First World Needs is a tongue-in-cheek name for the products that an industrialized citizen buys that are above and beyond the basic necessities to live, but once we discover them, we can’t imagine our life without them. In other words: awesome stuff you never knew you needed.

The mission of FWN is simple: to expose you, the reader, to the many magical things out there on the Internet.

Why does FWN do this? Hopefully, you’ll find something awesome that you’ll share with a friend, you’ll visit FWN again and like us on Facebook/follow on Twitter/Pinterest — it encourages me to keep scouring the web for exciting things. I make a little commission off some of the products on the site if you decide to throw money at the merchant. The money goes towards buying bananas for the monkey on the exercise bike that powers the server. I also get this warm feeling inside me when I know that I’m providing entertainment and helping people discover things, but it could be heartburn too.



Have an awesome product that you’d like to see on the site? Fill out the handy dandy form below. You can also email stuff@firstworldneeds.com.

Sometimes the price of a product changes or the vendor stops carrying it. If that ever happens, feel free to send an email and it’ll be fixed ASAP.