Effective Ways On Fixing Insignia TV Remote Not Working

insignia tv remote not working

Insignia TV is favoured for many people who want to buy a smart TV for their home. It’s competitive with other TV brands like Toshiba, Amazon, Hisense, etc. There are numerous reasons that stop the remote from working normally. The most common issues are remote batteries, wrong TV settings, firmware errors, and software glitches inducing the TV remote not to work. However, this content is entirely about the remedies for the Insignia TV smart TV remote not working. While fixing your TV remote, you can have this guide to make your work more efficient. Let’s step on the article to know the fixes!

What To Do When Your Insignia Tv Remote Not Working?

When the remote is inoperative, you need clarification on why the remote refused to work. It is a typical task to figure out what is causing the TV remote not to work. In some instances, the defective power button alone could cause the Insignia TV remote not to work. You can restore this button on your remote by following the basic techniques below. Some big-shot issues of TV remote need advanced fixes and you can find them in this guide.

Know Your Remote Type

Most of the Insignia TV’s have Bluetooth remote to control all functions on the TV. In addition, you can buy a universal remote to operate several Insignia TVs. Formerly, Insignia established a regular LED TV and later introduced Roku TV & Fire TV. The former model is incompatible with the later models’ features. The basic techniques to fix all model Insignia TV Remote not responding is below.

Try New Batteries In Your Insignia Tv Remote Not Working

Try New Batteries In Your Insignia Tv Remote Not Working

Check whether the remote batteries are drained, as it leads to remote control problems. Remote batteries are prone to charge drain out; replace the batteries to get your remote work on your TV. Hence, follow the steps below to change your remote batteries.

  • Open the Insignia TV remote’s battery compartment (usually on the backside of the remote)
  • Now, remove the current batteries from the remote
  • Place new batteries into the TV remote

ProTip: Use a multimeter to check the voltage of old batteries before replacing it with new cells(a healthy AAA battery exists by inducing 1.5 volts).

Try to choose regular AAA batteries for your Insignia TV remote. A non-rechargeable cell could induce the issue after completing more than 3 charge cycles.

Do Power Cycle

Do Power Cycle

Power cycling your Insignia TV can wipe out the flaws or glitches in your TV’s software. This method encloses a few simple steps for power cycling the TV. It is slightly different from restarting your TV; look at the step-by-step actions to perform this technique:

  • Switch Off the Insignia TV
  • Remove the TV’s power cord from the wall socket
  • Hold on for a minute to replug it again
  • Now, power on the TV

At the same time, restart your TV remote to make this method more effective in fixing the Insignia TV remote that has stopped working. Here is how you can do it!

  • Remove the batteries from the remote
  • Press & hold power button for a minute & release it
  • Put the batteries back into the remote

After completing these methods, you can know that power cycling of your Insignia TV & remote is successful. Now, point the remote head towards the TV and press the power button to recheck the status. 

Check For Obscures On The Signal Path

Check For Obscures On The Signal Path

Any obscures between the Insignia TV & remote could block the signal from the remote control. Even if the device has no complaints, check for the objects or any interference in the signal path. The Insignia TV receiver is clearly visible only when you get closer to your TV. Check if sticky residues cover the surface ahead of the TV receiver. Use alcohol wipes to clean the outer surface of the TV to repair the Insignia remote that doesn’t work. Look over the surroundings if you need help figuring out the objects blocking the signals. Mainly focus on objects like idols, candles, furniture, decors, etc., that can block the remote signals.

Unpair & Pair Your Remote Again 

Unpair & Pair Your Remote Again 

After replacing the drained batteries from your remote, try this technique to restore the Insignia TV remote that has stopped working. You need to reset the connection between the TV & remote, and it is too easy to perform. For some Insignia remotes, you can press the single (pairing) button to get paired with the TV. Open the remote’s battery compartment to look at the button for pairing. 

If your TV remote has no specific button for pairing, you can follow the effective steps to unpair & pair the remote with the TV. Below, you can have the three separate steps for pairing regular old TV, Roku TV & Fire TV remotes to their TVs. 

Regular Old TV remote

  • Open the remote’s battery lid(on the backside)
  • Remove batteries from the remote
  • Press all the remote buttons (once)
  • Then, install the batteries
  • Replace new batteries if you find the current batteries with low power.  

