Why is My iPhone Battery Draining So Fast All of A Sudden?

iPhone Battery Draining so fast

In this article, we are discussing why the iPhone battery drains so fast. If you want to rectify the issue quickly, keep reading the article & follow the steps. 

A lot of people spend time with their smartphones scrolling on social media apps such as Whatsapp, Instagram, and much more. These all activities depend on the network connection, display panel, and phone battery. Since few of them have the iPhone battery drains issue and do searches on Google. 

Here I listed the most frequently searched questions below:

#1: Why does my iPhone battery draining so fast? 

You have a variety of apps on your iPhone, and it runs automatically on your background screen. But you never know which apps are consuming the battery on your mobile. Keep an eye on the mobile screen brightness to drain your battery fast. 

#2: Why does my iPhone battery drains so fast when not in use? 

Most background apps are running even if you are not using the iPhone. At this moment, your phone’s battery lets it low frequently. Also, if your phone has an old battery, then your phone battery drains faster. 

Let’s see how to troubleshoot the same issue on iPhone battery draining

1. Restart Your iPhone If Battery is Draining fast

iPhone Battery Draining

Everyone knows that when restarting the iPhone, all the problems could be easily fixed even if the battery drains. Of course! Once you feel your iPhone battery is draining fast, you may restart your iPhone and see if any changes occur. 

Note: Restarting your iPhone won’t completely fix the problem, but it entirely gives a little bit of a boost. 

Step to follow the iPhone restarts if battery draining:

  • Long press the side buttons (volume + side button)
  • Pull the “Power off slider” and click “restart.”
  • Wait a few minutes 
  • Now, you will turn on your iPhone until the Apple logo appears

2. Use Airplane Mode:

One of the main reasons for iPhone battery draining is too fast, which may be bad cellular coverage in the areas. When you’re getting a weak signal, your iPhone antenna will increase the power to grab a better signal connection. Hereby, you can attend the phone calls, and use the internet. In such cases, your iPhone battery depletes the battery usage as much as faster. 

Did you want to prevent the iPhone battery from draining? Read the instructions which help you to save iPhone battery life. 

Swiping from the bottom of the home screen to open the control center & get the Airplane mode symbol. Or else, go to settings -> select “Airplane mode” -> Toggle this mode in the same position. Once you get back to your area with a strong signal, turn off the ‘airplane mode’ by using the same procedures. 

Remember that if you’re using airplane mode, you can’t get or make calls during the time. 

3. Check Your iPhone Battery Health

iPhone Battery Draining

There is one more reason for the iPhone battery draining faster if you have an old iPhone battery, no longer working condition, falling, etc. However, you should check the battery condition on your iPhone. Follow the steps below to check the battery condition. 

  • Navigate to the iPhone settings 
  • Go to the battery option
  • Choose the battery health

In this section, you can see the maximum capacity of the battery. Your iPhone capacity is less than 80%, so it’s the right time to change the battery to avoid the issue and improve your battery quality from draining too fast. 

4. Turn Off the Location Services

Frequently using the location services is the major cause of the iPhone battery draining. While installing any apps on the iPhone, it asks to allow the location to track. Use these terms because anyone can mislead by using this option. 

So, allow the particular apps to track the location to give you the relevant information. Or else, if you want to use Google Maps when searching for a place, change the option “While using the app.”

Here are the steps to follow the prevent the iPhone battery from draining:

  • Go the iPhone settings -> Privacy -> Location services 
  • You can see the options for which apps allow the location 
  • Change the options (except you want)

You can use this option anytime to allow the apps to track your location. But, be aware of using these location services and try to know the disadvantages. 

5. Choose the Notifications Options

iPhone Battery Draining

This is the most important reason for your iPhone battery draining too fast. Since everyone knows that when you install & open the app for the first time, it asks the option to choose “App Would Like To Send Notifications.” If you want the notification instantly (based on your needs), choose “OK” or “Don’t allow.” You should be aware of when you choose OK because the apps push notifications even if you have a low battery on your phone. 

When you allow the apps to send the notifications, note that you are giving the permissions to the apps running in the background. So, if these apps have any messages or updates, the particular app sends you an alert. 

If you feel that you don’t want the notifications, go to the settings option -> Choose “Notifications” -> you can see the list of the apps. Below the apps, you have an option to allow notifications or not. Enable the apps to which you want to notify the option. 

Do you need alerts when the app it’s not open? 

Yes, you can. Choose the app name and turn on “Allow Notifications.” In this case, your iPhone’s battery life. It only matters if the alerts are enabled or disabled.

6. Refreshing the Background Apps

iPhone Battery Draining

Specific apps are allowed to use the cellular data & Wifi connection to download the content on your iPhone even if you’re not in use. You can save a sufficient amount of battery life by limiting the number of apps that are not allowed to enable this feature, which Apple calls “Background App Refresh.”

Following the steps are refreshing the background apps on iPhone:

  • Navigate to the iPhone settings
  • Click “General”
  • Choose “Background App Refresh”

On the top, you can see a toggle switch option that turns off the Background App Refresh entirely. But I don’t recommend this option because refreshing the apps will be a good thing and help you to increase the app performance. 

In case you feel the iPhone battery drains fast, you may turn off the option. Select the particular apps which you mostly use and switch on the toggle for these apps. 

7. Disable Unwanted Visual Effects 

Everyone loves the iPhone because of its performance, speed, design, and variety of features. Also, the iPhone has an excellent option called GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), giving users amazing visual effects. The hardware is in-built and located on the logic board. 

The problem with GPUs is that they have been hungry for power. Didn’t get it? 

The visual effects suck the battery fastly, and your charge will become low. By reducing your iPhone’s GPU, we can increase the iPhone battery life. 

Follow the steps below mentioned are reduce the visual effects:

Settings -> Accessibility -> Motion -> Reduce motion 

Now, click the switch to turn it on.

Apart from the parallax effect on the home screen, you probably never notice any differences. You can save battery life if you feel the iPhone battery drains too fast. 


If your iPhone battery drains continuously, you will get more frustrated and can’t handle an emergency situation. So, find a way to fix the iPhone battery draining so fast and follow the tips carefully. However, go to the professional service center if you didn’t solve the problem. Otherwise, look into a new phone model and buy them for your personal use.