Hey Siri Not Working On Iphone? – 9 Easy Steps To Fix 

Most iPhone users worldwide feel “Hey Siri” is the best voice recognition feature. This feature enables you to access the iPhone from a certain distance to get a better experience. You know that “Hey Siri” is always remarkable, often used as voice recognition features like Homekit, Apple Music, etc., by iPhone users. Yet it is more annoying to run into siri not working on iPhone issue.

Apple is always committed to improving the high user experience & getting satisfaction with their product. The exciting thing is that “Hey Siri” contains all your private information and sensitive data, which you only access through voice recognition. 

Early iPhone models in 2015 were compatible with Hey Siri only when it was plugged to charge. iPhone from 2015 till now, Hey Siri is used while the iPhones are not connected to the charger. If you are using the latest model of iPhone and having issues with Hey Siri not responding, you could follow the tips in this article to sort out the issue.  

In this article, you will find 9 exact solutions for the issue of Siri not working on iPhone!

1# Set Your Correct Language On Siri

 Set Your Correct Language On Siri

You can access Siri in multiple languages, such as English, German, Swedish, etc. If you choose English as your primary language on iPhone settings, you must communicate with Siri in the same language. The English language also varies based on the country, like English(India), English(UK), and English(US). If you set the language as US English but interact with Indian English, it is tough for Siri to respond to you. So decide which language you prefer and set it as the same on Siri. When Siri not working on iPhone, try to change the language in settings whether it is working or not. 

Below are steps to change the language of Siri on iPhone: 

  • Go to Settings
  • Click Siri and Search
  • Choose the language you want 
  • Now, restart iPhone & check if Siri responds

Once your iPhone reopens, check for Hey Siri working on the iPhone. Following these steps will help you from the issue of Siri not responding.

2# Test The Microphone 

 Test The Microphone when siri not working on iphone

When the grid of your microphone contains dust, the voice commands will not reach the microphone. It could also have emerged as the reason for Hey Siri not working on iPhone. At this time, you should clean the dust by using a soft cloth, brush, or adhesive painting tape. During the cleaning process, ensure it will only clean the grid and not leave any residues that cause damage. Be careful while cleaning the iPhone grids, which are more sensitive to damage. Using compressed air on the grid is avoidable, which can easily harm your mic. 

You can also avail the Apple service center or other service experts. Technicians will easily find the real problem and take action to fix the issue of Siri not responding.

3# Turn Off Other Bluetooth Devices If Not In Use

Turn Off Other Bluetooth Devices If Not In Use to fix siri not working on iphone

Enabling “Auto Connect” for bluetooth connectivity will also cause Siri not working on the iPhone. Once paired to the Bluetooth devices, it will automatically connect to your iPhone whenever you enable the Bluetooth option. In this case, iPhone automatically connects to Bluetooth devices which leads to Siri not working on iPhone. 

In this condition, Siri allows you to start receiving all the external noises as input which quickly interrupt your command. External noises, including the voice of people talking next to you, traffic sounds, etc., can disturb your command to Siri.  

Do you want to overcome this issue? Try disconnecting bluetooth devices with mics when not in use. You could easily disconnect these devices by following the steps mentioned below.

  • Open the Settings
  • Click ‘i’ at the end of connected devices
  • Tap Disconnect to remove the current device 
  • Also, click forget this device to ignore that device 

If you want to re-pair with the device, click the pair button, which shows in the list, and pair again. Apart from that, disconnecting the bluetooth devices(with mic) has a high chance for Siri to function correctly.   

By following this method, Siri has an excellent chance to work back after disconnecting the bluetooth devices(with mic). 

4# Reset Iphone Settings

Reset Iphone Settings when siri not working on iphone

Resetting your iPhone improves the device’s performance and helps to overcome the issue of Siri not working on iPhone. There are high chances of missing data such as photos, music, apps, etc. So, before resetting, you need to back up all data in your iCloud or Google drive. Only the iPhone configurations, wifi passwords, and front screen layouts are back to defaults. 

Implement the below steps to reset your iPhone settings

To reset your iPhone, follow the steps given below:

  • Go to Settings 
  • Click->Transfer or Reset iPhone
  • Tap reset, and then click reset all settings
  •  After resetting your iPhone, -> Press settings 
  • Open Siri & Search
  • Turn on listen for Hey Siri – leave as if it already did

Once you come across the above steps, get back to using the personal voice assistant Siri on your iPhone and have fun. This method is also an effective way to help answer why Siri is not responding and resolve the issue.  

5# Off And On Siri To Fix

Off And On Siri

You can follow this method to make Siri work again on your iPhone by turning off and on “Hey Siri.” To do so, follow the steps below

  • Click Siri & search on Settings
  • Tap once and press the side button for Siri to turn off
  • Allow Siri when locked and listen for “Hey Siri” has to be turned off
  • Next, reboot the iPhone to complete the action
  • Once your iPhone reopens, enter settings and, tap Siri & search
  • Enable the side button for Siri to activate
  • Also, tap on allow Siri when locked and listen for Hey Siri

6# Iphone Engaged With Non-Existing Headphones

Iphone Engaged With Non-Existing Headphones

Some iPhones with headset ports keep showing in headset mode after you remove the headset from the port. This issue is also a common cause for Siri not working on iPhones. Mics and speakers on your device will not work after this condition is enabled on your iPhone. There are speakers and microphones connected to your iPhone, but in reality, it’s not connected. Quickly, you could diagnose this condition by following the below steps.

  1. Open the control center by swiping down the top right corner of the iPhone. 
  2. If it shows a headset logo on the volume control, your iPhone engages with a non-existing headphone condition.

If you are lucky, it could be sorted by cleaning the headset port or restarting your iPhone. But if you are not finding any solution, go for technical support to fix the condition of your iPhone. 

7# Update To Latest Version

Update To Latest Version

Updating your iOS to the latest version is one of the possible ways to resolve the issue of Siri not working on iPhone. When your iPhone has an outdated version of iOS, it also causes Siri not to function correctly on your iPhone. 

For updating iOS on your iPhone:

  1. Open the “Settings”
  2. Tap “General” and then “Software Update.”
  3. By Clicking “Automatic Updates” to engage with regular updates. 

Your iPhone automatically updates to the latest version whenever it asks for an update. It would be best to restart your iPhone at the end of every update to install the respective update effectively. After updating to the recent version of iOS, make sure you turn on the Listen “Hey Siri” to deal with the complaint of Siri not working on the iPhone.

8# Restart Your Iphone

Restart Your Iphone

When Siri does not respond on iPhone 12, technical errors might be associated with your iPhone. Restarting your iPhone might help Siri work back on your iPhone.

This restarting process could be induced by holding the home button for a while. Once the power-off slider displays on the screen, drag the icon and wait 30 seconds for your device to restart. After restarting your phone, check that the voice assistant feature “Hey Siri” is working on your iPhone.

9# Ask Help From Iphone Customer Care  

Ask Help From Iphone Customer Care when siri not working on iphone

If you don’t find any solution after following all the ways mentioned above to get rid of the complaint of Siri not working on the iPhone, get support from your product manufacturer by sending a query to the official website of Apple or the Twitter account @AppleSupport.  

Expert technicians could quickly diagnose the issue of why Siri is not working on iPhone and fix the issue with a solution.


When your iPhone’s voice assistance feature, “Hey Siri,” is fixed after following the methods in this article, it shows that the solution works. Enjoy such features and access your iPhone from a distance by saying, “Hey, Siri.” If the solutions in this article do not resolve the issues, getting support from the Apple service center is advisable.