6 Main Solutions To Fix LG TV Remote Not Working

Lg tv remote not working

TV remote is a handy device that you can use efficiently on LG TV. It’s a useful electronic accessory, but the LG TV remote not working is a major problem and most irritating one. 

During weekends, my mates and I used to watch movies on my LG TV. When I switched on the TV by using the remote, there was no response from the TV. Hereby, I found the reason is LG TV smart remote not working. So, I will start searching for the major solutions for LG TV & the remote. 

I thought that it was due to old batteries, but replacing new ones also fails to fix the LG remote control problems. Then, I explored the internet and got surprised that more people were facing this issue related to the LG TV remote not working. Do you want to get the TV remote back up and working again? This article helps you to find the solution.

Why is LG TV Remote Not Working on TV?

Fixing it by simply turning off and on the TV, which assists in maintaining the signal connectivity. To do this, unplug the TV from the power supply and wait for 2-3 minutes. After that, you have to connect your TV to the power socket and try the remote working or not. Also, another possible way is to adjust the settings manually to overcome the issue of the LG remote not working on the TV.

There are multiple kinds of criteria for the LG TV Remote Stopped Working. Here I mentioned a few causes such as battery issues, dead IR sensors, filth dumped into the remote, etc. 

Here I will give six interesting tips to rectify the problem with television remotes!

#1: Replace New Batteries

when lg tv remote not working just Replace New Batteries

A common cause of LG remote dysfunction is dead batteries because the existing battery has no power. Before adding the new ones, you should unplug the TV connection from the power supply and wait for 2 minutes. Now, you can add a new battery and let’s check if your TV remote is working or not. 90 out of 100 percent of TV remote issues solve the problem by implementing this method. 

One of the other issues of the LG TV Magic Remote not working is the stuck buttons while operating the remote. Hence, there are no more signals passing from the remote to the TV. It’s the leading cause of getting LG TV remote control problems. If you want to resolve the remote battery issue, then press the remote buttons one after another on the remote. (keep pressing and holding each button for 5 sec). This method works to repair the stucking buttons on the LG TV remote.

#2: Test IR Sensor

Test IR Sensor when lg tc remote not working

All the TV remotes use the infrared sensors to control the operations on their respective TV. You can’t able to see the IR rays with the naked eye, it should be viewable by using a smartphone camera. Place the remote LED towards the smartphone camera and press any of the buttons in your remote. Now, you can see the IR rays through a mobile camera while pressing the buttons. The emitting light looks like a pale purple colour which was captured on the mobile. 

Still, no response from the remote after pressing the buttons, but you have a new batteries, there is a sign that the IR sensor is dead. In these cases, you should contact the brand shop or manufacturer team and return your remote. If you have a warranty, replace it & get a new one. 

#3: Clean Up Remote

 Clean Up Remote

In some cases, handling the remote carelessly can also generate the issue of an LG remote that is unresponsive on TV. If you have left the remote on the teapoy or dining table, there are increased chances for spilling liquids on the remote. However, holding the remote with wet hands can also cause problems with television remotes.


It is not the best choice to repair the remote by yourself if you are a newbie. We always recommend getting an expert opinion for the remote not working and try to follow those tips. You have no choice if the warranty period is over, then follow the simple steps to fix an LG Remote Control That’s Not Working. 

Using a squeezer, you can dismantle the remote for cleaning it. Be careful while opening the remote, and apply even force around the remote to prevent it from breaking. A small flaw could cause the LG TV remotes to malfunction or not respond permanently. After disassembling the remote, clean the green board using alcohol wipes. And also, clean the plastic compartment and buttons using water mixed with soap oil. Otherwise, you may go with warm water. 

Let it dry for some time, and ensure that no water droplets appear in the remote edges. Fixing the remote perfectly by doing the methods given below:

  • Fix the remote buttons at the proper view
  • Place the PCB board on the bottom half
  • Insert the battery coils into the battery compartment 
  • Get the two parts closer and keep an eye on the IR sensor position at the top of the remote
  • Apply gentle force on all edge lines of the remote to assemble completely.

Once you’ve thoroughly cleansed the remote, check whether the remote is working or not.

#4: Power Cycling LG TV & Remote Not Working

 Power Cycling Magic Remote and LG TV remote not working

Power cycling is one of the best solutions when you’re facing problems with the standard LG remote. It clears the errors in the connectivity path between the TV and LG remote.

Do you power cycle the TV and Remote? 

  • Switch off and remove the LG TV power plug out of the socket
  • Before turning on the TV, wait for 20 min to drain the power remaining in the TV
  • You can also drain power by pressing and holding the standby button for 10 secs 
  • After that, switch on the TV by plugging the power socket
  • It reinitializes the TV’s operating system
  • Next, pair your LG remote with the TV to check whether the problem is solved

By following the below steps, you can perform the key actions to be performed with the remote. 

  • Discard batteries from the remote and wait for 2 min
  • Restore the batteries and switch on your LG TV
  • Wait for a minute to pair the remote with the TV. It could get the LG remote back up and work again on your TV

#5: Take Advantage of the LG ThinQ App

Take Advantage of the LG ThinQ App

Use the LG ThinQ app to fix the LG TV remote that keeps disconnecting from your TV. This app mainly connects LG appliances(smart) and LG smart TVs.

Take advantage of the LG ThinQ app by connecting to the LG TV

  • You can download and install LG thinQ app on both iOS and android
  • Open the app on your smartphone and connect the LG TV via wi-fi
  • In the LG ThinQ, click add product (+) on the main page
  • Tap on your LG TV from the list of appliances
  • And then, enter the code to the app, which prompts on the TV screen
  • Pair your smartphone with the LG TV
  • Connected devices appear on the main app screen
  • Enable remote interface in the app on smartphone to control TV 

#6: Replace New Remote

Replace New Remote

The remote control is dead or damaged will cause inoperative LG TV, therefore restoring with the new one is more worthwhile than repairing it. We recommend replacing the old remote in case of a dead LED sensor on your LG TV remote. You can buy a new remote by visiting your nearest LG store or by ordering on the official website of LG. 


Magic remote is an essential device for operating your LG TV by clicking on the buttons. You can control your TV by adjusting the volume, changing channels and searching for videos with the remote. If the remote goes dead even after applying all the methods which are covered in this article, replace it with the new one. I hope this article helps you with the best fixes for the LG TV remote not working.