How to Fix Your Android TV Remote Not Working? Top 6 Ideas to Pursue

android tv remote not working

Unlike early LED and LCD TVs, Android TV has more features to enjoy a high user experience. In Android TV, you will get OTT platforms like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, etc., which could be easily accessible. However, watching your favourite shows on TV would only be controlled by using the remote. So, it is more irritating when your remote fails to work on your android TV. Some of the issues in your android TV remote not working include exhausted batteries, obstacles between connections, inactive remote buttons, IR emitter dysfunction, etc. could be easily fixed on your own. Here are the most valuable tips for sorting out if your android TV remote not working. 

Tip 1: Replace New Batteries

 Replace New Batteries when android tv remote not working

If you’re often using the remote, the power of remote batteries gradually discharges. Once the battery power gets drained, it will not work further. So it is always suggested to use new batteries to clear the issue of the android TV remote not working.

Just follow these steps to install the new batteries effectively

  1. Open the battery door on the backside of the remote
  2. Discard old batteries from the remote
  3. Check the polarities before installing the fresh batteries

If you prefer rechargeable batteries, keep ensuring that batteries are fully charged while installing in the Remote. 

Tip 2: Get Closer to Access TV

Get Closer to Access TV

The latest Android TV models provide a remote with a Bluetooth connection to access the TV only after you have paired your remote to the TV. Bluetooth connectivity only works within a specific range (4-5 metres), so you must operate your remote within the limit. If you are missing this point, it could also cause the android TV remote not working. Operate your remote at a short distance with the TV, which has robust Bluetooth connectivity between the TV and Remote.

Obstacles like walls and pillars could easily interrupt the bluetooth connection between the android TV and Remote. IR remote also has difficulty working on the android TV when any object blocks the connection path. To overcome this issue of both bluetooth and IR android TV remote not working, always get close contact with the TV.      

Tip 3: Test for IR emitter on Remote

 Test for IR emitter on Remote

If you have an IR remote for android TV, it is the easiest way to check whether your android TV remote is working. To Check, use your smartphone camera to execute the method. Following the steps below could fix your problem of an IR android TV remote not working.

  1. Go to any camera app without an IR filter on your smartphone.
  2. Place the head of the remote facing the camera to view the signal emitted from the IR emitter.
  3. If the IR emitter transmits any light(violet rays), you can only view it through the camera. 
  4. Click any button on the remote if you see the light flashing from the IR emitter.

When the light flashes from the remote head it is said to be in excellent working condition. Now, you can try to find the exact issue and solve it if the TV remote not working. If no light emits from the remote, it shows that the trouble is with the hardware part of the Remote.

Tip 4: Use Button combinations for pairing

 Use Button combinations for pairing when android tv remote is not working

Bluetooth Android TV remote only works on your TV when you pair the remote with the TV. Unlike infrared remotes, a bluetooth remote would work if there are any obstacles in the path. The product user manual contains the button combinations to pair the remote with your android TV. Using the button combinations like holding the home and back buttons simultaneously or holding the home button alone can help to pair. 

Those button combinations enable your TV remote to connect directly to android TV. If no button combination was in the user manual, search in Google for your product button combination to pair. The following methods help you escape the alarming situation of an android TV remote not working.

Tip 5: Restarting Your Android TV

 Restarting Your Android TV when android tv remote is not working

Despite fixing the remote to work, try restarting your TV to solve the problem of the android TV remote not working. If your Remote is not working on the android TV, try connecting any other devices to restart your android TV. However, it is impossible to restart your android TV authentically, so pull out the plug to shut down your TV.

Plug in to turn on the TV back and check that the TV remote is working. If the remote is working on the TV, use it as you can but if not, try the following techniques. 

Tip 6: Use Smartphone as an Android TV remote

Use Smartphone as an Android TV remote

Install the Google TV app on your smartphone, which makes your smartphone an alternative remote for your android TV. You are lucky to have this option and use this feature when your Remote is not working or missing. If you want to install this app on your smartphone, follow the below actions.

  1. Go to the Google TV app on your smartphone.
  2. Click the TV remote below the right edge.
  3. When the prompt screen appears, tap on allow the app to gain access.
  4. Connect to your Android TV by tapping the brand name.
  5. Enter the pairing code that displays on your android TV.

Now, you can connect the Android TV with your smartphone. You will keep watching your shows on the TV by controlling the operations with your smartphone.

This technique is known to be one of the best ways to resolve the issue of the android TV remote not working.


I hope this article helps you with your android TV remote not working by following the techniques. The problem is really out of hand when you do not find any solutions after performing the methods delivered. In such cases, it is always advisable to buy a new remote to replace the old one.