The Best Solution Ever For Apple Watch Not Charging

apple watch not working

The problem with “Why my Apple Watch is not charging?” is treated by the techniques presented in this article. Apple launched its first Watch in April 2015, which can last for 18 hours on a full charge. The advantage is that the Watch takes only 2 hours to charge completely. If there is any issue with the Apple Watch not charging, an on-time charging your expectations for on-time charging go in vain. Apple Watch not charging may be due to connectivity issues, damaged cords, filth deposited in the Watch, hardware errors, etc.

Diagnosing the problem behind the Apple Watch not charging is vital to fix the issue effectively. If you want to know “How to fix the Apple Watch not charging?” The answer starts with finding “Why is my Apple Watch not charging?”. 

Knowledge About Apple Watch

The charging type has been the same for all Watches in the Apple series. The Qi wireless charger can be used to charge the Apple Watch, and the original Qi Apple charger does the same efficiently. You may also use some third-party charging accessories for your Apple Watch, which Apple only authorises.

To charge the Apple Watch, use the groove behind the device. The Watch adapts to the magnetic connector for charging. Being water-resistant, Apple Watch doesn’t have USB ports(as water penetrates quickly).

A wired charger directly connects the device to charge, whereas the Qi wireless charger involves more processes behind easy charging. So, more issues result in Apple Watch not charging.

Install Latest Apple WatchOS

Install Latest Apple WatchOS when apple watch not charging

Most of the Apple watch not charging issues involve software errors. Updating the latest WatchOS on your Apple Watch helps resolve the issue. 

Follow the below steps to update your Apple Watch

  • Make sure the Watch is connected to your iPhone
  • On iPhone, open the Watch app
  • Click “My Watch” from the menu
  • Then, click General
  • Launch software update

Install the latest update available for your Apple Watch, and it takes several minutes for the update to complete. If you’ve already updated your Apple Watch, it shows, “Your Apple Watch is up to date with all the latest bug fixes and security enhancements.”

Check On Alternative Charger

Check On Alternative Charger to confirm apple watch not working

The problem with Apple Watch not charging may be due to the wireless Qi charger. Plug into another wall socket and try charging your Apple Watch. If it fails to charge, your charger might have a fault. Try your friend’s charger before you move on to replace the charger.

Remove The Dirt

Remove The Dirt to fix apple watch not charging

Liquid spillage on your Apple Watch or wireless charger may cause the Apple Watch not to charge. There are several reasons for the charging issues of your Apple Watch; even little filth could prevent the device from charging. It is better to clean your Apple Watch and the Qi Wireless charger regularly.

While cleaning the Apple Watch, turn it off, remove it from the charger, and dismantle the band. Use a soft cloth dipped in water to clean the back panel of the Watch. Gently wipe out the dirt from the cable and let it dry. Take another cloth for swabbing down the residues(water droplets) in the Apple Watch, charger, and cable. At last, assemble everything and check if the Apple Watch not charging is rectified.

Look Out For Apple Releases Patch 

Look Out For Apple Releases Patch  to fix apple watch not charging

Go through the Internet to check if anyone else has the same complaint. If the number is large, it is known to be a widespread issue of the Watch. Apple tries to rectify the complaints from their users’ reviews on the Internet and release the patch for the broad spoken issue.

If the Watch is not charging due to the recent update, you made it on your device. Apple would be solemnly responsible for repairing your device or replacing it with a new one. Even when your Apple Watch is out of its warranty period, it is not a significant consideration in the above case.

Unpair And Re-Pair Apple Watch

Unpair And Re-Pair Apple Watch to fix apple watch not charging

Still unable to find a solution for your Apple Watch not charging, try to unpair and pair the Apple Watch again to your iPhone. Doing this brings back your Apple Watch to default settings, and the data save as a backup in your iPhone. 

Unpair the Apple Watch from iPhone by following the steps below

  • Open the Watch app from the iPhone
  • Click “my Watch” in the menu
  • Tap on “All Watches” at the top left corner
  • Press the encircled “i” after your Watch
  • Select unpair 

Wait for some time, then place your Apple Watch closer to the iPhone for pairing. Pair the Watch with the iPhone and test whether it gets charged. 

Do Factory Reset

Do Factory Reset

Factory resetting your device might erase all data and set it back to default. Apart from that, this method works efficiently on the Apple Watch, not charging, and you can take this as your recourse.

Follow the steps as mentioned down to factory reset

  • On your iPhone, open the Watch app
  • Go to My Watch from the list at the bottom menu
  • Click “General”
  • Next, tap on Reset
  • Press Erase Apple Watch Content and Settings
  • Type your Admin Password to go further

It takes a few minutes to reset the device and wait patiently for the Apple Watch to turn on. Once your Apple Watch opens, connect it immediately to the charger. Then pair your Apple Watch to the iPhone and check if the issue is resolved.

Genius Bar Reservation

Genius Bar Reservation

Experts from Apple stores hold advanced tools that fix any problem with your Apple Watch. Try booking your query in Apple’s Genius Bar Reservation which is accessible through Apple’s official website. On the website, tap “Get hardware help,” and they will reach you to receive the product for service.

If your Apple Watch has no signs of the previous opening and has a warranty, get a replacement from Apple within 48hrs. When you drop your Apple Watch accidentally, it leaves scratches and cracks marks that will cancel your warranty under norms. So, Apple may charge for fixing your device, so consider buying a new device at the cost of repairing the old one.


Know your calls, texts, and notifications on your iPhone via Apple Watch, and you can even respond to them. The Apple Watch has more features than you think, as you can connect many devices and control their functions. Apple Watch not charging is no longer a problem if you have explicit knowledge from this article. Before trying to replace the faulty Apple Watch, check out all the possible methods covered in this content. You would have probably found the best solution, and can hope to resolve the issue soon.