Why Does My Macbook Pro Battery Drain So Fast? [With Fixes]

macbook battery drains fast

Your MacBook Pro battery undergoes many issues you’ve never known. Are you asking, “How do I get rid of the MacBook Pro battery drain ?”. Running your MacBook continuously for hours will notify you of “Low Battery.” It might be shocking because you’ve just put your MacBook on full charge, and suddenly it turns low. You may not notice when you have an adapter available with plug points near you.

It isn’t easy to find wall sockets when you’re anywhere out of the home. Unfortunately, you must depend on your MacBook’s battery power for work, intensifying stress. It is common for a battery to drain too fast in an old MacBook, but for your latest MacBook Pro, indeed, it becomes a nightmare. 

When “low battery” frequently indicates on your MacBook Pro while having minimal usage, it’s time to take action. The first and foremost step is to diagnose the problem with the MacBook Pro battery drain. This article lets you know the causes and fixes of your MacBook battery condition. 

Why Does My Macbook Battery Drain So Fast: Possible Causes

Modified Settings Harm Battery Life

Modified Settings Harm Battery Life

Staying with the modified settings may drain battery power and induce more heat on your MacBook Pro battery. If you’ve not been aware of this condition, it can cause any hardware complaints on your MacBook Pro.

Prevent Battery Draining Apps

Prevent Battery Draining Apps to avoid macbook pro battery drains so fast

Running several tasks on your Mac or using apps with many preferences results in the MacBook Pro battery drain. While using MacBook Pro, prevent apps from ruining your Mac battery lifespan.

Bugs & Errors

Bugs & Errors causes macbook battery drains so fast

Luckily, if your MacBook runs on the latest version of macOS, it is safe from malware. From this, you can clearly understand that errors or bugs mainly deal with outdated MacOs.

Is Your MacBook Pro Battery Drain Faster?

Complaint 1: Exaggerated Usage (By User or Apps)

 Exaggerated Usage is the reason for macbook pro battery drains fast


Too much usage of apps might drain battery power abnormally. When your work time on the MacBook rises daily, the Battery holding capacity reduces gradually. Running more apps in the background or multitasking on your MacBook seems to be the main reason for this rapid battery drain.


Do you want deep insights for solving apps draining more Battery? Open the battery icon on the top right corner of the mac Home screen. It shows the apps using more battery power, and you should make a list of such apps.

Running essential apps in the background and lower multitasking on your MacBook Pro could enhance good battery health.  

Complaint 2: Settings Draining Battery

 avoid Exaggerated Usage to fix macbook battery drains fast


Sometimes, leaving default settings unchanged could cause your MacBook Pro battery drain. If you’re not aware of this completely, never try to change your Mac’s basic settings. 


By changing the default settings on your MacBook Pro, you could save more battery power from draining too fast on your MacBook Pro.

Disable Bluetooth: 

Disable Bluetooth: 

Make sure to turn off the Bluetooth feature when not in use. Open the bluetooth icon at the top right corner of your MacBook Pro to turn on/off Bluetooth.

Dim Screen Brightness:  

Maintaining adaptive brightness in your MacBook Pro helps your battery life and digital well-being. In MacBook Pro, tap on the small sun icon to dim the brightness. And for the former MacBook models without a touch bar, press F1 to reduce Mac screen brightness.

Turn Off Keyboard Backlighting:  

Turn Off Keyboard Backlighting:

One of the best components of a MacBook is its keyboard. This keyboard glows whenever you enable keyboard backlighting. But during the day, it is not essential to have a keyboard glow, so try disabling it with the F5 key on your Mac. It could save battery power draining from unnecessary usage of power sources.

Set Less Sleeper Time:  

Follow the steps below to make changes in energy saver

  • Go to System preferences
  • In Big Sur MacOS, tap on Battery
  • And for Catalina MacOS, click Energy saver
  • Set a less sleep time for the Mac when not in use

Make the above settings to see the remarkable changes in your MacBook Pro battery drain issue. It is essential to change default settings which can harm your Mac battery to drain faster. 

