Is Your Hisense TV Remote Not Working? Find The Best Solutions 

hisense tv remote not working

You head to watch your favourite show on Hisense TV on a fine day, and you might be shocked to find the Hisense TV remote not working. Like the latest model TVs, Hisense Smart TV also has a remote to access all functions. You would feel tired when trying to fix the Hisense TV remote not working. Several reasons involve remote dysfunction, such as faulty batteries, inoperative IR sensors, obstacles on the path, etc.

With this article, you can quickly diagnose and fix most issues related to the Hisense TV remote not working. In addition, you will get a solution for Hisense TV remote not working, along with fixes for Hisense Smart TV and Roku TV remote issues.

Surefire Hacks For Hisense TV Remote Not Working

First Remote Trick

  • Open the battery compartment behind the Hisense TV remote
  • Remove batteries from the remote
  • Long press the remote power button
  • Repeat it five times to drain the residual charge on the remote
  • Fix the removed batteries back to the remote
  • Tap on any button to check if the Hisense TV remote not working is fixed.

Sometimes, the most complex issue could be quickly resolved by using simple steps. Likewise, this method works efficiently on the issue of the Hisense TV remote not working.

Check Remote IR Sensor

Check Remote IR Sensor when hisense tv  remote not working

When you press any button on the Hisense TV remote, it signals the receiver to execute the actions. During this process, if the remote’s IR sensor fails to hit the TV receiver, it may result in the Hisense TV remote not working.

Using your mobile camera, you can sense whether the IR is working. Follow the steps below

  • Open any camera app on your Smartphone without an IR filter 
  • Make sure that you can see the remote IR sensor through the mobile camera
  • Click any remote button randomly for the IR sensor to work
  • Try all the buttons one after another if you can’t see any light.

Try New Batteries

Try New Batteries

It is usual for batteries to get drained while you’re frequently using them for many months. If your remote tends to be inactive on your Hisense TV, it’s time for you to replace the batteries. Fixing a set of new batteries to the remote can make it work correctly on your Hisense TV. 

When the problem is with the batteries, we can try this method to fix the Hisense TV remote not working. If it doesn’t work, continue with the upcoming steps, which might help.

Clear The Signal Path

Clear The Signal Path

Any objects in the signal path could block the connection between the remote and your Hisense TV. As the remote uses an IR sensor, ensure no obstacles are there in the connectivity path. 

The issue of the Hisense TV remote not working might be due to the objects that prevent signals from the remote. Some might be walls, furniture, speakers, or other signals interfering with the remote’s IR rays.

Try to remove any of the above objects between the Hisense remote and the TV. Establish a new position or location where the remote signal could directly hit the TV’s receiver point. Finding the signals interfering with the IR signal is difficult, but you can remove objects barely visible to the eyes.

Hit All Remote Buttons

Hit All Remote Buttons incase hisense tv remote not working

Even the most effective steps could be doubtful at first. So, believe this little experiment that may fix your Hisense TV remote not working.

When your remote button is often stuck, it spoils the whole mood for watching TV. The problem might be with one or two keys, but it prevents all other buttons from tv remote functions. Tapping various buttons simultaneously on the remote prevents it from the keystrokes.

Many reasons may cause the remote button to be stuck, that may result in the Hisense TV remote not working. The dust or dirt from the surrounding area can enter the remote and cause the keystroke. When you accidentally sit on the remote, it will cause the remote’s button to jam.

Hit all buttons of the TV remote or use an older solution like banging the remote gently on your lap or hand palm. This method may help you to fix the Hisense remote not working.

Do Power-Cycle For The Hisense TV

If you notice a problem with the remote’s software, this might impact your Hisense TV remote not working. In this situation, there is of little use in trying physical fixes for your TV remote. For software issues, power cycling the TV will work efficiently for the Hisense TV remote not working.

Stick with the below steps to power-cycle the TV

  • First, plug out the TV’s power cable from the wall socket
  • Leave your TV idle for a minute
  • After some time, find and locate the TV’s power button
  • Press & hold it for 30 sec to discharge the residual power on the TV
  • Then, turn on your TV by plugging it into the power supply
  • Booting up starts on your Hisense TV, and it might take several minutes
  • Test for your Hisense TV remote not working is rectified

After finding the remote is operative again on your Hisense TV, it shows that the above method is successful.

Liquid Spillage

This situation is irresistible, and you should follow some methods to prevent your Hisense TV remote not working. One among them is to avoid having a drink nearby your device, which has a high risk of spilling the liquid over the device.  

Liquid spillage can cause several buttons not to work on your Hisense TV remote. Once spilled, the water droplets move on the gaps between the button and the circuit board preventing the button from working.

Soft drinks spilled onto your device leave a viscous residue inside the remote’s circuit pad. This condition could ruin your remote and cause the TV remote not working.

Cleaning the remote is the only possible way to resolve the issue of liquid spillage on the device. Before trying it:

  1. Dismantle the remote and separate each part.
  2. Dip a cloth into the warm water or use alcohol wipes to clean all parts of the Hisense remote.
  3. Make sure you’ve removed all filth from every part of the remote before assembling them.
  4. After completing, check whether the Hisense TV remote not working is fixed.

