How to Access the Internet on PS5

Do you have a query like “How to access the internet on the PS5 web browser?” No worries! There are several ways to get internet on PS5, but it takes time to know the process.

The PlayStation 5(PS5) is a game console developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. In 2020, PS5 was released worldwide after the massive success of the PS4. The PS5 is armed with impressive specs for the console, offering an AMD Zen 2-based CPU and a custom RDNA 2 GPU with over 10.28 TFLOPs of computing power. Compared with PS4 or PS4 Pro, People can opt for PS5. Because, it has an immersive gaming experience with ray tracing, fast SSD, and more. The battery life on the PS5 is 12 hours and can hold 10-15 games on its storage drive.

Though PS5 is for gaming purposes, we can access the web browser by the settings menu on PS5. Let’s know the ways to connect web browsers on PS5 by reading the article.

Does the PS5 have an Internet Browser?

Yes, PS5 has an internet browser, yet it is hidden which is accessed in many ways.

If you are unable to find the internet browser on PS5 because it is specially designed for video games. Designers are not designed with the internet browser since users have different opinions on PlayStation. 

Few audiences can accept the PS5 console without web browsers because they are supposed to browse on their phones.

While the majority of the PS5 console users aren’t user-oriented enough to play games without a browser. 

Anyways, PS5 has a hidden web browser, which will be useful for people who are in need of it. The web browser might not be as convenient and user-friendly as the normal web browser, but it can serve as a helping hand.

Now let’s see the various methods to find the hidden web browser on PS5.

Open the Web Browser with Twitter:

You can open the web browser with the Twitter login by connecting your PS account. Try to follow the steps to get access to the web browser.

  1. First, move to the “Settings”
  2. Select “Users & Accounts”
  3. Choose “Link with Other Services” 
  4. Click “Twitter”
  5. Now select the “Link” option
  6. Only click the “Twitter icon” above the login fields
  7. You will see the login page
  8. Enter the username and passwords to log in and have access to scroll the Twitter

Now you will be able to browse the Twitter feed and you will notice a wide variety of links to access the web browser. Click the link which you want to browse and start to enjoy browsing!

Enter the Web Browser by PS Messages:

Apart from that, users can access the web browser on PS5 via PS messages. You can do it by asking any of your friends to send any website link you need to browse. Now you can access the website by simply clicking your friends chat. 

PS messaging is the most convenient and easiest way to access the web browser when it is compared with the Twitter login.

As you know, PS5 is designed for playing games but the browsing options are hidden. It has a secret browser (Google) you can ideationally access any website with limited options.

The limited options include the high loading time of video and when you download an image you will notice the pixel break which gives you an unclear picture of any images. 

Following steps that explain deeply how to access the web browser on PS5 by PS Messages:

  1. When you are on the PS5 home screen, hold on the PS5 button which is present on the PS5 dual sense controller
  2. Now select the “Game option” which is present from the middle bottom of the PS5 home screen
  3. Pick up any chat with your friend. Then go to “Messages” and choose “View Messages” on your PS5 screen
  4. Type the URL ( by the wireless keyboard which is connected to the PS5 controller. Then, select the “Enter” option
  5. Now click the message, and you will direct to your web browser.
  6. Enter the website on the web browser so you can enjoy your browsing.

How to Get Internet On PS5?

Accessing the internet on the PS5 browser in two ways, they are:

  • By Wired Connection
  • By Wireless Connection

By Wired Connection:

How to Get Internet On PS5 - wired connection

You can connect your PS5 console to the internet by LAN cable ( wired connection) by following the steps:

  1. Go to “Settings”
  2. Select “Network”
  3. Again select “Settings”
  4. Choose “Set Up Internet Connection”
  5. Then select “Set Up Wired LAN”
  6. Select Standard settings, Following the on-screen prompts
  7. If you need your settings adjusted, then choose “Advanced Settings”.

Advanced Settings:

The internet connection settings are by setting the following terms like Hostname, IP address, Proxy, DNS, MTU, etc. If the terms are not familiar to you, try contacting your ISP or network administrator.

By Wireless Connection:

PS5 Wireless Connection to connect the internet

You can connect your internet on the PS5 console by using Wi-fi ( wireless connection) by following the steps:

  1. Go to “Settings”
  2. Select “Network”
  3. Again select “Settings”
  4. Choose “Set Up Internet Connection”

  • The Wi-fi which you saved on your device appears, select the Wi-fi which you need by entering the password to access the internet.
  • If the saved Wi-fi doesn’t appear, then choose “Set Up Manually”. Now you will be able to adjust the settings based on your needs of internet speed.
  • If your Wi-fi is supporting WPS, you can choose “Set Up using WPS” to connect easily. Wi-fi Protected Setup (WPS) is an inbuilt feature in many routers that makes the connection easy for home-based products( Playstation, TV connection, etc). 
  • Note: WPS access only in certain countries and regions.
  • If you need your settings to be adjusted, then choose “Advanced Settings”.

Advanced Settings:

The following terms such as Host name, IP address, Proxy, DNS, MTU, etc. have to change mutually on the settings option.

Try getting in touch with your ISP provider, if the terms are unfamiliar to you.

If your Wi-fi is protected by a password, a padlock icon will appear. At that time, type the home security code like (WPA, WPA2, WEP). You can view the code on the back of the router. Or else you may get the code by contacting your network provider.


Accessing the internet on the PS5 web browser is inconvenient because it doesn’t support the browser feature accordingly. If you are willing to browse the things on the PS5 game console, you can try the above-mentioned methods to surf the internet.