why my mobile data is slow


Mobile data so slow or not getting the internet connection is the major irritating thing before you start work. If the data is slow on mobile, you can’t watch YouTube videos, loading websites, and uploading a picture on Instagram are the causes of network interruption. 

The data connection not working or slow internet connection may have several reasons such as network congestion, website cache and more. Sometimes, it will be fixed automatically after taking days. It doesn’t solve the problem, here are the main steps to solve the mobile data so slow issues. Even though it’s a common problem, the digital world creates various losses.

Let’s start! 

Why is My Mobile Data So Slow On The Phone?

Mobile data slow on phones is a common issue among smartphone users. Due to this problem, it takes time loading web pages, video streaming, and more. Here are a few common reasons for “Why is my mobile data so slow on the phone?”

Several Active Tabs Or Apps

mobile data so slow on phone close Several Active Tabs Or Apps

If your mobile data slows down on the phone, the primary reason is apps or tabs are running in the background (without your notice). You know that the applications are utilizing more data even if you have the fastest internet connection on your device.

Cache Full

mobile data so slow on phone because of Cache Full

Caches are the data that are stored automatically on your phone when you browse any site, especially open a photo or a video. Apart from that, the cache can slow your mobile data when stored in bulk. Usually, when you use a mobile phone for 3-4 years, the browser’s caches are overloaded which results in slow mobile data. Hence, we recommend removing the caches to solve mobile data slow.

Poor Connection

Signal towers might give you a bad reception to your smartphones. Because of this, your mobile phone gets slow mobile data. Also, using a public Wifi network on your smartphone might be competing with other mobile devices due to the less bandwidth. In such cases, avoiding using a public network or trying to change your location will help you get a fast internet connection. 

Now, let’s briefly look at the tips for slow mobile data on the phone!

#1. Mobile Data So Slow? Reset Network Settings

Mobile Data So Slow? Reset Network Settings

Network settings on your smartphone will increase the mobile data speed. By executing this step, it erases all the saved Wifi, mobile data, and Bluetooth devices. Also, remember that it doesn’t delete any apps or data on the device. To reset the network, go through the following steps given below:


  • Open the “Settings” app on your home screen
  • Move to “General Management”
  • Click “Reset” → “Reset Network Settings.”
  • Enter your password to confirm and tap “Reset.”
  • Turn on the mobile data and examine your data connection


  • Go to the “Settings” app → “General.”
  • Tap “Transfer or Reset iPhone.”
  • Then, select “Reset” and Choose “Reset Network settings.”
  • Type your password and check the mobile data connection

#2. Activate The Airplane Mode

Tapping Airplane mode on & off method which helps to solve the major problem of mobile data so slow on the phone. When doing this method, your phone temporarily stops the signal & network connection. After hitting the Airplane mode, the mobile bandwidth grabs the internet connection and wifi.  

Here mentioned steps helps to turn on & off the Airplane mode are as follows:

For Android

 Activate The Airplane Mode for android

  • Navigate to the “Settings” app
  • Choose “Network & Internet”
  • Turn On the Airplane mode for a few seconds (the toggle switch shows you the blue color)
  • Then, deactivate the Airplane mode by tapping the toggle switch (which shows gray color)

Here are the shortcut to activate and deactivate the Airplane mode on Android: 

  • Pull down the notification center, then tap the airplane mode (which displays blue color based on your phone’s theme)
  • After 10 -15 seconds, click the icon to turn off the airplane mode 

For iOS

 Activate The Airplane Mode for ios

  • Open the “Settings” app 
  • Tap “Airplane mode” to turn on ( toggle switch appears in green color)
  • After a few seconds, disable the airplane mode ( toggle switch displays in gray color)

The shortcut way to open the iPhone’s control center: 

  • Swipe up or down the mobile’s screen and click on the Airplane icon (turns on). Hold on a minute or two and tap the Airplane icon (deactivate).

#3. Mobile Data So Slow? Restart Your Phone

When you are using mobile phones for an extended period, it generates heat and creates technical problems. Restarting the device gives a fresh memory look and solves all the network-related issues. Once your device is restarted, it gives you a smooth experience and improves your mobile data.

On Android

  • Press and hold the “Power button.”
  • Your screen displays three options: Power Off, Restart, and Emergency mode (based on phone model)
  • Then, select “Restart.”
  • Your mobile will turn off and starts automatically “restart your device”

On iPhone

Mobile Data So Slow? Restart Your Phone on iphone

  • First, press the “Power button” until the screen displays “Slide to power off.”
  • Then, slide the power button on your screen to turn off your device.
  • Wait for a while until your iPhone completely shuts.
  • Hold the “Power button” for a short time and wait for the iPhone to turn on.

#4. Disable Background Apps 

If you are facing mobile data so slow on your phone, disabling the apps & softwares instantly. Because the apps are running and consuming more data, it causes the slow data connection. To avoid these issues, follow the below mentioned steps which is to save the internet. 

For Android

 Disable Background Apps  for android

  • Move to the “Settings” app → “Apps & Notifications.”
  • Apps will be listed on your phone 
  • Select the app which consumes more power 
  • Choose “Force stop.”

For iPhone

  • Open the “Settings” 
  • Tap “General”
  • Now, choose “Background app refresh.”
  • To configure a particular app, slide over the corresponding button. 
  • If the app refresh shows green, it indicates that the app is activated, and a gray color indicates that the app is disabled.

#5. Mobile Data So Slow? Clear The Cache on Browsers

If you’re searching any data by using your web browser, it stores all the information in the browser. When you are opening the website in your mobile, it loads quickly without loading. Sometimes, it takes time to open the website because it is full of cache. 

The mobile data is slow on your phone which is the main reason for the cache. So, you should clear the cache from mobile and increase your surfing speed on the device. 

Do you know how to remove the cache? Follow the below steps:

Google Chrome

clear cache in google chrome

  • Tap the “Google Chrome” app
  • Now, select “Three dots” on the top-right corner of your screen
  • From the list of menu items, choose “History.”
  • Click “Clear browsing data.”
  • From the time range drop-down menu, choose the option “All time.”
  • Verify that you have selected “Cached images and files” and tap “Clear data.”
  • Click the “Confirm” button when the “Confirmation box” appears


  • Open the “Settings” app on your iOS device
  • Scroll down and click “Safari.”
  • Choose “Clear website history and data” to clear browser history, cookies and caches at once
  • Tap “Clear history and data” to confirm the deleting cache process 

You can also clear the caches without affecting your browsing history:

  • Move down to the “Safari” setting and select “Advanced.”
  • Tap on the “Website data.”
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click “Remove all website data.”
  • Tap “Remove now” to clear the caches


Getting mobile data slow is a frequent problem among smartphone users. Try mentioned ways which help you to speed up your internet connection. Otherwise, switch over to the latest mobile phone and get the new experience. 

Looking for the budget-friendly method, you have to remove your SIM card from your mobile and insert the SIM with another mobile phone. Check the network connection with your SIM card. If your data speed is high, the problem is with your mobile phone. Also, the data connection will be slow, you have to contact the ISP provider.