Is Your Google Pixel 6 Battery Draining Fast? 7 Easy Ways to Fix 

google pixel 6 battery drains fast

With its high storage facility, you can store large files on the Google Pixel 6 and take clear pictures using a high-clarity camera. Dual LED flash, auto-HDR,4K video, tensor chip, etc., are fantastic features and are easy to access on your phone. It is more common for a battery to drain while using the phone, but the real problem occurs only when the battery drains abnormally. The primary causes for Google pixel 6 battery draining fast are: using more apps in the background, not updating to the latest version, etc. 

Google Pixel 6 has a battery specification of 4614 mAh, so you can use it for a long duration. It turns out to be an issue only when your Google Pixel 6 battery draining fast, even when your phone is ideal. To overcome the Google pixel battery drain issue, use the tips in this article that works.

Check Background Running Apps

Check Background Running Apps when google pixel 6 battery draining fast

Apps running in the background cause the power drain and is the main issue for your Google pixel battery drain. So, it would help if you inspected the apps to find the one that drains more battery power than the others. By disabling these apps from running in the background, you can fix Google pixel battery life issues.

Execute the below steps to analyse the app performance

  • Go to settings on the phone
  • Click battery 
  • Open battery usage

In the end, it displays the overall battery usage of all apps on the phone. From this, analyse the apps using more battery power from background running. Find a list of apps that drain more power, then allow them to run in the background only if necessary.  

Otherwise, it is better to stop those apps from running in the background; that could fix the issue of the Why is my Google pixel battery draining so fast?

Connect Internet Manually

Connect Internet Manually

Generally, Google pixel 6 switches to adaptive connectivity that connects automatically to the available networks. When this feature is enabled, the internet connection changes its status to LTE or Wifi and vice versa by detecting the network’s signal strength. However, networks with high signal strength could directly connect to your phone, while other low signal networks get ignored. So, this might be the significant cause of the Google Pixel 6 battery drain fast. Using mobile data(LTE) consumes much battery power compared to a wifi connection. 

Use the following steps to turn off Adaptive Connectivity

  • Go to settings on the phone
  • Click on the network and internet
  • Turn off the adaptive connectivity 

Following the above method can prevent the Google pixel battery life issues. Connecting manually to the available wifi network also saves your mobile data and battery power.  

Take Advantage of Safe Mode

Take Advantage of Safe Mode when google pixel 6 battery draining fast

By enabling the safe mode on your phone, you can diagnose the app that causes your Google pixel battery draining fast. Such apps consume more battery power for background running and are the reason for Google pixel battery life issues. 

Here Are The Steps To Follow To Turn On Safe Mode

  • Press the power button and wait for the power off the option to display
  • In the power-off option, click and hold the restart
  • It prompts the reboot to the Safe mode option
  • Tap Ok 
  • The display shows the safe mode in the bottom left corner of the display

After following these steps, you would have set a safe mode on your device successfully. Safe mode lets you quickly figure out the third-party application that causes Google pixel battery drain. Uninstalling such apps can fix the problem associated with the Google Pixel battery life issues and get you out of stress.

Update Latest Version

Update Latest Version when google pixel 6 battery draining fast

Using an outdated version of the OS can also be the cause of your Google Pixel 6 battery draining fast. When you have not enabled the auto-update feature in your Google Pixel 6, choose to update to the latest version of the OS manually. 

It could be easily performed by following the simple steps mentioned below

  • Swipe up to view all apps on the phone
  • Go to settings
  • Click system to view system update
  • Check updates
  • If you find an update, click to get updated to the latest version

Once you have completed all the above steps, check your battery performance. This method will surely help Google pixel battery drain issues if there is a problem with the outdated software version on the phone. 

Adjust Settings on the phone

Adjust Settings on the phone when google pixel 6 battery draining fast

Changing the phone settings, such as the battery, network connectivity, display, and sound/vibration, will reduce the risk of the Google pixel battery draining fast. Each criterion consumes more battery power when set inappropriately in their stands. Making advancements in the settings could cause significant changes in battery performance.  

Switch on to Adaptive battery

This feature saves more battery by lowering the phone’s performance, increasing user time, and resolving Google pixel battery life issues.  

Stick to the below steps to enable Adaptive Battery 

  • Go to settings
  • Click on the battery to enter the adaptive battery option
  • Switch on to the adaptive battery

Disabled Adaptive Connectivity

Disabled Adaptive Connectivity

Enabling the feature can allow Google pixel 6 to connect automatically with mobile data or wifi based on high signal strength. Connection to mobile data(LTE) could be the reason for the Google pixel battery draining fast, as it consumes more power.    

Following the steps mentioned below to turn off the adaptive connectivity

  • Go to the phone settings
  • Select -> network & internet
  • Click adaptive connectivity to turn it off or on

When compared to the mobile data of your Google Pixel 6, a connection to a wifi network requires less battery power.

Alter Display Settings

Alterations in the display settings could increase your battery performance. Follow the below methods like minimising the display brightness, switching to dark mode, fixing less screen time, disabling smooth screen, and setting Adaptive brightness. Modifying these settings could settle your google pixel battery drain condition. After fixing, ensure that your Google Pixel 6 works for a long time.

Try on sound and vibration settings

Try on sound and vibration settings

Mobile keyboard features like vibrations and sound tones while pressing the keys need more battery power. It is always advisable to turn off the sound and vibration of the keyboard to save battery power.

Follow these actions to turn off sound and vibrations

  • Tap Settings
  • Click Sound and Vibrations
  • Disable the feature

Rebooting the Device

Rebooting the Device while google pixel 6 battery draining fast

Restart your Google Pixel 6 to enhance app performance and refresh the OS. Rebooting the device could also close the apps running in the background, which drains more battery power. It also puts an end to your currently opened tasks while restarting your Google pixel 6 and helps boost your app’s performance.

To Restart your Google Pixel 6, follow these steps

  • Long press the power button
  • Wait for the power off prompt to display
  • Click Restart


  • Press the power button for more than 1 sec
  • When the power off prompt appears, tap the power off
  • Hold the power button for about 5-10 seconds before switching on your Google Pixel 6

These are the possible methods to restart the device and boost its performance. It can also improve your battery life by recovering from quick draining. Once your Google Pixel 6 restarts, it refreshes all the data on your phone and fixes the bug. 

Use Factory Reset

google pixel battery drains fast use factory reset

Rarely, your Google pixel battery life issues may not be sorted out by following the steps in this article. Yet, you can try this final method to eliminate the issue of Google pixel battery draining fast. However, this method is not suggested for resolving this issue, but try this technique when the chances are lowered. You might risk losing your data, passwords, pins, etc., which you need to back up initially. 

Factory reset will erase all your data and apps installed on the phone, only leaving the default apps and settings. After resetting your Google Pixel 6, it turns into the default version you used earlier.

Perform the Factory Reset on Google pixel 6 by accomplishing the below steps

  • Swipe the screen up to view all apps on the phone
  • Go to settings
  • Select the system
  • View reset options and then click Erase all data
  • Setup pin to initiate the action

Once you have completed all the steps, Factory reset starts processing, and you can use your Google Pixel 6 without any issues you have faced. 


Adapt the above techniques in the article to sort out the complaint of Google pixel 6 battery drain which is crucial to use your phone for a long time. Remember these ideas to overcome the issue of Google pixel battery drain when it happens in the future. If you cannot fix the issue of the Google pixel battery draining fast, we suggest getting support from the authorised dealer.