5 Main Reasons For Laptop Battery Draining Fast?

laptop battery draining fast

Is your laptop battery draining fast? The most common cause of laptop battery draining is old batteries. Besides, heavy programs, high brightness, and battery settings cause the laptop battery draining issue. 

Suddenly, we get annoyed when working on something if the battery is dead. Identifying the cause of the new laptop battery draining fast is crucial for fixing the problem. Here, we will discuss the various reasons and fixes for why is my laptop battery draining so fast. 

Let’s start! 

5 Reasons For My Laptop Battery Is Draining Fast:

There are various reasons for laptop battery draining fast. Here, I listed out the primary reasons for battery draining issues. 

  1. Maintaining maximum screen brightness
  2. Holding your keyboard backlight on
  3. Linking a large number of devices with a laptop
  4. Enabling the battery’s high-performance mode  
  5. Number of applications running in the background

Let’s briefly examine why my laptop battery draining fast!

1. Maintaining Maximum Screen Brightness

Brightness is the most important factor on your laptop for battery draining. Keeping screen brightness to maximum consumes ample power for the laptop’s function. So, you can adjust your brightness according to your needs. I recommend maintaining the minimum level of brightness, which helps with battery draining

2. Holding Your Keyboard Backlight On

Keyboard’s backlight will be useful when the user works in dark mode or low-light intensity places. This enables the user to view the keybinding on the keyboards. If your keyboard’s backlight is on, it will consume your laptop battery continuously.

You can activate and deactivate the keyboard’s backlight by pressing the function keys. These keys may vary from laptop to laptop, but the symbol is the same as shown in the figure.

3. Disconnect All Peripherals in Laptop

Another reason for the laptop draining so fast is the large number of peripherals connected to the laptop. Since all the connected devices will consume more power drastically. Therefore, disconnecting all external devices from your laptop helps the battery drains fast. (including mouse, keyboard) 

4. Enabling Battery’s High-Performance Mode

Each laptop model will have two or three types of battery modes. They are

  1. Balanced
  2. Power saving option
  3. High-performance mode

The high-performance mode will consume more power when compared to the two other modes. If you keep your laptop’s battery in high-performance mode, there is a high-level chance of your laptop battery draining. Click the battery icon on the taskbar to adjust your battery settings.

If you have an issue with the laptop’s battery, you should keep the power-saving mode whenever you work on the laptop. 

5. Number of Applications Running in the background

Closing the backend apps on your laptop will consume power as it runs in the background. You can check the background running application by the following steps:

  • Simultaneously press the “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” key to open “Task Manager” on your laptop
  • Remove the unwanted process by selecting it and then tapping the “End task” button

Now let’s quickly learn the tips for laptop battery draining so fast!

#1: Remove All Unnecessary Peripherals

Unnecessary Peripherals

A laptop may drain fast if connected to multiple external devices simultaneously. First, disconnect all the unnecessary devices to solve your laptop battery draining so fast. It includes an external keyboard, USB drive, Bluetooth speaker, and wireless mouse. (if it is not in use)

Here are the steps to remove the unnecessary devices:

  • Go to the “Settings” window
  • Choose “Devices”
  • Select the “Connected devices.”
  • Now, tap “Remove device.”
  • Alternatively, you can right-click the device from the system taskbar and choose the “Disconnect/Remove” option

#2: Change Power Settings

battery Power Settings

Changing the power settings will induce the laptop battery draining fast. You can alternate the settings on your laptop by using the below steps: 

  • Open the “Settings” window 
  • Choose “System”
  • Click on “Power & Sleep” 
  • Adjust the settings for sleep and screen time when your computer is turned on, or it is in sleep mode
  • You can also select “Additional Power settings,” then choose “Create a Power plan” for creating an optimized / balanced power plan on your laptop. 

#3: Adjust Screen Brightness

Adjust Screen Brightness when laptop battery issues

When you keep your screen’s brightness too high, it consumes more power. As a result, your new laptop’s battery drains fast. So, it is recommended to reduce your screen’s brightness by the following steps:

  • Open “Settings” windows by pressing the “Win + I” icon together
  • Choose “System”
  • Now, select the “Display” option
  • Tap “Changing screen brightness.” 
  • Adjust the “screen brightness” to the lowest level

#4: Reducing The Network Connections

Reducing The Network Connections

If your laptop has many network connections, it also drains your laptop’s battery. So, trying to disconnect unnecessary networks will help reduce the battery. Here are the main ways to reduce network connections. 

  • Launch the “Settings” window on your laptop
  • Choose “Network & Internet” 
  • Tap on the “Change adapter” feature to examine all active network connections
  • Right-click on the unwanted network and select “Disconnect/Disable” on your device

#5: Close All Unnecessary Apps And Programs

Close All Unnecessary Apps And Programs

Many apps running in the background might be the root of the laptop battery draining fast. In that case, close the apps and programs running in the background, not in usage.

  • Simultaneously press the “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” buttons to open “Task manager.”
  • In the processes tab, view all the unnecessary apps and programs that consume high power 
  • Right-click it and choose “End task.”
  • Move to the startup tab, right-click the programs that run in the background
  • Now, choose “Disable.” 

#6: Remove The Inserted Disc Drive

Sometimes the CD / DVD connection is the reason behind the laptop battery draining fast. In such situations, you might remove the inserted disc drive from your laptop. You can remove it simply by right-clicking the disc drive and choosing “Eject.”

If the simple steps don’t help you, follow the steps that are given below:

  • Open “File explorer” by pressing the “Win + E” keys on your keyboards
  • Select “This PC”
  • Right-click on the “Disc drive” icon and choose the “Eject” option
  • Now, it opens the disc drive and assists you in removing the inserted CD / DVD from your laptop


From this article, you came to know the various reasons and fixes for laptop battery draining fast issues. The 6 tips mentioned above will solve your laptop battery draining fast. Implement the above points and get amazing results. If not, you should contact the brand service center and get help from them.