Why is My Tv Remote Not Working? 6 Fast Fixes

TV remote Not working

Are you facing the major issue with a “TV remote not working?” If yes, you are at the right place! It is the most common problem faced by people worldwide.  

A TV Remote is a handy device used to control the devices such as television, radio fans, AC, and a few electronic devices. Mostly, the TV remote is operated through infrared rays for transmitting the signals to any device. It works on a short distance and remote control features like volume, changing TV channels & TV settings. Sometimes your remote may not function properly due to damaged buttons, batteries, light, distance, and more. 

Let’s briefly discuss the reason for “Why is my TV not responding to the remote?”

Reasons For TV Remote Not Working:

Many things can affect your TV remote not working and cause difficulties while watching your favorite channels. The most common reasons are batteries, obstructions that block the signals, electronic interferences, and more. Now let’s discuss the issue in detail!


tv remote not working for batteries

Battery problem is the most common cause of the TV remote not working. There are low-charge batteries, inappropriately inserted batteries, and other battery-related issues that will lead to remote working problems. 


If the remote doesn’t pair with the device, it will not function properly. So it is recommended to pair your replacement remote with the device before using it.


due to distance, tv not responding to the remote

Smart TV remotes use the Bluetooth option instead of infrared rays. So it would be best if you had the theoretical range of about 30 feet. The actual range of the remote is typically lower than 30 feet.


When you place any obstructions between your remote and TV, you will experience TV remote not working problems. Because these obstructions will block the infrared lights or reduce the range.


Bluetooth connections with the paired devices can prevent your remote from working.


Damage - Tv remote not responding

Water damage and faulty components on your remote cause the TV not responding to the remote.  

The above-mentioned reasons are the major issues for the TV remote not working. Now, you should know the fixes for the smart TV remote not working!

Let’s start! 

TV Remote Not Working 1 – Remove Obstacles

The TV remote has two parts transmitter and receiving sensor. The transmitter helps to send commands to the TV using the infrared light. The receiver will receive the command which you sent and pass it to the TV. 

If you want to know why your TV remote is not working, check the external factor that blocks the remote control. When you find any obstacles, remove those things to enjoy watching your TV without disturbances!

Do you keep any objects or photo frames near your TV stand? If so, remove those things near your TV.

If the above trick doesn’t fix your issue, try to minimize the distance between the remote and your TV. Thick carpeting or heavy materials couches hold the remote signals. Sometimes, long distances may block the signals to your device. So, sit at a certain distance between your couch and the TV. 

TV Remote Not Working 2 – Battery replacement

Battery replacement

Placing the battery incorrectly is the basic reason for the TV not responding to the remote. You can change & set your battery to the correct position by the following steps:

  • Open the battery cover on your remote control device
  • Remove the old batteries and insert the new batteries into your remote
  • + and – ends of the battery should match with the + and – slot in the remote
  • Check them carefully and close the battery cover

TV Remote Not Working 3 – Check TV’S Mode

When your TV is kept in the wrong mode, you will find remote working issues. So check your TV’s mode before operating it. Here are the steps to view your TV’s mode:

  • Choose the “Input button” on your remote
  • You will notice different options like HDMI1, HDMI2, HDMI3, HDMI, Blu-ray, and more
  • If your TV is set to other modes, you will not be able to change the channels
  • Tap the TV button on the remote to shift the mode and change channels

TV Remote Not Working 4 – Unresponsive Remote Buttons

Unresponsive Remote Buttons

If your remote buttons are not working properly, you will find issues with the TV remote not connecting. You can inspect the remote’s button by checking the response of your buttons. 

  • Open your mobile’s camera
  • Hold the remote above the camera, and press the button that is not working
  • Now, look at the camera to view the infrared light. If you notice the light, it means your buttons are working properly
  • If you haven’t observed any lights, it means the buttons are not responding
  • You can solve this by keep pressing the button again and unjam it

TV Remote Not Working 5 – Check For Interference

Electronic devices like radios, mobile devices, and more can disrupt your remote’s signal and stop working effectively. If any electronic gadgets are placed near your TV, temporarily remove them to check the remote’s function. If you notice the remote works properly, you can permanently remove the gadgets near your TV. Because heavy electronic gadgets block your signal and cause the TV not to respond to the remote. 

TV Remote Not Working 6 – Use Original Manufacturer Remote

Packaged home entertainment devices come with their own remote control. These remotes are designed in the way to issue commands to the specific devices that come in the package. As a general rule, other home entertainment devices are not operated with the original manufacturer remotes. Certain manufacturers design their remotes similarly, so always ensure that the correct remote is used for its functions.


In this article, we will give 6 possible reasons and fixes for the TV remote not working. The above-mentioned causes and tips will solve your remote not working. If those tips don’t solve your problems, change your remote battery or contact a certain brand service and let’s discuss the issue. After that, start enjoying yourself while watching TV without any disturbances!