of the phone screen.

#5: Check APK and ROM

If your mobile phone has no signal bars, the reason might be the third-party applications or your custom ROM. It’s important to remember that custom ROMs may crash your device in some cases. They have plenty of bugs and make your phone run into several errors. If you’ve been playing around with custom ROMs for a while and experiencing similar issues, you can flash the original ROM by entering the boot menu after a restart.

Final Thoughts:

Hopefully, our guide will help explain why my phone has no signal bars and ways to fix it. Implementing the above-mentioned ways will allow you to easily fix the issue and avoid unnecessary problems on your device. And, if you are not sure what’s causing the problem, go to the service center and find the solution. Or else, you need to switch over to the latest model phone.