A Complete Guide For Dropped Calls & How To Fix It

Dropped Calls

A mobile phone is a wireless user-friendly device that allows us to communicate by making calls and texting. In the earliest generation, cell phones could only make and receive calls. But in today’s generation, smartphones are used for many purposes like surfing the internet, playing games and more. However, what happens when your good communication method shows dropped calls?

Dropped phone calls are a real hassle when interrupt the personal communication and chats in a serious situation. In business communication, dropped calls can become a more significant issue when you are communicating with your teammates and clients. Hereby, there is more miscommunication that may happen in the scenario. 

So let’s look at the primary cause for the issue and ways to fix it by reading the article!

What is a Dropped Calls?

Dropped Calls You might think that dropped calls are the normal calls that cut and end automatically. Have you ever wondered “What’s going on behind the dropped calls?”

depend on what mode of communication we are using, either by the traditional landline or by the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) connection. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that allows you to make phone calls using the internet instead of a regular phone line

Earliest mobile phone communications are made by initiating the call by establishing a connection with the telecommunication network. You can frequently face the dropped call issue due to various problems, such as your SIM card misplacement, damaged SIM card, network issues and many more

In VoIP connection, dropped calls may occur due to internet and WiFi connections. 

Causes For The Dropped Calls:

Finding the problem for dropped calls can be challenging since you have to find out potential causes. The common reasons for the dropped calls are as follows:

  1. Weak signal
  2. Weather conditions
  3. Cell tower congestion
  4. Building materials

Now let’s have a brief look at the causes for the call drop!

1.Weak Signal:

Weak Signal makes dropped calls

Weak signals are the first problem for the call drop and data issues.Generally, you will have a better signal when you are close to the cell phone tower. Issues like a poor internet connection, slow downloading of files will occur when you are far away from the tower.

You should note that, a line of sight damages the data signals. If you are far enough from a tower, you will be affected by signal strength even in plain areas. It happens due to the physical obstructions as they divert and block the radio signals.

2.Weather Conditions:

Heavy thunderstorms will affect cellular reception. This is due to the fact that water will not transmit the high-frequency wavelength used by cell phones.

The radio signal between your phone and the cell phone tower is blocked by water. Additionally, weather conditions like snow itself will not have a direct impact on signal. But if a storm falls on a network tower, you may face network issues.

3.Cell Tower Congestion:

Cell Tower Congestion makes dropped calls

Network congestion is the main problem in terms of phone call quality. In  crowded areas like big concerts or playing games, there will be sudden upswings in network traffic. These sudden upswings will result in dropped calls. 

Each cell tower covers a different geographic area. When you are in a densely populated area, you will experience a better cell signal than the rural areas. 

4.Building Materials:

When you have a good signal strength at home, yet if you notice any problems related to the network, then the building materials are the primary cause for the call drop. The materials such as metal, tinted glass, concrete and brick can weaken your signal strength. 

If you notice this is the reason for your call drop on your android or iPhone, try to walk outside the property to see if your call quality has improved. 

6 Ways To Fix The Dropped Calls:

When your android or iPhone keeps dropping calls, you can try the methods that are listed below:

  • Improve cellular network reception
  • Turn on and off the airplane mode
  • Check internet connection
  • Move the router
  • Update date and time settings
  • Update phone’s software

The above-mentioned ways are fixing the dropped calls issue. 

Now, let’s have a brief look at the methods!

1.Improve Cellular Network Reception To Fix Dropped Calls

Improve Cellular Network Reception To Fix Dropped Callss

Weak signal strength is one of the fundamental reasons for your android or iPhone dropping the cellular calls. In such a case, try to check the phone’s status bar and ensure that there should be at least two signal bars. If you notice that your phone has less than two signal bars, you are probably away from your nearest tower. Try to move around your surroundings to get better network coverage to fix your issue.

2.Turn On & Off The Airplane Mode:

Turn On & Off The Airplane Mode dropped calls

The call drop issue can be solved by putting your phone in and out of airplane mode. You can do this on both your android and iPhones.

On iPhone:

  • Tap the “Settings” icon
  • Now, Turn On the “Airplane mode” and try to wait for a few seconds
  • Turn Off the Airplane mode to fix your call drop issue 

On Android:

  • Select the “Settings” icon
  • Choose “Network & Internet” 
  • From the list of options, tap “Advanced”
  • Turn On Airplane mode and turn it off for 30 seconds.

3.Check Internet Connection:

Check Internet Connection To dropped calls

VoIP phone calls may drop if your cellular or WiFi connection is low or you don’t have internet access. To overcome this issue, you can test your internet by performing the speed test available on the website to fix your internet. If the test results show that you have a low WiFi connection, you must change the router or upgrade your internet service plan with your ISP providers.

4.Move The Router:

Move The Router to Fix dropped calls

You can check  Wi-Fi signal strength in your home or working place by keeping the router at different places.A wall or other large object may occasionally block your WiFi signal. Some router placements provide more reliable WiFi access than others.

Try testing alternative locations to your router throughout your house or office. You will better know where your router should be placed over time. You can find the best WiFi connection spots by using the speed tests available on the website.

Consider acquiring a device called a Wi-Firepeater if you’re experiencing trouble with signal strength while you’re farther from the router. The WiFi repeater will give a reliable connection to you.

5.Update Date And Time Settings To Fix Dropped Calls

Inaccurate dates and times can flatten the performance of the cellular services on your phone. Check your mobile device setting to ensure it uses the network-provided date and time. 

On Android:

Update Date And Time Settings dropped calls

  • Open “Settings” app
  • Tap “System”
  • Select “Date & Time”
  • Now, Switch On both “Use network provided time” and “Use network-provided time zone”

For iOS:

  • Choose “Settings”
  • Select “General”
  • Tap “Date & Time”
  • Now, switch on “Set automatically”

6.Update Phone’s Software To Fix Dropped Calls

Call drop issues are the most widespread issue among android and iPhone users.

However, Apple and Google often release software updates that fix the bugs affecting cellular calls and other issues. For example: iOS 15.1.1 was released to improve call performance on iPhone 12 and 13 models.

You can update your software on your mobile phones with the following tips:


  • Move to “Settings” app
  • Tap “General”
  • Choose “Software update”
  • Now, you can “Download and install” your latest software update on your iPhone


  • Go to “Settings” app
  • Choose “System”
  • Select “Advanced”
  • Tap “System updates”
  • Now, click “Check for updates”

The steps for android software can vary from one model to model. Contact your phone’s manufacturer for detailed instructions to install android updates.


Dropped Calls are one of the major problems overall in the world. If you want to overcome the above mentioned problem, try the above mentioned ways. It helps to recover the issue and get better solutions. On the other hand, contact your internet provider to resolve the cause.