Why Is My Download Speed So Slow When I Have Fast Internet? 

Download Speed So Slow

A good download speed is around 100 Mbps or higher which helps you to watch Netflix, and YouTube, attend meetings and play games online on different devices simultaneously. Slow downloads refer to the speed which is slower than 100 Mbps. It is a real hassle in this digital world, especially when you’ve paid for high-speed internet. And it’s impossible to figure out what’s causing the situation. These reasons include weak wi-fi signals, peaked traffic periods, network crowding, background running apps, etc. Read the article to know “Why is my download speed so slow when I have fast internet”?

1.Weak wi-fi Signal:

Weak wi-fi Signal Download Speed So Slow

However, download speed so slow all of a sudden might be due to various reasons like distance, obstacles like walls and microwaves. Depending on the position of your router, you can determine the internet speed. If you move away from the router, you will experience a slow internet connection. Try to keep your mobile phones, laptops, PCs, etc., close to the router to avoid a slow internet connection when you download a file.


2.Peaked Traffic Period:

Try to check the peak traffic period by answering the following questions:

“Why is my browser download speed so slow?”

“Will it happen when everyone comes from the office and starts to surf the internet at the same time?”

If the answer is “Yes,” then the problem is with your internet bandwidth. 

If the bandwidth is too low, it can’t handle the congestion created by your housemates or neighbors. 

The first way to overcome this situation is to purchase a higher bandwidth internet package.

The network congestion can break off by following the tips:

  • Disconnect devices that are not in use
  • Limit the bandwidth users 
  • Take turns
  • Download later

Try to put your downloads automatically at night when everyone sleeps. Or else you can download it later when your family members are out.

3.Outdated Devices Make Download Speed So Slow

In most cases, you tend to assume that you have a problem with your internet without considering your phone’s model. If you are using 2 to 3 generations of old models, it is considered outdated. The outdated devices may work for some operations, but they are insufficient to support your current internet status to download a file.

4.Overrun of Gadgets Makes Download Speed So Slow

Overrun of Gadgets Download Speed So Slow

Sometimes, your electronic devices work more unusually than expected due to over usage. In such situations, try to reboot your gadgets, including your PCs, laptops, mobile phones, routers, etc. Rebooting your devices will give you fresh RAM, reduce CPU usage and fix minor issues.

If the reboot button does not work, you can manually power off the device by unplugging it. Please wait for a few minutes, then plug it again. 

5.Network Crowding:

Network crowding is the same as device congestion but at a large scale. This happens when multiple nearby households use the same network (ISP), so your provider can’t handle the data flow to and from the area. It gets dreadful during peak hours, like when people come from the office, schools, or colleges and surf the internet simultaneously. 

You can’t set restrictions on network crowding like device congestion because it is household congestion. In such situations, you have to switch your service network, which helps to gain the download speed at a faster rate. 

6.Background Apps Causes Download Speed So Slow

Background Apps Download Speed So Slow

The main reason for your browser download speed so slow is due to many applications that run in the background on your computer, laptops, mobile phones, etc. It takes up your internet bandwidth at a higher rate. 

For example: Windows update and Google play store apps download a large number of files while downloading. Hence, it consumes more data at the time. Hereby your downloading speed could be slow. 

Active applications on your PCs can dominate the memory, which leads to download speed so slow all of a sudden. You can disable the inactive apps by following steps:

  1. Use Windows Search Tool to go for Task Manager
  2. Choose the “Processes” tab to view the list of active apps
  3. Noticing any idle app, close it by selecting “End Process”

7. Using VPN:

 Using VPN Download Speed So Slow

VPN acts as an additional security layer between your device and the internet. It dramatically improves security and privacy but can adversely affect the internet’s speed. Although a VPN is a useful tool, the fact that it serves as a channel for your data to travel over the internet slows down internet speed significantly. You can power off VPN to see if the issue disappears. 

If you require a VPN for your downloads, you might switch to a different VPN because not every VPN gives you the same speed. 

8. Router Breakdowns Makes Download Speed So Slow

Router Breakdowns Download Speed So Slow

Your router may be the reason for the download speed slow when you have fast internet. You can enhance the router improvements by following the below-mentioned tricks:

1.Firmware Update:

Like hardware, your router may not function properly if you don’t update it. Updating the router’s firmware helps to fix the unknown bugs and optimize its performance, speed and security. Following are the steps to update the router’s firmware:

  1. Open the browser and enter login details
  2. It opens the admin page of the router
  3. Select the label “Management”
  4. Steer to “Firmware” settings
  5. Check whether the interface provides an automatic search tool for the firmware update
  6. If it gives, use them and install the firmware
  7. If not, then go to manufacturer’s support site
  8. Now enter your router’s model to get files physically
  9. Find the “Update” section of the administration and upload the files there.

2. Factory Reset Router:

Restoring default settings can be your last chance before replacing your router. Press the little button at the device’s rear with a sharp object, like a pin, and hold it there for approximately ten seconds. Please wait until the flashlight or indication light comes to ensure that your router has successfully reset.

After the successful resetting, you can move to the network’s admin panel to enter the wi-fi name and password to keep downloading the files or documents.

If you still experience the browser download speed so slow, you can change your router and check the internet speed. 

9. Files Download Simultaneously:

Downloading multiple files at once will affect the system’s performance and make things download slowly when you have the fast internet. You can download one or fewer files at the same time to verify the things that don’t pause the computer’s performance.

The performance of your download may be slowed by combining one or more of the aforementioned elements. It is best to keep your computer free from clutter by deleting unwanted files and programs or just clearing the overall mess of unnecessary files. File shredder is a tool that helps your computer clean and the performance of your device will be at its best.

Files Download Simultaneously  Download Speed So Slow


Many factors can cause download speed so slow when I have fast internet and finding the solutions for the issues will be a little complicated. Simple things to fix download slow are rebooting the device, changing your network settings, updating the devices and more. If you are unable to find the solution for the issues, try to contact your ISP providers, they will help you to solve the problems.