7 Greatest Hacks For Kindle Fire Not Charging

kindle not charging

Kindle Fire Not Charging

Kindle Fire is the best companion for people who have reading as a habit and a hobby. Unfortunately, if there is an issue with your Kindle Fire not charging, you might feel distressed.

The Major reason Kindle Fire is not charging is poor battery capacity on your Kindle Fire. Problems with the charger, cable, power socket and connectivity could cause Kindle not turning on after charging.

This article lets you know the answer to “Why is my Kindle not charging ?”. In addition, you will have the best fixes for the above problematic situation. Without further delay, let’s get started with the solutions for the Kindle not charging.

Causes and Hacks for Kindle Fire Not Charging

There are many grounds on which you can try to rectify the issue of Kindle Fire not charging. For instance, a damaged charger to a faulty wall socket might be the reason for why is my kindle not charging?. Some of the common causes and their fixes for Kindle issues are listed below.

Alert – You should follow the steps mentioned in this article by the way it is sorted. 

After each step in this article, you can efficiently fix your Kindle Fire not charging.

#1: Damaged Charger

Damaged Charger

If you are stuck with the Kindle not turning on after charging, the first step is to check whether the charger is working.

Mostly, Kindle Fire not charging issues are due to a faulty charger. When you’re supposed to face the issue of Kindle not turning on after charging, your first diagnosing step would be on the device. In addition, checking your Kindle charger can be a practical step to proceed with the repair process.

It is recommended to use the original charger for the Kindle Fire and ensure the charger is working correctly on your device. You may also use an equivalent charger for your device to test your Kindle adapter functionality. While the device gets charged from the new adapter, that clearly shows the problem is related to your Kindle not turning on after charging.

Alternatively, try to charge another device with your Kindle charger; if it fails to work, you may have another support answer to justify the previous test. Finally, you have to conclude that the Kindle charger is the baddie. Hence, you can buy a new Kindle Fire charger from Amazon (as they are the manufacturer)

#2: Frayed cables

Frayed cables

If there are no issues with the current power adapter, skip to the next, which is the frayed cables. Check the cable using the method in the previous steps for testing the Kindle Fire charger. Using an alternative USB cable that fits your Kindle Fire is the best test kit for this situation. Just replace the cable and check whether the Kindle fire not charging is resolved or not.

If the Kindle Fire gets charged after replacing the cable, you will have to diagnose the cable. Try to replace the adapter cable for Kindle not charging to fix the issue.

#3: Faulty Wall Sockets

faulty Wall Sockets causes kindle fire not charging

Suppose there is no problem with charger parts; head-on, check the power socket for the adequate power supply. The wall sockets are the only resources for the charging, so ensure that the charging socket provides sufficient current.

Using the extension cables may result in the Kindle Fire not charging. In this case, the problem is with the extension cable when the charger and the wall sockets are working correctly.

Check all the above aspects involved in the charging system. Once you’ve diagnosed the issue in the charging assembly, try to fix it before using it.

#4: Repaired Charging Cord and Port

Repaired Charging Cord when kindle fire not charging

Sometimes, the dysfunction of the charging cord induces the Kindle Fire not charging. In addition, when the cord does not fit properly it may develop charging issues.

Generally, you might fail to notice these complaints, but the issues would have a massive effect on your Kindle not charging. When you accidentally plug the power cord improperly, it may lead to pins getting broken or bent. However, there is no point in checking the other parts of the Kindle Fire not charging when the power cord is damaged. 

Especially when you leave your device unused for many days, the filth settles on the charging cord and port. In most cases, the filth might cover the metal surface entirely, & it is known to be a severe issue. The dirt or dust that rests on the Kindle Fire(port and cord) prevents it from charging.

Use the below-mentioned steps to test the power cord

  • Before doing this, unplug the charger’s plug from the wall socket
  • Take the charging cord and insert it gently into the Kindle Fire port
  • Then, plug the charger into the wall socket and switch it on.
  • You may probably find it to be inactive.

This problem is mainly due to the cord of the Kindle not charging. Use cleaning tools to remove the dirt from the device portals safely. Get along with the experts while cleaning the Kindle Fire charging cord.

Apart from that, it is typical for the charging cord to malfunction when nearing its expiry. This occurs when you’re using the Kindle Fire and the charge cord for a long time. You could only resolve kindle not turning on after charging by replacing the charger’s damaged parts. 

#5: Harmful Charging Mode  

Using any unauthorized power adapter to charge the Kindle Fire might lead to slow charging or induce excessive heat. E.g., The type C USB cord of any device’s charger may not fit Kindle Fire.

Additionally, following improper charging methods for Kindle Fire have a great chance of kindle fire not charging. However, trying this method for charging your Kindle Fire may regulate your device to charge slowly every time. 

Using an original charger and proper power outlet for charging your Kindle Fire is always recommended to avoid problem-causing situations. Again ask, “why is my Kindle not charging?” continue the following steps to get rid of it.  

#6: Frequently having Low Battery 

Frequently having Low Battery  so kindle fire not charging

Sometimes, you miss noticing the battery status of your Kindle Fire and use it for a long time. This situation worsens when your device prompts the “low battery” message. Until you plug into charge, your Kindle Fire will be unable to operate further.

Kindle Fire differs from tablets, as it stops functioning when the battery turns 0% charge. This prevents the battery from falling below the depletion level, making it difficult to turn on and causing the Kindle Fire not charging.

You have no access to the device during the 0% charge on your Kindle Fire. It shows the alert indication of the “Exclamation Mark” enclosed in the battery icon. To avoid the Kindle not charging exclamation marks, you must charge your device immediately when it turns to a low battery.

#7: Restart Kindle Fire

Bugs or malware found in the software on your Kindle Fire can cause charging issues. Background software works for battery operations through which you can find battery status. Any bug in this software could cause harmful effects on the Kindle battery. Rebooting your Kindle Fire helps remove the software-associated bugs and fix the Kindle Fire not charging.

Do the following steps to reboot your basic Kindle model

  • Click the Status bar on the top of the Home screen
  • Go to Settings
  • Then, Restart

Then, your Kindle Fire starts rebooting and takes a few minutes to complete. Later after the reboot, charge your device and check if the Kindle not charging is fixed.

For the Kindle Fire tablet, use the steps below 

Restart Kindle Fire

  • At the bottom corner of the Kindle Fire, you can find the power button
  • Press & hold it for 10 sec or more
  • It shows the power options on the screen
  • From the options, click Restart


If all the above methods fail to repair your Kindle Fire not charging, there is no worth in fixing your Kindle Fire that doesn’t work. It is better to buy the latest Kindle Fire tab to replace the old one. If you want to hear our suggestion, you always prefer to buy Kindle Oasis or Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition. So, we’re not blaming any other Kindle tabs. Despite that, these two have the best features that all readers might want. But if you’re not willing to buy a new Kindle Fire tab, you can contact brand executives to find solutions.