Why is My PS5 Not Connecting to the Internet?

Why is My PS5 Not Connecting to the Internet

Are you here to know why “PS5 not connecting to the internet & slow wi-fi issues?” Well! There are several reasons, let’s know them by keeping an eye on this article!

PlayStation (PS5) is a gaming console designed by Sony Entertainment after the success of PS4 and PS4 Pro. The PS5 console stores PS4 and PS5 games to USB drives which supports superspeed. PS5 has two versions: PS5 standard and PS5 digital edition. The significant difference between them is that the PS5 Standard comes with the disc drive whereas, PS5 digital edition does not. If you are fond of collecting physical movies, then you need a disc version that is present in PS5. Compared with PS4 and PS4 Pro, PS5 has a better CPU, GPU, backward compatibility, TFLOPS and more, making PS5 faster.

Many people buy the PS5 for its features, yet some users experience internet connection issues. This guide will let you know why “PS5 not connecting to the internet & Slow wi-fi issues “.

Why is my PS5 Not connecting to the Internet?

Your PS5 won’t connect to wi-fi or internet due to the following issues:

  1. The console and router are far apart
  2. The wireless signal is being interfered by other devices
  3. Router’s problem
  4. Modem’s problem
  5. Console’s internal hardware is malfunctioning

Overcoming the above issues will help your PS5 to connect the internet. In some cases you may experience a delay on your internet or poor network coverage, wi-fi connection etc. 

Why is my PS5 Not connecting to the Internet?

Why is my PS5 Not connecting to the Internet

Your PS5 slow internet issues are due to various reasons like insufficient network range, loading issues, PSN maintenance and more. First, try to understand the internet issues then find the solution based on your problems or issues.  

For example, If your old router is connected to the PS5, the internet connection might not work correctly because the PS5 game console does not support it.  

Wi-fi Connection:

Wi-fi Connection in PS5

The PS5 system can be connected with the internet to download and play games online. An insecure internet connection primarily causes your PS5’s wi-fi connection issues. PS5 won’t work if you are not connected to the internet, which will cause a poor download speed.

Even if there is a wi-fi issue, it doesn’t mean you are not connected. There are other ways that your wi-fi or router can slow down the PS5’s download performance.

For example: If your wi-fi connection is in the other room, you may experience PS5 slow internet connection because the walls may interfere with the internet or wi-fi.

Type of wi-fi:

On the other hand, there may be times when things go wrong between you and your ISP provider. There are “n” number of internet providers available, and it is common that they might provide faster internet connection. In such a case, you may be recommended to change your internet service to experience a faster download speed.

Wireless wi-fi is a popular form of internet connection but it is not recommended to buy while you are playing games on your PS5. The wireless wi-fi connection will not provide a secure form of internet when it is placed in the other room as it has to pass barriers like walls to cover the distance between the router and your PS5 console.

Disruptions may happen when you are connecting to the wireless connection, so it is recommended to have a wired connection for your internet to connect to the PS5 game console.

Unresponsive Internet:

Your internet service provider network could go down just like the PlayStation Network (PSN). PS5 internet connection issues will occur, if your area is undergoing internet’s maintenance. During the maintenance period, your PS5 can’t connect to the internet or wi-fi. In that case, you may have a network test on your phone to check whether you have an internet connection.

If you haven’t found any issues with the internet connection, try contacting your internet service provider and tell them the problem you are facing. They will help you to resolve the issues of the internet connection to increase the internet speed. 

Number of Devices on Internet Connection:

Your PS5 console might have slowed down due to the number of devices connected on wi-fi. Wi-fi routers usually have a certain limit of capacity to connect the devices. If the connected devices are more than the capacity, you will experience PS5 slow internet connection.

If your connected devices perform the action like downloading a file, updating apps etc. causes the PS5 slow internet to play the games.

Try to keep your wi-fi routers saved with your passwords so that you will not experience PS5 slow internet issues. 

PS5 Not connecting to the Internet PSN Maintenance:

PSN Maintenance On Ps5

PS5’s slow internet issues may be due to Sony’s own PlayStation Network , when playing games or streaming videos and music on your console. Try to check your PSN server status for internet speed. If you cannot find the solution, try to contact the official PSN status page to know if there is any maintenance in your region.

PS5 Not connecting to the Internet ISP Issues:

Maybe your ISP has dramatically slowed down your internet or wi-fi speed (downloads and uploads). Technical bugs are the part of the ISP that may not be announced in advance or not at all.

For example: If you experience PS5 internet connection issues, it might be due to some problems or glitches which the ISP DNS resolver has developed. After resolving the issues, if you still experience a connection problem on your console, you might be recommended to change your internet service. 

Software Or Hardware Malfunction:

On some consoles, the leading cause of persistent PS5 slow wi-fi issues is deeper software bugs or hardware malfunctions. If your console downloads are still slow and your PS5 wi-fi connection issues don’t improve after a thorough solution, you may be dealing with the wrong device. It might be recommended for you to change the device and have a network test on wi-fi connection to check the internet speed.


The above-mentioned are the reasons for “PS5 not connecting to the internet and slow Wi-fi issues”. Read the article and keep your PS5 away from the reasons listed above to experience the high internet speed. If you repeatedly find the same error on your game console, Sony might take your concern and it will release the update for your PS5.