Roku TV remote

  • Turn off your Insignia Roku TV
  • Wait for at least 5 seconds to switch on the TV
  • After the TV turns on, open the remote’s battery compartment to locate its pairing button
  • Tap & hold that button until the red light blinks on the TV remote(it takes up to 3 seconds)
  • Check if your TV is showing any signs of remote gets paired to the TV successfully

Fire TV remote

  • Head to the Insignia Fire TV Settings
  • Go to “Controllers & Bluetooth Devices” tab
  • Click on “Amazon Fire TV Remotes” option
  • Find & select your “Fire TV remote”
  • Press & hold “Menu” + “Back” + “Home” buttons simultaneously for more than 15 seconds
  • Then, it redirects to the TV menu, which means the remote gets unpaired from the TV
  • Now, remove the TV’s power cord from the wall outlet and wait a minute
  • Then, tap & hold the “Left Arrow” + “Menu” + “Back” buttons(at the same time) for up to 13 seconds
  • Then, leave the buttons & remove the remote batteries
  • Power on the TV & wait a minute to put the batteries into the remote
  • Press the “Home” button until the LED turns blue on the remote, showing the remote is paired again.

Know your remote model and pick the matching steps to unpair & pair your remote with the TV. Once the remote gets paired with the TV again, check if the Insignia TV Remote not pairing/connecting issue is resolved.

Take Advantage Of Insignia Remote App

Take Advantage Of Insignia Remote App

When your Insignia TV remote is not working, you might need help controlling the TV functions. So it is necessary to have the remote control to access more features on your Smart TV. On the other hand, use the Universal Remote App on your smartphone, which acts as a substitute for your TV remote. In the meantime, you can get going with the fixes for the remote that cannot send a signal to the TV. Search for the “Universal Remote” application on Google Play Store & you can download the app with good reviews. As of now, Insignia is yet to develop any remote apps for old TV models.

Try Roku TV App

Try Roku TV App

Insignia Roku TV has its official remote to make operations on the device. Virtual remote, you can control the TV by using your smartphone. This feature would transform your smartphone into a carbon copy of your Insignia Roku remote. The virtual remote is much better than your current physical remote, because a single touch can do the remote function.

  • Go to Google Play Store
  • Search for “Roku TV Mobile App”
  • Click to download & install it


  • Open the Chrome browser
  • Type “Roku TV Mobile App” in the search tab
  • Find the Roku Official Website(www.roku.com)
  • Click the App & grant device permission to download the third-party apps
  • Install the “Roku TV Mobile App” on your smartphone/tab

Now, open the app and get the virtual remote paired with your Insignia Roku TV. However, you might feel distressed when you’re using your smartphone every time to control TV operations. So, continue reading this article to get a permanent solution for Insignia TV remote’s problem.

Download The “Amazon Fire TV App”

Download The "Amazon Fire TV App"

  1. Before getting into permanent solutions, use this method to get an alternative for Insignia remote stops working.
  2. Head to the Google Play Store to install the “Amazon Fire TV App” on your smartphone.
  3. Open the App & get your smartphone paired with the TV.
  4. Ensure that your Insignia TV & mobile are in the same wifi connection.

Make use of the simple steps below to use your smartphone as an alternative for Insignia TV Remote Not Responding.

  • Turn on the Insignia TV
  • Make sure that your smartphone is connected to TV’s wifi network
  • Open the “Amazon Fire TV App” on your mobile
  • Choose your Insignia TV model
  • Get along with the on-screen instructions on the app to set up on your phone

Use the Fire TV app on your smartphone to control your Insignia Fire TV. Anyways, it might be the temporary solution for the TV remote won’t pair or connect with your TV. To get the best solution for a TV remote issue, go ahead.

Modify The TV Settings

Modify The TV Settings

Sometimes, wrong TV settings could prevent the remote from working normally. To rectify this issue, head to your device settings & modify them to the recommended ones. 

  • Go to volume settings & prefer the correct audio source
  • Turn on the device sound in the “Main Menu.”
  • Wait a minute to turn it off again

Doing these steps could reset the Insignia TV & remote connection. Later, place your remote closer to the TV & press the power button to check if the TV is Turning ON/OFF.

Reset Your TV Remote

Reset Your TV Remote

You can clear the technical errors in the Insignia TV software by resetting your device. Press & hold the power button on your remote for up to 10 seconds. Sometimes, you must hold until the reset menu displays on your TV screen. You can follow the on-screen instructions on your TV to complete the reset. Now, point your remote to the TV receiver and tap any key to check its functionality. 

Do Factory Reset

Do Factory Reset

Occasionally, your TV undergoes firmware error and results in Insignia TV remote control problems. Such errors on your device firmware are due to corrupted software, or memory stuck. It can affect either a part or whole functions of the Insignia TV remote. Factory resetting your device is the better option to restore the firmware errors on your device. 

