How to use TikTok on Mac or PC – A Simple Guide

use TikTok on pc\mac


Is it hard to use TikTok on Mac or PC? Thankfully no, there are a few ways to enjoy using TikTok on Mac or PC just like the way you use on your mobile phones.

TikTok has been the most alluring destination for short-time videos in recent days. Undoubtedly, it is one of the tremendously growing social media apps in the online market. It is a platform where you can find videos of genres, like humor, stunts, tricks, pranks, music, dance, and whatnot.

In spite of all this, many TikTokers find it challenging to use TikTok on Mac or PC. Even though they edit videos on a Mac or a PC, it turns out to be tricky when it comes to uploading the videos directly from their computer. 

Here are simple step- by- step methods on how to use TikTok on Mac or PC.

How to Use TikTok on Mac or PC – A Simple Guide

Using TikTok on Mac

To use TikTok on Mac, download the Bluestacks emulator, which will permit you to use TikTok on Android device. You can download from it easily and use TikTok on Mac.

Note: Check on installing the Bluestack emulator properly because there are chances for your Mac to get crashed. To avoid issues, close all the unwanted apps before starting to install the emulator.

Steps for installing Bluestack on your Mac

  • After installing the emulator, visit Bluestacks website and download the .dmg file in the system.

 installing the emulator to use TikTok on mac or pc

  • Reach the Bluestacks installer folder and search for the .dmg file and double-click for starting the installation process.

Bluestacks installer folder to use TikTok on mac or pc

  • When the installer window pops-up, double-click the Bluestacks icon for starting the installation. 

Tip: System Extension blocked message may appear before the installation starts. To close this, click Open Security Preferences and press Allow. 

The Bluestack emulator will start the installation on your Mac. If you don’t own a Google Play store account, create one. Once you have an account, downloading TikTok is similar to that on the PC. 

Let’s find out How to use TikTok on PC.

Using TikTok on PC

Using TikTok on PC

Comparatively, using TikTok on PC is easier than using it on Mac, and both the processes are similar, except for a few. Let’s explore ways of using TikTok on PC.

To download TikTok on PC, you will need an emulator as on Mac. After installing the ‘Emulator’, you can use TikTok on PC just on an android device.

The steps are as follows.

Step 1: Open Bluestacks after the installation on your PC. It identifies windows PC and OS on its own. Download the file with the .exe extension. After the download is over, click Open. Allow to make alterations to the devices so that it can automatically open the installer. 

Open Bluestacks after the installation to use TikTok on mac or pc

Step 2: To select a path, click  Customize Installation. After choosing the path, click Install now. The installation will start, and it takes some time to download and to install everything.

  Customize Installation to use TikTok on pc

Step 3: Open the application; it takes a few minutes to start. You must have a Google account. If you don’t have an account, create a new one.

Open the application

Step 4: You can now easily use TikTok on PC as using the application on your mobile device.

TikTok editing features are available on the mobile app but are not accessible on PC. Hence you need to go for third party apps to edit your videos on a PC. But, if you still prefer to use only the built-in editing features that come with PC, you need to download an android emulator. Some of your videos can get more engagement without much editing. But sometimes you need to do a lot of editing to get your TikTok videos noticed by larger audiences.  When more people watch your videos, consistent interaction starts happening underneath your profile making it even more popular.

Method to Use TikTok on Pc/Mac Without Downloading

Yes, you heard it right! It is still possible to use TikTok on PC or Mac without downloading TikTok. All you need is a browser, and this method uses a web-based application. 

Steps to use TikTok on PC or Mac without downloading

Step 1: Open any browser and go to TikTok’s website.

open browser and enter TikTok

Step 2: Click on the Login button on the top and open your account. You can log in with any other social account if you don’t have an account.

TikTok login button

Step 3: After you log in, scroll on the feed where you can view videos from various content creators.

TikTok home feeds

Step 4: You can see an Upload button on the top. Click on the Upload Video. The upload page opens up, and you must select your video to get uploaded or drag and drop the video. It takes a while to upload the video.

TikTok upload button

Enter all the details to describe your video and when done, click on the Post button. 

Pro tip: You can also visit your TikTok analytics on your desktop without using an emulator. The advantage of using Analytics on your desktop is that you can download and save the data directly on your desktop. 

To check your TikTok analytics, log in to your website and move your mouse to the profile icon at the top corner.

A small pop-up will show up. Click on the Analytics button to view your TikTok analytics data. It will direct to the analytics page.

Note: The notable disadvantage here is that you won’t be able to enjoy the built-in editing tools, such as filters and effects, to edit your videos.

You cannot edit your videos on TikTok’s website because the editor is only available on the app. 

You can upload your videos on TikTok by this method without having an editing option.

TikTok on Mac or PC with all features?

Do you want to know whether you can use TikTok on PC or Mac with all the similar features to using it on a mobile device? TikTok is taking similar approaches to Instagram in providing access to users via a browser. But, be aware that the functionality is limited to PC and Mac to encourage more app installs on mobile devices. 

From this, we understand that the editing experience on mobile devices will be a prominent missing feature when you use TikTok on Mac or PC. Also, uploading content on Android emulators has its limitations.

You would settle for limited functionalities and start missing the editing features when you want to use TikTok on PC or Mac. Otherwise, you will have to change your workflow to use your PC or Mac for uploading videos on TikTok.


You can use TikTok on Mac or PC and enjoy the features of editing videos without any restrictions only when you install an emulator. Without an emulator, you can still use TikTok but only go through the feeds of other content makers.It is better to install an emulator to match the experience of using TikTok on PC or Mac with that of using TikTok on your mobile.

I hope by now you will be aware of the steps to use TikTok on your PC or Mac by following our simple guide.

Happy TikTok!