A Complete Guide About Homemade Cell Phone Signal Booster

Cell Phone Signal Booster

Do you have trouble getting a strong signal to place a basic call? No worries! There are a lot of cell phone users who feel frustration over poor signal quality inside their homes or places of employment. People try to stand on chairs, crawl under the desk, or even do a few yoga poses to seek their cell phone signal. You can buy the cell phone signal booster online or it’s available on the market to boost your mobile signal. But commercially cell phone signal boosters are cost-effective. If you want to overcome the cost-effective problem, you can build your own “Homemade Cell Phone Signal Booster” 

In this article, we are going to see how to build DIY cell phones or homemade cell phone boosters. 

You can build DIY signal boosters with cheap components from your neighborhood hardware or electronics store. There are numerous ways to construct a homemade cell phone signal booster which are only for minor adjustments to one or two elements.

What is Cell Phone Signal Booster?

Cell phone signal boosters capture an outside signal or around your building into your house, apartment, business, retail space and more. By keeping a cell phone signal booster in your home or office, you can enjoy the phone call without any issues. 

A cell phone signal booster has three main elements: interior antenna, amplifier and exterior antenna. With the blend of these three main elements together, they form wireless cell phone signal boosters. 

Benefits of Cell Phone Signal Booster:

Here are the following benefits that have been achieved by making a cell phone signal booster on your own:

  • Remove drop calls
  • Boost cellular reception
  • Clear call quality
  • Better data speed
  • Extended coverage area
  • Supports multiple users
  • Maintains all carrier networks

3 Main Ways To Boost Cell Phone Signal Booster:

Here are the ways that you will find how to boost your cell phone signal strength for free.

  1. Checking your phone for damage
  2. Turn off LTE if your phone shows single bar
  3. Upgrading your phone’s model

1.Checking Your Phone For Damage:

The main reason is that interior antenna damage can cause call drops, resulting in poor quality phone calls. In this case,  you may try to check the back side & corners of your phone to see whether any damage occurs. If any damage appears on your mobile phone, switch over to the new model smartphone. Ensure all of the hardware on your phone is functioning correctly by making a free appointment with your phone service provider. They can do a diagnostic test on your phone. If they find any errors, then the issues on the phone might be fixed or replaced for free, as long as it is under warranty.

2.Turn Off LTE If Your Phone Shows Single Bar:

Turn Off LTE If Your Phone Shows Single Bar To Cell Phone Signal Booster

The bars on your cell phone might result in multiple things such as signal strength, quality and loading time on web browsers. If your LTE phone shows a single bar, the place is high on the network congestion resulting in a weak signal. Notice such issues, you can try to change your LTE to 3G, which is less congested and has a stronger signal.

3.Upgrading Your Phone’s Model:

Cell Phone Signal Booster :Upgrading Your Phone's Model

Your phone supports a 3G network, it is recommended to change your phone to the new model. The newer version of your phone’s model will raise your call quality and data speed because it takes advantage of high-speed data over LTE, voice over LTE (VoLTE), Wi-fi calling, and more. Voice over LTE (VoLTE) is calls made over a 4G LTE network. It has superior audio quality than regular phone calls that leave us to talk and use 4G LTE data simultaneously.

Different Method To Make Cell Phone Signal Boosters:

Following are the different methods to make cell phone signal boosters:

  1. Tin can signal amplifier
  2. Small external antenna
  3. Twist tie signal booster

Let’s have a brief look at the making of cell phone signal boosters!

Method 1: Homemade Cell Phone Signal Booster: Tin Can Signal Amplifier:

Cell Phone Signal Booster: Homemade Cell Phone Signal Booster

The following materials for making tin can signal amplifier:

  • 2 Coffee cans or metal container
  • Heavy gauge copper wire
  • Soldering gun
  • Pigtail connector compatible with your phone’s model
  • One antenna connector
  • Solder

Here are the procedure to make Tin Can Signal Amplifier: 

Step 1:

  • Remove paper or labels from the cans and wash them thoroughly. Allow them to dry.
  • Now, cut both ends from one can to form a tube and leave the second can to be intact with the first can.

  • For creating a single can, gently join the open ends of both cans by using a soldering gun.
  • Before adding the solder, use the gun’s tip to heat the area that has to be joined. Alternatively, you might use copper tape with an adhesive backing, overlap the two joints, and then firmly glue the tape to the metal on any side.
  • Next, by using a knife or pin snips, try to cut the hole for about 3.75 inches up the side from the closed bottom.
  • You can measure the neck of the antenna connector to determine how large the hole should be.

Tin Can Signal Amplifier Step – 2

  • By pressing it firmly into the end of the antenna connector, a 3-inch piece of copper wire can be connected. 
  • The copper wiring should be soldered with duct or masking tape, reducing the effect. Now your antenna is prepared.
  • Push antenna connector with the help of copper wire attached through the hole on the outside of the can
  • The above process should be carried out until the shoulder’s antenna connector reaches inside the can.
  • From inside, place the nut on the antenna connector’s shoulders and tighten it. You might need to add washers to finish the part if the hole is too big.

Step 3:

  • The antenna connector is now entirely inside the can.
  • Try to tighten the pigtail connector onto the end of the antenna connector that remains outside of the can. A pigtail connector is used to connect two or more electrical conductors to a device and an electric box
  • With the help of an antenna connector, plug the other end of the pigtail connector into the phone’s antenna port
  • Ensure that the other end of the pigtail connector fits your phone’s charging port
  • Now plug your tin can signal amplifier into your phone
  • Try to keep the one end of the can in any direction until you get a strong signal to make call

Method 2: DIY Cell Phone Signal Booster: Mini External Antenna:

DIY Cell Phone Signal Booster

You may also use slim metal tubes such as pens or metal drinking straws to make an external antenna. Tie one end near the top of your cell phone so that the thin metal tube extends upward from the phone. 

Now, plug your cell phone into your USB charger and cover the cord around the metal tube. Clip the end by using the metal spring clamp. You will notice the increase in strength of the signal bars.

Method 3: DIY Cell Phone Signal Booster: Twist Tie Signal Booster:

DIY Cell Phone Signal Booster

Twist tie signal booster is a simple and effective method to boost your cell phone signals. Twist tie signal booster works effectively for cell phones having an antenna stub. Stubs are commonly use in antenna impedance matching circuits for radio frequency amplifiers (RF) and ultra-high frequency (UHF) electronic oscillators.

Let us cover the twist tie around the stub a couple of times, leaving an inch or two of length extending beyond the end of the stub. This actually extends the antenna, thereby increasing the signal stability and strength. Stick the warped end to fix it in place.  


This article will give you an overview “homemade cell phone signal boosters and different methods to make your DIY cell phone boosters.” There are a few points that have to be remember when you are making the signal booster.

  • A weak battery will typically prevent your phone from receiving mobile signals, so keep it charged at all times.
  • Battery power can empty more quickly whether you are using a professional or homemade cell phone signal booster.
  • When you’re using the homemade mobile phone signal booster, if you don’t see a rise in signal, move to a higher location or clean area. The higher location (with no trees or materials) or clean area won’t block the signal.

So by remembering these points, you can try the above-mentioned methods to increase your cell phone signal.