Why Do My Airpods Battery Drain So Fast? 6 Best Solutions 

Airpods battery drain

Apple launched its 1st generation AirPods in the year 2016. Since then, the AirPods grabbed mass attention, and people started moving on from buying the early model wired headsets. A fully charged AirPods lasts for 5 hours on continuous listening to music. Many users might have come across the mess of AirPods battery drain quickly. This article covers top ideas to fix the issue. Irrespective of the reasons that cause Airpods battery drain, there is always a solution that may help you at the right time.

What Causes Your Airpods Battery Drain More Than Usual?

The inconsistency in AirPods battery drain is correlated on some grounds. They include

  • Leaving your unused AirPods out of the case for a prolonged time
  • AirPods battery optimization turned off in your phone
  • Dead AirPods case
  • Dust dumped on your AirPods and charging case

How To Resolve The Airpods Battery Drain Complaint?

“Why my Airpods battery drain so fast?” is an alarming question for many, and here we have addressed some effective fixes for your problem.

Many techniques aim to rectify the AirPods battery drain with your device. Some of them are: 

  • Resetting the AirPods, 
  • Disabling auto ear detection, 
  • Keeping the AirPods in the case, 
  • Turning on battery optimization for Airpods, 
  • Updating your AirPods software &
  • Replacing the batteries of your AirPods

Turn Off Automatic Ear Detection

Turn Off Automatic Ear Detection to resolve Airpods battery drain

Apple has invested practical thoughts in delivering automatic ear detection features in AirPods Pro. This feature works by sensing the ears and automatically enables or disables the music. It is known to be one of the best features of AirPods Apple. But, this feature causes the AirPods battery drain when enabled. To save battery power from draining, we always recommend disabling the automatic ear detection feature while it is not in use.

Store AirPods In The Case

Store AirPods In The Case to resolve Airpods battery drain

AirPods is an intelligent device that effectively senses the input received by the sensors. The device automatically connects to your iPhone whenever your AirPods are out of the case. This situation drains more battery power when your AirPods are out of the case. It is always advisable to put them back in the case every time after use to fix the Airpods battery drain issue.

Disable Noise Cancellation Feature

Disable Noise Cancellation Feature to fix airpods battery drain so fast

The noise cancellation feature in AirPods Pro would ignore all external noises from the surrounding. But this feature might result in Airpods Battery Drain. You can overcome the issue after disabling this feature.

To turn off the noise cancellation feature on your AirPods, follow the actions below

  • Go to the control centre on your iPhone
  • Long press the volume scale till the noise control option appears
  • Slide the pointer to turn off the noise cancellation 

Don’t Let AirPods Fully Drain

Don’t Let AirPods Fully Drain

Compared with iPhone or iPad batteries, your AirPods batteries are limited and can hold only a lesser charge. So, check your AirPods charge often while using them for a long time. Having a routine habit of charging and discharging your AirPods can cause improvements in performance of your AirPods. Recharging AirPods even before it shows a low battery may improve your battery life. And remember not to charge your Airpods to the fullest and try to disconnect charging after 90%. It influences your battery performance dramatically for a longer duration and prevent Airpods battery drain. 

Use Any One AirPod Separately

Use Any One AirPod Separately

Do you want to watch a 2 hours movie using Airpods with a 40% charge? Using AirPods and leaving another to charge in the case is still possible. This method can save battery power and get you out of trouble for AirPods battery drain. It is one of the immediate remedies when you are stuck in a situation where you don’t have a charger or plug portal nearby. This technique may not be unique because it restricts the best user experience of your AirPods.

Avoid Direct Contact With Heat

Avoid Direct Contact With Heat when airpods battery drain fast

It is not a favourable condition for your AirPods to come in direct contact with heat or cold because it ruins your AirPods battery life. Batteries react more to heat than cold when exposed to it. Such reactions include the battery exploding or losing its ability to hold the charge. Avoid placing your AirPods in areas like car dashboards (in summer), near gas stoves, or in direct sunlight.

While charging, the AirPods produce internal heat; thus, placing it at a relatively lower -temperature will prevent the Airpods battery drain. And also, this might save the device from internal damage.

Reset AirPods To Fix

Reset AirPods To Fix

Resetting your device is an apt way to repair the Airpods battery drain.

  1. Before resetting, ensure your device is connected to the Phone and place them in the case.

  1. Then disconnect the device by tapping on the “Forget the device” option, which removes the device from your iPhone.

  1. Next, press the setup button in your AirPods case for up to 15 seconds.

  1. Wait until the indicator light turns bright on the AirPods case. Then reconnect your AirPods to the Phone.
  2. Check whether the AirPods battery drain problem is resolved after resetting the device.


Like any other electronic device with batteries, Airpods also undergo battery issues. If your AirPods batteries are inoperative, replacing the Airpods rather than changing them is worthwhile. Podswap is the only way to replace your old AirPods. ‘Why do my AirPods battery drain so fast?’ is the most searched query. But you could fix it with the help of the techniques given in this article and recover most of the battery-related complaints. However, getting the latest version of AirPods is the best option to gain all the new features.