Your Macbook Pro Battery Drain Due To Losing Potential Of Storing 

Your Macbook Pro Battery Drain Due To Losing Potential Of Storing 

Complaint 3: Following Harmful Storage Precautions


If you’re not using a MacBook Pro for a longer time(over a month), it might cause battery issues. In this situation, never leave your Mac with a full charge or dead condition; make sure it has a half percent charge. Apple says the Li-ion Battery with below 20% charge can slightly affect your MacBook’s health. 


Keeping your MacBook Pro at 50% charge while storing for a few days helps to maintain better battery life. Mainly, Li-ion batteries are used in MacBook Pros, so follow these practices to see better results for your issue.

To manage Battery holding capacity, let your Mac charge to 50% every 6 months when you’re storing it for a long time.

Unlike the new MacBook, old models have other battery types than Li-ion batteries. They’re also having storage precautions while storing for an extended period. 

Complaint 4: MacBook Charger Dysfunction

MacBook Charger Dysfunction


In some cases, your Mac’s charger might be the culprit for the MacBook Pro battery drain issue. Despite fixing the MacBook battery, try to resolve the issue with the charging adapter.

If your Mac charger experiences damage or fault, it loses its potential to charge the MacBook battery. If your charger LED is not glowing, you can see the adapter plug emitting sparks while plugging into the power socket. This clearly shows the problem is with the MacBook charger.


Various methods to fix MacBook chargers are as follows

  • Plug into another power socket
  • Repair the wire or replace the damaged wire in your adapter
  • Use the original adapter for your Mac, and buy it from the Apple online store.
  • Clear any residues on the MagSafe USB and charging portal for Mac
  • In the Magsafe USB connector, check for damaged pins.
  • If you find bent pins, gently plug them into your Mac charging port to remove twist-on pins.

Complaint 5: Battery In Dying Status ( Indicates “Replace Now”)

Battery In Dying Status


If you accidentally drop your Mac, it affects the MacBook Pro. Also, the natural ageing of the cell will result in the MacBook Pro battery drain.


If you find the MacBook is not worth repairing, replacing your Mac battery would work efficiently on the MacBook Pro battery drain issue. Before that, diagnose Mac’s charge status by using the steps below.

  • Go to the Apple menu in the top left corner of the Mac Home screen
  • By holding the option button, you can see Mac turning the system info
  • Click the System information
  • Now, you can view the Hardware
  • On the left side, find the Power option and click on it
  • Once the Power option opens, check the Battery status(cycle count & condition)

If you find any messages that show the Battery is good, leave it unaltered. But when it shows a bad report about your Mac battery, it is the right time to replace the worn one.

The insights of Mac battery health show the number of cycles it undergoes and give its status. If you’re using a poor MacBook Pro battery, it tends to give less work potential. It is suggested to get Apple support to solve Mac’s issue. 

Complaint 6: The Battery Stops Charging After 90%

The Battery Stops Charging After 90%


While charging your MacBook Pro, when it suddenly stops charging after attaining 92% of the charge, there is no need to bother about it. This is because If your Mac reaches 90% of charge while charging, it briefly charges the remaining 10%. On the other hand, if it becomes hard for the MacBook to reach 90%, the issue is threatening.  


Before the absolute method, connect your MacBook to the charger and let it charge for a few hours(<2.5hrs). Once you’ve reached the limit, unplug the charger and wait for MacBook Pro to drain all battery power. Now, your MacBook Pro shuts down automatically, and you should wait for 5 hours. After that, turn on your MacBook and check if the MacBook Pro battery drain problem is resolved.

End Thoughts

The MacBook Pro battery drain issue causes more inconvenience working for a long time on your Mac. Using this article, you can find the perfect fit for “Why does my MacBook battery drain so fast?”. If you were not helped with the solutions in this article, it is recommended that you avail of Apple support or call the Apple customer care centre.