Clean The Remote

Out of all, one of the coolest techniques is using a pencil to fix the Hisense TV remote not working. The graphite on the pencil’s tip is a good conductor of electricity & it is used to sketch the circuit lines. This helps the circuit board to enhance the performance on the remote. Also, it clears all the residues settled on the remote’s circuit pad.

After ensuring all portions in the remote are clean, 

  • Bring all the necessary parts together to assemble the remote
  • Keep the circuit board on the second half(plastic panel) of the remote 
  • Then, fix the button pad perfectly to the remote’s front panel
  • Lastly, join the two halves of the remote and gently apply force on all sides.

After completing the above steps, lay batteries into the remote’s battery compartment and check for their functionality.

Techniques For Hisense Smart TV Remote Not Working

Resetting The Remote

  • Open the battery compartment to remove batteries from the Hisense TV remote
  • Long press the power button on the remote for about 30 seconds.
  • Keep your eyes on LED that blinks twice while fixing the batteries back to the remote
  • Then tap the keys 2 & 8 to make the LED flash twice 
  • Click keys 9,8 & 1, and then the LED flashes four times
  • Now the remote gets reseted
  • Again, get your Hisense remote paired with the TV

Check if the Hisense TV remote not working and is fixed. If not, continue with the other techniques given in this article.

Re-Pair The Hisense Remote To The TV

  • Tap on the button that has the chat box icon at the top.
  • Press the chatbox button & rectangle button simultaneously until the LED(red) glows
  • Leave the keys, and it will automatically pair the remote with the TV
  • In the course of pairing, a blue light blinks thrice.

We’d like to share the alternative step to re-pair the Hisense TV remote not working

  • Go to settings
  • Select Bluetooth and enable it
  • Now, long press the chat box + rectangle keys for 3 sec
  • Tap “Find nearby devices.”
  • From the list of devices, choose your remote
  • Click OK to initiate the pairing


When your Hisense Smart TV remote is not working, you’ll blame the remote for the issue. But, restarting your Hisense Smart TV not working might greatly help to resolve the problem. Do the restart by following the steps below

  • First, unplug your Hisense TV from the wall socket
  • Leave your TV for 10 minutes
  • Next, plug in your TV to the power supply
  • Then, check TV remote not working is fixed

Take Advantage Of Universal Remote

Use an alternative remote in case your Hisense Smart TV remote not working. Some universal remotes, like Comcast/DirecTV, can work the same as Hisense TV remotes. Install the program on the universal remote by using your device code on your Hisense Smart TV. The only disadvantage you’ll face is that there are no built-in keys for OTT apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.

Solutions For Hisense Roku TV Remote Not Working

Do Factory Reset Your Hisense Roku TV

Whenever your TV faces several issues, factory resetting your Hisense TV can fix it. To Factory reset, stick with the below steps

  • Turn on Hisense Roku TV
  • Find the reset option
  • Below there, you can see a button to enable a reset
  • Long press the button until the LED glows on the remote
  • When it blinks frequently, it completes the reset

Check For External Interferences 

Check For External Interferences to fix hisense tv remote not working

Sometimes, external devices like USB, hard disk, and also interference by HDMI devices could cause the Hisense Roku TV remote not working.


Never remove the Hisense TV power line cable. Remember the list of other devices you want to remove from your TV which causes the Hisense Roku TV remote not to work. And don’t forget to dismantle those devices while disconnecting them from the TV.

Hisense Roku TV Remote Not Working: Use The Roku App

Are you worried about the Hisense Roku TV remote not working? Roku established the official Roku TV app, where you can access TV operations via Smartphones. This app is available for iOS and android TVs. You can download it from the official Roku site or Google play store.


Ensure you’re using the same network for your Smartphone and the Hisense Roku TV. Or else it might be difficult for your Smartphone to control the TV operations.

Diagnose The Local Network 

Diagnose The Local Network  when hisense tv remote not working

It would help if you connect the Hisense Roku TV and remote to the local network for pairing. Any flaws in the network, like poor or no signal strength, cause your Hisense Roku TV remote not to work.

Hisense Roku TV users worldwide are facing this issue. However, if there is no problem with your TV, then fixing your network might help prevent your Hisense Roku TV remote not working.

Turn on & off your network router to restart it. Also, disable the wifi on your TV to disconnect the internet and then connect again. Try this method a few times to eliminate the issues with Hisense remote not working.

Fix HDMI Interference

Fix HDMI Interference when hisense tv remote not working

Most probably, HDMI devices might interfere with the remote’s connection to the TV. This reason could influence the Hisense TV remote not working. In Hisense TV a device commonly causing HDMI interference is the Roku stick, which is mainly used for streaming media in the Hisense Roku TV. Use HDMI extension cables to prevent the Hisense Roku TV remote from having HDMI interference while operating it. 


This article provides the fixes for the Hisense TV remote not working and Hisense Smart TV or Roku TV. It is annoying when dealing with the unresponsive remote for Hisense TVs. Think twice before you replace the TV remote not working, which could be fixed solemnly by following the above techniques. If you’re willing to buy a new remote for your Hisense TV, try the universal remote, as said earlier in this article. You can also receive technical support from the experts of Hisense.