Why is Android Phone Battery Draining So Fast? 9 Easy Steps To Fix

Android Phone Battery Draining

Is your android phone battery draining so fast than normal? Relax! Our experts say about the causes of battery drains and how to fix them easily. 

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All electronic devices need power energy to function, such as washing machine, fridges, vacuum cleaners, etc. Based on the tech, we can charge multiple times using power banks and cables. However, you should know the specific reason why the android battery keeps draining. 

Why Android Battery Drains Frequently? 

Batteries have a particular lifetime measured in charge circles. It means a single battery can be charged and discharged many times. Once the android battery reaches the metric, then starts to drain (oldest phone) the charge. 

The latest version of Android Q introduces the Dark theme. It helps to save battery life. 

How To Fix the Android Phone Battery Draining so Fast? 

There are a lot of reasons for android battery draining, but everything is easy to fix. Here I listed out the major problems that drain Android batteries. 

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Android Battery Draining 1 – Check The Apps 

Android Phone Battery Draining

As a smartphone user, we have installed & use a variety of apps for personal and office purposes. The fact is, the apps are the main reason for your phone battery draining so quickly. Basically, the apps are working in the background screen. We don’t know exactly which apps suck the battery on your android phone. 

Let’s identify that your battery power is consumed. Here are the steps to know which apps are culprits on your phone. 

  • Navigate to the settings 
  • Find & Click on “About Device”
  • Select the option “Battery” or “Battery Use.”
  • In this list, you can see which apps are draining the charge so fast

If you feel the apps are unnecessary on your phone, you will uninstall them. Otherwise, if you feel the apps are useful and consume power, you will turn off the notifications from these apps list.

Android Battery Draining 2 – Reduce Display Settings 

Keeping more brightness on your android phone is the major cause of battery draining. Hence, reduce your brightness on the screen, which helps to save power. If you need to fix the issue of the phone battery draining so fast, here are the display settings to change it. 

  • Go to the settings -> Select the option “Display.”
  • Navigate to the brightness level and adjust the brightness 

  (Drag the slider right to increase the brightness)

(Drag the slider left to decrease the brightness)

Using your smartphone with low brightness prevents eye damage. Also, it helps with a lot of health problems such as headaches, irritation, etc. 

Android Battery Draining 3 – Use Power Saving Options

Android Phone Battery Draining

You can use the power-saving mode when your android phone has a low battery. Hereby, this feature disables all non-essential services in your device. The screen may not look bright, but it helps to save power in an emergency. 

Here are the steps to navigate the power settings mode:

  • Go to the settings -> Battery -> Choose “Power saving mode” (you can turn on or off the toggle button)
  • Click Turn on at the low battery level, and it turns off automatically when the battery is increased at a certain percentage.

Android Battery Draining 4 – Rebooting Your Phone & Charge it

If you want to look at your android phone new, reboot your phone and see the chances happen on the screen. Yes, everything gets fresh and clears out the unwanted issues. 

While rebooting, clear out all the apps & refresh the phone system. These activities help you to increase your battery life without damage from overvoltages. So, never underestimate the rebooting function on your phone. Once rebooted, start charging your device and see the results of what happens. 

Long pressing the volume button + power button helps you to reboot the device. If you have a battery draining issue means, you can implement this step immediately. 

Android Battery Draining 5 – Use Phone Charger Only

75% of people make the common mistake of charging the phone by using another mobile charger. Every android phone comes with a universal plugin interface since it recommends using the original charger. Using the ideal chargers, conduct your phone’s output voltage (without less or high). 

If your smartphone isn’t charging, try changing your phone’s charger. 

If you feel your android battery is draining so fast, replace the new batteries because every charger has an expired valid. After 3 to 4 years of phone purchase, you should change it. 

Do you want the battery health of your phone? Go to the phone settings > click, About Phone > Battery Status. The status shows “poor” or any message than “Charging” you must check your phone to an authorized service center to see whether the battery is branded or not. 

Android Battery Draining 6 – Update Apps & Software

Android Phone Battery Draining

Updating the apps and software frequently helps to speed up your phone performance. Also, it prevents malware and viruses from affecting the software. Constantly checking the system update and updating apps will help you to the android battery draining. 

Go to the settings -> Tap “About phone” -> System update. Now, you can see the apps list(which you want to upgrade), then download & installed it. In this case, your software and apps were working ultra fast and getting a better user experience. 

Android Battery Draining 7 – Remove Background Apps

No one knows that apps are still running in the background, even closed or after use. Therefore, your phone battery is draining so fast without using it. You must check the apps running in the background and remove them instantly. Keep an eye on the apps list because uninstalling the unnecessary apps helps avoid battery drainage issues. 

  • Go to the phone settings > Click “Apps” & choose the apps you want to stop, then hit “Force Stop.”
  • If you don’t want the apps when you restart your phone, uninstall it to remove the app.
  • See which apps are running in the background. Go to Settings > Developer Options > choose “Running Services.”

8 – Turn Off Notifications

Android Phone Battery Draining

Once you have installed the apps on your android phone, it starts to send the notifications simultaneously. It is the main reason your android phone battery drains so fast without the notification. But you know some notifications are useless, so that you may turn off the settings. 

Go to the settings -> Click “Apps” -> Uncheck “Show Notifications” (which you want to disable)

Most notifications come from social apps like Whatsapp, Instagram, and Twitter. So, you may turn off the notifications helps to battery drain quickly. 

Android Battery Draining 9 – Keep Your Android Phone Cool

Your phone may heat or cold highly for various changes and continuous usages. The perfect temperature range of your android phone is almost 68°F to 86°F. If your phone reaches below or high than that, your phone battery starts damaging. 

Based on the Battery University blog, android phone batteries degrade much faster whether you’re using the phone or idle. So, avoid leaving your phone on the car dashboard on a sunny day & placing it in shirt pockets on rainy days. 


If your phone loses the battery continuously, you should check the exact problem. Try the mentioned tips and sort out the issues easily. None of the steps not working out to resolve the battery draining problem, you should contact the professional center and get aid from it.