Insignia Smart TV

  • Power on the Smart TV
  • Head to the “Home Screen”
  • Click “Settings” under the “Main Menu” tab
  • Tap the “System” button
  • Then, select “Advanced Settings” option
  • Find & click the “Factory Reset” 

Now, the factory reset is initiated on your Insignia TV; wait until it gets completed on your device. At the same time, you need to reset your Insignia TV remote. Below are the steps to reset the Roku TV & Fire TV remotes.

Insignia Roku TV remote

  • Unplug the power cord of the TV
  • Wait for 5 seconds to connect it back & turn on the TV
  • Then, open the battery panel on your remote
  • Tap & hold the pairing button inside the battery compartment (up to 3 seconds)

Your Insignia Fire TV remote is now successfully paired with your TV which is indicated through a glowing light.

After completing the factory reset on your remote, review whether the Insignia remote control problems are resolved. If you have a Fire TV remote, use the steps below to do a factory reset on your remote. First, you need to turn off & unplug the Insignia TV. Then, follow the steps below for further assistance:

  • Press & hold “Left Arrow” + “Menu” + “Back” buttons at the same time for more than 10 seconds
  • Release the buttons & wait for 5 seconds 
  • Later, pull out the remote batteries
  • Then, plug in the TV & turn it on
  • Wait a minute to put batteries into the remote again
  • Now, press the “Home” button

If you can see the TV is responsive to remote, it means that you have successfully cleared the Insignia Fire TV remote not responding issue. But, in case you are still waiting for desirable results after completing the above fixes, it is time for you to Contact Insignia Support.

Contact Insignia Support 

Contact Insignia Support 

When your Insignia TV & remote is under warranty, you can get a replacement for your current product. But, your device must refrain from having any signs of early openings to claim the warranty assurance. Get your remote to the store for repair from where you bought it. Or else, visit the Insignia support page “www.insigniaproducts.com/support” & provide your product details along with the query. They will reach you soon to get your Insignia TV remote back to normal.

Get A New Remote

Get A New Remote

Note the model number of your Insignia TV Roku TV remote while getting the replacement remote. The model number lets you know which remote best fits your Insignia Roku TV. You can try the same for Insignia Smart TV & Fire TV remotes to buy an alternative remote. Nevertheless, in many instances, TV remotes refused to work, and people used to buy universal remotes to replace defective ones. If you have bought the universal remote, you can also use it for other devices. Getting a universal remote with an IR sensor is the better option because you can control more compatible devices with IR receivers. 

End Thoughts

There are many controversies on buying an Insignia TV for home.Yet, Insignia TV has more smart features that can drive more people’s interest. While the Insignia TV remote has some working issues, it leaves you devastated. However, fixing the TV remote is now easier for you. Firstly, to fix your Insignia Fire TV remote not working, get a multimeter to check the remote battery’s health. Replace the old batteries if you find them drained. Secondly, a factory reset on your Insignia TV & remote is an effective method to fix a remote issue: try this out as a last option.

On the other hand, you can get a remote app on your smartphone to control your TV functions. But, the permanent solution is to replace the defective remote with the new one to get rid of the Insignia Roku TV remote not working. Contact Insignia support to get your TV remote fixed if you are not willing to buy a new remote.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the expected lifetime of my Insignia TV remote?

More or less, the TV remote’s lifetime is a maximum of 5 years. It might change depending on your TV remote handling. If you’ve used it gently, you can expect a long lifetime. Sometimes, a liquid spillage on the device or a sudden drop could lead to issues with your Insignia TV remote.

How long does a battery exist on my Insignia remote?

The batteries on your remote last around 6 months if you’re using it smoothly. If all your family members often use the remote, the battery drains soon & you can expect it to work for at least 3 months. Remove the batteries if you’ve not used the remote for a long time to avoid voltage leakage. 

Note: Check if the remote batteries have enough charge; in particular, try to replace both batteries instead of changing one battery alone. It is always advisable to use non-rechargeable batteries for your Insignia TV remote.

How can I reset a Universal Remote?

Here are a few simple steps to reset your Universal remote:

  • Open the battery compartment of the remote (you can see it behind the remote)
  • Remove the remote batteries
  • Press & hold the “Power” button until the LED on the remote turns off
  • Now, place new batteries

These steps are meant to reset your universal remote. At last, use your remote to control any IR-oriented device to check if the reset is successful on your device.