Why is My Cell Phone Signal Weak All of Sudden?

Cell Phone Signal Weak

In the digital world, numerous people are surfing the same question on the internet: “Why is my cell phone signal getting weak?” Many people suffer from internet connection because of poor signal strength. 

Weak cell phone signals happen because of various external factors like climate factors, skyscraper buildings, and so. These factors are the main problems for the users even when the technology has been improved. This article helps you to know the factors “why is my signal weak on my phone?”

Let’s dive in! 

What does Signal Blackspot Mean? 

A Signal blackspot is defined as the geographic area that undergoes a reduced mobile phone signal due to other factors rather than cell tower distance. The user might be struggling with the following issues:

  • Call drop 
  • Noise during call
  • Difficult to hear the additional call
  • Slow internet
  • Increased battery use

What causes Blackspot Coverage?

When disturbances block the transmission, we can struggle with the poor cell signals on phones, laptops, and other devices. You may think this issue arises because of the network providers. But the reality is “No”! Not in every case! 

There are numerous factors for weak cell phone signals which are invisible to the network. Let’s have a brief look at them!

#1. Building Materials

Imagine you are in the middle of the city, covered by a bunch of towers. You can notice excellent 4G or 5G signals everywhere, even in the parking areas. When you enter your apartments or tall buildings, you can feel the weak signal. It happens due to the building materials of your house. You notice that the big restaurants and malls are having the wifi connection to the users. 

Actually, it is the first cause for people not receiving the best cell phone signal in your area. Cell phone signals can be blocked by a little or a lot, depending on the items used in construction. Materials like wood, drywall, and plastics will hinder your signal, but it does not block it. In contrast, things like metal and modern tinted E- glass are responsible for weak cell phone signals. It does not allow mobile phone signals to penetrate through the building. 

#2. Blocking Your Antenna

Blocking Your Antenna makes Cell Phone Signal Weak

Have you ever looked at antique cell phones? If so, you would notice the antenna outside of your mobiles. Those models were inconvenient for regular usage, but their signal strength was excellent. 

Compared to the latest’s phone models, the antennas are built inside the device. The antenna can block the phone signal depending on how you hold it, and your hand might be the reason for the Cell Phone Signal Weak. The different mobile models have embedded antennas in other areas. This makes it hard to tell where you should avoid putting your hand. If you need to know where the antenna is, search your phone’s model online. Once you know, you can avoid covering that area.

#3. Weather Conditions Makes Cell Phone Signal Weak

Weather Conditions create Cell Phone Signal Weak

Weather conditions like rain, humidity, wind, thunder, and lighting might weaken your cell phone signal because cellular devices use electromagnetic waves for communication. These conditions can directly and indirectly affect 4G signals but won’t affect signals below 2G. An example of the direct impact of thunderstorms is when lighting causes electrical interference that might affect the cell signals. The seasonal change could cause an indirect impact of weather on Cell Phone Signal Weak. 

#4.Cell Phone Signal Weak – Low Battery

Cell Phone Signal Weak - Low Battery

When your battery is running low, it automatically changes to the power-saving mode, which reduces the mobile phone processor to function at its best. The mobile phone processor will help us to draw the maximum possible wireless signal strength from the nearest cell phone tower or transmitter. Maintaining the minimum 25% charge on your smartphone is recommended to strengthen the network signal.  

#5. Phone Case

Phone Case makesCell Phone Signal Weak

The antenna is essential for your smartphone to transmit and receive signals. 

Meanwhile, phone cases are designed to protect your phone from accidental damage like spilling water, dropping the phone, and more. Depending on the design, the internal antenna might not receive signal reception. It will be a physical barrier for your antenna to catch the signal. Cell phone cases with thick covers directly impact the signal strength more than the thin covers. 

#6. Cell Phone Signal Weak – Geography

Natural creation can also block cell phone waves and lead to weak signals all of a sudden. Mountains, valleys, and forests can make a lovely view, but they are the main reason for the poor network. If you live in an elevated region, you will be unable to get the service because the cell towers will be scattered. 

#7. Traffic Congestion

Imagine sitting in the car for a long line of vehicles, dropping off your kids at school. You might face poor signal because most people will do the same thing, like calling and texting on their phones. 

When ¾ th of the population in your area uses the phone simultaneously, the signal traffic will be more. With the increased traffic, you will face weak signals.

All these signals are fighting for a space on the nearest cell tower to give you a high signal.

#8. Cosmic Events For Cell Phone Signal Weak

Cosmic Events For Cell Phone Signal Weak

Solar flares are sudden electromagnetic radiation eruptions in the sun’s atmosphere. The explosion produces shock waves that travel through space and disturb satellite signals. The disturbed satellite signal will create a change in the magnetic field, and in turn, it affects the cell signal.


The above-mentioned are the reasons for the weak signal on your smartphones. If you still face the issues of poor signal strength, you can relocate your area, or else you can buy the cell phone signal boosters that are commercially available at your nearest store.